A quite remarkable tale of BBC and Guardian duplicity uncovered by Autonomous Mind. 

To set the scene;

“It has felt like ploughing a lonely furrow, using this blog and Twitter to try to make people sit up and question how the Guardian was getting informationa bout the Met Police’s investigation into ‘phone hacking’ and getting unreleased details of arrests.”  

But now….

“Sky News is reporting that a 51-year-old detective at the Metropolitan Police has been arrested at his desk and suspended on suspicion of leaking information from the phone hacking investigation team to journalists at the Guardian.”

So, how does the BBC cover this. Well, it manages to entirely avoid the Guardian connection!

Further Update: Despite the story of the Met Police detective being arrested for allegedly leaking information to the Guardian being all over Sky News and various news media outlets and blogs, the BBC’s update of their story, 34 mins after the last version was published, doggedly continues to omit the name ‘Guardian’.
In fact, they are even trying to focus attention on the arrest of another News of the World journalist and unashamedly are even using the NotW logo as their story image, which could give the impression the police leaks were to the NotW and not the Guardian! Utterly incredible.

Hat-tip to the excellent Autonomous Mind. The BBC/Guardian axis of hypocrisy revealed for all to see.