I caught Nick Clegg on the BBC this morning as he was given a free canter on how to further demoralise the UK’s wealth-creating sector. Using the much loved “excessive boardroom pay” meme, Clegg was allowed to claim – outrageously – that “the public sector can’t do ALL the heavy lifting” when it comes to re-balancing our economy. (WHAT?) No dissenting opinion came back so we can be sure the BBC gets quite excited about the idea of the State telling private companies what they should pay. Who says the USSR did not have some good ideas?

So, a power grab by an already bloated State is sanitised, presented by nice Mr Clegg as if it were the most reasonable thing in the world, and given clear passage by the BBC. Where is the voice arguing for less State intervention in private enterprise? Where is the voice pointing out that Government has no business telling any privately owned business what it should pay those who work for it?

We saw the farce of the Public Sector strike a few days ago now, with the BBC laying on the onions and violins every time some greedy trade unionist hit the spin button. It seemed then that nothing is so expensive that we can refrain from lavishing it on the Public Sector. But when it is the Private wealth-creating sector under the spotlight, well, it seems more wage austerity is deemed OK by the State Broadcaster.

Curb Your Tonge

Nick Clegg seemed television-friendly and attractive before the general election, but after gaining all that popularity during the first election debate he threw most of it away, almost snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Neither the Lib Dems’ underwhelming performance in the election nor Nick’s astonishing indecision when the balance of power lay in his hands have curtailed the public’s enthusiasm for the deputy PM. Well, maybe a tiny bit.

The current Lib Dems are not known for their support of Israel. Nick Clegg was all for disarming them, which the BBC probably found rather endearing. Then he tried to distance himself from Jenny Tonge’s unfortunate remarks about organ harvesting, but he wouldn’t ditch her; no doubt the BBC felt not ditching her was the right thing not to do.

Fancy making a rash promise in your election mani-fiasco, then having to admit that you didn’t realise what you were saying at the time? Nick got away with it though, credibility intacto. Didn’t realise how bad the deficit was then, but we do now? Sorry.

Robin Shepherd has pointed out a strange thing. Nick Clegg has spoken at a Liberal Democrats Friends of Israel lunch. (lol) ‘We got it wrong on Israel.’ Whaddya think of that, BBC?
He said he recognised there had “not always been an equal voice for Israel within his party”. That’s certainly one way of putting it.
He didn’t mention Jenny Tonge, nor Lib Dem Peer Lord Phillips who spoke at a PSC meeting about America being in the grip of the Israel Lobby.

But Jenny Tonge is at it again. She has spoken in a debate on the strategic defence review in the House of Lords. 3:33 pm.
In her muddled view the Israel lobby is forcing us to be nice to Israel. Then we can use Israel as a launching pad to attack Iran, and dispense with the Ark Royal etc. Cuts, you see. Moving on from this illogical supposition, she says Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians has alienated the Muslim world, which she thinks is at the root of terrorism worldwide. If Israel stopped persecuting the Palestinians there would be world order and peace. Just like that. She does look a bit like Tommy Cooper, without the fun.

Didn’t realise how badly he got things wrong then, but he does now? Is that it? Or does he endorse all this nonsense? Plenty of otherwise sensible people apparently do, thanks to the BBC’s relentlessly partial reporting of the Israel/Palestine conflict, despite the best efforts of Jewish tentacles, the Israel lobby, the holocaust industry and Zionist control of the universe.

Thanks to Jonathan Hoffman for the H/T.

I Used to be Indecisive… but Now I’m Not so Sure….

Nick Clegg has finally done the right thing. He’s sacked Jenny Tonge!

The BBC reports this as though it was a quick decisive move by the Lib Dem leader. But this was done after considerable equivocation and hesitation, and protestations that she is not anti-Semitic, and is still worth listening to. Something must have got to him. Maybe Jenny Tonge was right all along about the Jewish Lobby getting its evil grip on ‘our party.”

Unfortunately, it can’t be much of a grip because Nick Clegg wants to halt Britain’s arms sales to Israel and persuade our EU counterparts to do the same, and suspend the proposed new cooperation agreement with Israel till ‘things change in Gaza.’ etc etc etc.

From what I’ve read about Nick Clegg’s policies on the Middle East, some lobby or other might have had a hand in forming his ideas, but it certainly wasn’t the ‘Israel’ one.


It’s my view that the BBC most naturally aligns with the Lib-Dem’s political axis these days. So when Nick Clegg pops up Today to announce his Party’s “radical” tax reform, he is given an easy ride. I listened to the interview with Naughtie and there were a few gems in it. Clegg got to claim that “if we are to defeat climate change” without any comeback. He also was allowed to waffle on about the ludicrous “Mansion Tax” – with Naughtie helpfully echoing this piece of class war verbiage – without any serious economic analysis being brought to bear – other than that Saint Vince had evidently got this wrong first time round. Clegg was also able to attack the Conservatives by contorting their plans and all without interruption from Naughtie. I believe the BBC relates to the pathetic wealth de-distribution envy that drives the Lib-Dems and perhaps that is why Clegg and Cable get such an easy ride. Thoughts?