Here’s Conservative MP Graham Stuart responding to a cheap shot from Nicky Campbell on Radio Five Live’s Breakfast show this morning.


Nicky Campbell: For the first time MPs on the Education Select Committee want you to provide the questions when they go head-to head with Michael Gove next Tuesday. They’re asking for suggestions via Twitter. LOL. And it’s going to be with the hashtag “AskGove”. The Conservative MP Graham Stuart is the chair of the Education Committee. Good morning.

Graham Stuart: Good morning, Nicky.

Nicky Campbell: Tell us a little bit more about this, getting other people to do your hard work for you. Great idea – you can go and have lunch in your subsidised canteen. [Smug chortle]

Graham Stuart: Thanks for that low remark. You of course struggle by on a fraction of what MPs are paid Nicky so it’s nice to have someone like you standing up for low earners…

Nicky Campbell: Absolutely, well said!

Graham Stuart: … and the unsubsidised while working for the BBC, but never mind – we won’t worry about your hypocrisy.

After that put-down Campbell steered clear of the wisecracks and concentrated on the topic at hand.


Here’s a retweet from the BBC’s Nicky Campbell. I wonder WHY the BBC stalwart would seek to retweet this particular essay on the Texas politician who may well become Obama’s opponent? A pre-emptive strike so early? Hat-tip to Biased BBC reader Keith!     

Does Rick Perry believe his idiotic religious rhetoric, or is he just pandering for votes? By Christopher Hitchens.
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This was sent my way and thought it needed sharing;

“I dont know if anyoneheard this on the Nicky Campbell Show ? The subject was Max Mosley and his privacy caseat the EU court. The program is supposed to be a public phone-in but to myrecollection only 2 members of the public got on air for about 20 seconds only.The rest of the program was taken up by so called “expertcontributors”. Here they are:

Studio: Jo Glanville – Index on Censorship (against Max Mosley)
 Phone Contributors: Mark Stephens (?) – media lawyer (against Max Mosley)
Kelvin MacKenzie – Sun Newspaper (against Max Mosley)
John Hemmings – MP (against Max Mosley)
Some religous nut – (against Max Mosley and society in general)

Obviously no BBC bias there then at all !!”


Nicky Campbell’s Big Question programme looks to be a rich treat this morning; Up for discussion “Is it time to squeeze the rich?” (Does that include BBC presenters, Nicky?) Lots of clerics on to attack the banks.
Then, “Should creationism ever be taught in schools” (There’s a Church of England cleric who thinks it is akin to child abuse to do so and a Muslim who home-schools to be able to teach creationism, nice bit of BBC positioning there) Finally “Should you only tick the box about religion if you go to church” in the Census?


This was posted a few days ago by B-BBC commentator Too True. “What do I think of the BBC today? I detect a speck of light in the darkness of that foul, propagandist, news-laundering organisation:  Just after 54 minutes into a 5 Live programme on anti-Semitism, we have this exchange:

 Nicky Campbell: Are you a Muslim Abdul?   

Abdul: Yes.   Nicky Campbell: You are properly horrified when there are Islamophobics attacks because of the atrocities committed by Muslims and Islamists, so why aren’t you similarly horrified when there are anti-Semitic attacks?   Abdul: If there are anti-Semitic attacks….   Yardina, Jewish Brit: There are!   Abdul: …first of all we do not condone, we do not accept from anybody…   Nicky Campbell: You seem to be looking for a justification by saying if Israel committed…   Abdul: …that’s not what I’m saying; there is suspicion obviously because the funding is coming from here, the funding is coming from America…   Nicky Campbell: Do you understand why there is suspicion from some people of Muslims in this country?   Abdul: …I appreciate that obviously… what the media portrays… that Al Qaeda is responsible…   Nicky Campbell: Why are you saying, “What the media portrays as Al Qaeda” if it’s not true? You don’t think Al Qaeda is responsible for atrocities?  

Fair play to Campbell on this occasion however I have to say that I think the only light I see is that of another left-wing train coming. One welcomes forensic examination of the Islamic mindset and I would like to see much more. But the overwhelming BBC meme is that ISLAM is a force for good, but perhaps with a few nutters within it (Just like Christianity, natch) and in that context I think this is a false dawn. 


The BBC must have been kicking themselves after a former Apprentice contestant Katie Hopkins took a decidedly anti-left wing perspective when on Question Time discussing the issue of the sacking of those Sky Sports presenters the other night. So on Nicky Campbell’s inane “Big Question” up popped another former Apprentice contestant to take men to task for their sexism. (Mind you, she looked quite glamorous, nice make up). She was backed up in her onslaught against the male population by a charming feminist who looked very mannish – oddly enough. On the panel were dripping wet “Conservative” Ester McVey, and Imam (natch, 4% of the UK population but always on the Big Question) and a self-hating pro-feminist retired Church of England cleric. Just the usual dross that Campbell posits as a balanced panel each week.There was a further discussion “Is it right to rent a womb” featuring two gay men who have started a family of their own and now have five children by getting host wombs and egg donators. All very normal in the BBC world-view. There is also the irony of one discussion highlighting the sexism of men followed by a discussion of the “right” gay men have to rent wombs.


Well, another Sunday morning and the BBC advances its own hateful agenda. On Nicky Campbell’s “Big Question” we are asked; “Should Tony Blair be tried as a war criminal?”  You know where the BBC answer will come from on that one! Then, we have, shockingly, the argument for child euthanasia “Does a child have the right to choose death” Finally, there is the seemingly innocuous “Is it always right to uphold your religious convictions”  (Inspired by those evil Christian hotel owners who —- gasp — “discriminated” against gays) Hang Blair, kill kids, persecute children….just another day at the State Broadcaster.


Just watching Nicky Campbell bigging up Paganism and Islam on his truly grotesque “Big Question” programme, Christianity is painted by Nicky as the great evil and the brave pagans and Islamists out there are fighting for our freedoms. Amazing. Nicky also took the opportunity to inform the audience that George W Bush was wanting to dig up “the whole of Alaska for oil”. Fair and balanced?


“Is Mary a good role model?“, asks Nicky Campbell. Most vocal contributors from the BBC audience were Muslims. The other view was mostly Roman Catholic. I thought the UK was (at least nominally) a Protestant country though no one on the audience was able to articulate that opinion. You couldn’t make it up.


On the Big Question, with Nicky Campbell, the first question being asked is whether it is right to break the law to “save the planet”. In the audience were those from the London Climate Camp (all hideously white, I might add) who were there to insist that they have the right to do what they want to save us from global meltdown. One Swampy wannabe compared himself to Martin Luther King! There was a Human Rights lawyer in the audience to point out that it is appropriate to commit a crime if it prevents a greater crime. There was a lady from the Anglican Church who agreed that it may get to the point where criminal action is required to prevent climate change! There was a Rabbi on the panel who also supported Swampy and the gang breaking the law. There was an Imam from the Islamic Society of Britain who took issue on this and bizarrely, Nicky attacked him. (Not often the BBC take issue with Islamists but hey, when it comes to climate change there is a lefty moral dilemma) Mind you, the Imam did praise Obama’s approach to dealing with the issue. Nicky was pontificating that the Maldives may disappear if we do not take action. (Wonder if he holidays there) This programme is liberals talking to liberals and it is bias incarnate.


Just watching Nicky Campbell’s wonderfully awful “Big Question” programme.

Here were the two main issues that were covered.

After 200 deaths, have we the moral duty to remain in Afghanistan.” The first guy Nicky interviewed was called Mohammed. (sic) The lead panellist on this, Rory Stewart, believed that we should be get out of Afghanistan. Listen to the debate and all you can hear is the dismal beat of surrender from the BBC and it’s selected audience, the same relentless beat that was heard during our time in Iraq. Ming Campbell was on to make it clear we cannot win the war against the Taliban. Good news for our troops out there, eh? Kaye Adams from garbage TV show “Loose Women” was also of the view we need to get out and should never have been there in the first place. (She’s obviously not bothered about “loose Afghan women” Listening to the debate, the conclusion is that the only real reason to be in Afghanistan is to uphold women’s rights. It seems that fighting Islamic terrorism is not really the issue and we need to chill out and be relaxed about the Taliban. Rory informed us Bin Laden was in Pakistan, not Afghanistan, though he did nor reveal his source for such a claim and Nicky Campbell did not question it, naturally.

The next issue for debate is “Does Evil exist.” An Iman was on to tell us that only Allah can determine evil and so he thinks we should not label people as evil. There was also a humanist on who was able to tell us it is wrong to label Tracey Connolly – the mother of Baby P as “evil”. Worthless was his preferred term. Another person on the panel, a Professor of course, suggested that she was a victim. There was a widespread consensus that all religion is evil. Naturally the Islamic scholar was there to put the moral argument for the application of the concept of evil. No Christians were to be found in this “representative” Edinburgh audience.

Just where DOES the BBC get these audiences from?


Wondered if you caught the debate on Nicky Campbell’s “Big Question” concerning whether one should be willing to die for your faith? It is was set up by liberal Nicky be comparing the faith imperative behind Taliban homicide-bombers with Christians butchered for their faith (by Muslims, but Nicky didn’t go there) So, no real difference between the value systems of Islam and Christianity – right? Meanwhile, another big question was “are multi million pounds ever justified”? Why do we have to justify any salaries, exactly? The anti capitalism meme runs deep. Lots of socialists in the audience to remind us how evil it is to reward people who achieve business objectives. A maximum wage concept was introduced by a prospective Labour parliamentary candidate. In normal BBC fashion, the lippy leftists get the lion-share of the time and those who oppose are shouted down.

Great to see Nicky Campbell’s “The Big Questions” debating that momentous issue of our times, namely should Apes have rights? The usual vacuous drivel from Campbell although the choice of the panel was surprisingly pleasing, with Peter Hitchins and Douglas Murray on it. That said, the audience were the usual moonbats that the BBC specialises in assembling. There was a bit of a class warfare discussion on “social mobility” and the use of grammar schools in achieving this. Naturally most of the audience were howling against the return of the grammar schools. We then had a discussion on the great issue of the Apes and finally a debate on why “downsizing” is good for the soul. It’s liberal faux anti-consumerism to the core, of course but in a way I agree. Let’s start by downsizing the BBC. Nicky Campbell, you are the weakest link, goodbye!


Hope you’re all tuned in and watching Nicky Campbell’s “Big Question”. Coming up on the programme “Can Gays be cured?” – Peter Tatchell is on the panel so there should be loads of balance. Then “Is there life after death?” – Church of England synod member on to cover that one of and then finally “Is Prison a waste of time?” – I see Yasmin Alibi Brown from the Guardian on to cover that! So balanced.


Accidentally switched on Nicky Campbell’s “Big Question” on BBC1 and was impressed to see a Sharia Judge in the audience as the topic of “Are Men’s sins worse than women’s” was discussed. It’s remarkable how the multiculti uber alles motif runs right through the rancid BBC even on a Sunday morning. This programme is an absolute freak-show.