Smells like communism.

The BBC have been extremely pleased to report the end of the monarchy in Nepal. I almost posted on this general theme before, but today’s article struck me as too nauseating to pass up.

Quite a lot rests on the link leading to the article- it is advertised as one of those “funny stories” the BBC uses to drum up traffic. However I was disturbed by the link line “Smelly Nepalese cavalry faces relocation”.

It is in fact the King’s Household Cavalry that’s been given its marching orders and it could be pretty serious thing, while the BBC seems to be toeing the communist line that “waste matter from the horses gives off such a bad smell that people working near the stables have to close their windows or flee to other offices.”

This is not strictly the government’s argument, but the line of a blatant proxy for it pursuing his “private” action through the “supreme” court with remarkable speed.

Laughably, the BBC do explore the reasons behind the move, but in this analysis accept the primary received version that “It has been ordered to relocate for environmental reasons.”

Well, horseshit.

Equally malodorous is the frankly squirm-inducing whiff coming from the BBC’s unexamined report of the plaintiff’s point that “it was especially off-putting for judges currently undergoing a gender equality workshop”.

That’s the kind of thing the BBC so want to believe that it will not merit questioning until anti-communist demonstrators are dying in the streets two years hence.