In an act of political desperation, besieged by corruption charges, Israeli PM Osloid Olmert has been engaging in “peace talks” with Syria. These reduce to Olmert potentially handing over the Golan Heights to the Syrian fascists even though most Israelis oppose this. However, if you read this BBC report on the issue, what you get is a massively pro-Olmert spin – starting with the palpable nonsense that Syria will have to make “painful concessions” such as severing its ties with Iran! We all know this is about as unlikely as the BBC voluntarily severing its ties with the license fee. It’s ONLY when you get to the very last sentence that you read that “Mr Olmert is currently battling corruption allegations, and the BBC’s Katya Adler in Jerusalem says the prime minister’s critics believe the confirmation of peace talks may be an attempt to divert some attention from that. ” No. Olmert’s critics are clear that this is an ill-judged attempt by a desperate politician to buy off the liberal-controlled Israeli media, judiciary and Prosecutors office and I am surprised that Katya Asler seems unaware of this. I wonder why? Doesn’t she know what goes on in Israel?