For the past few weeks the BBC have used the NOTW story to pummel their arch-competitor NI owned by Murdoch with quite a bit of success. Now the Oslo massacre has provided them with the opportunity to run with the meme that “far-right” terrorism constitutes a danger almost equal to Islamic terrorism and that Christianity is as dangerous as Islam. Almost as bad, the likes of William Hague plays along with the suggestion that the UK “may” have a terrorist threat from “the far right”.  It’s all their Christmases (or “Wintervals”) come as one. There was an item on Today providing the author of “New British Fascism” to pontificate. Not sure where the BNP come into this one but with the BBC you can always be sure that they will find links. I am certain that when Jihadists attack next, the BBC will defuse any criticisms by saying that it is no different to “far right Christian” terrorism.


First things first. All decent people will be horrified at what has happened in Oslo last evening. The atrocious terrorist act is beyond words and the loss of so many lives devastating. And now I turn to the BBC coverage.

Within hours of the breaking news the BBC was very quick to repeat comment that the culprit was a “tall blonde man” perspective, followed this morning by “fundamental Christian” and “far-right.” The words “Timothy McVeigh” also have been repeated on every news loop. Now, I don’t think there is anything WRONG per se with providing us with this information so promptly but I contrast this with those OTHER acts of terrorism where the culprits were Islamists and the BBC were extremely reluctant to provide us with similar backgrounds preferring to use euphemisms. As someone who professes a Christian faith, I also vehemently dispute BBC use of “fundamentalist Christian” to describe the killer. There is a commandment all Christians are instructed to follow – “Thou shalt not kill”. Anyone carrying out this sort of savagery is a lunatic in flagrant denial of Christian values. Of course the BBC hates Christians, it loathes anything vaguely “right-wing” and so in a sense it is feeding of this atrocity and advancing its own hateful meme. Thoughts?