Right then, I break my weekend silence (working on the book) to comment on the BBC coverage of the brutal murder of two British soldiers in the nearby town of Antrim. Four other soldiers have been injured, one critically. Now then, apart from the obvious revulsion any civilised person will feel at this attack by “dissident” Irish Republican terrorists, there are a number of points I wish to raise.

1. The BBC ordinarily rushes to get the reaction of Irish Republicans as we witnessed earlier this week when it came to Special Forces being sent to Northern Ireland. But they seem strangely subdued to do so this morning. No comments thus far from Martin McGuinness, the IRA commander who is now Deputy First Minister. Perhaps the BBC will ask him why he does not express his sympathies to the British Army and his respect for the great work they do? Then again, perhaps not.

2. The entire ethos of the grotesque “peace process” which the BBC retails is that is essential to accommodate terrorists if we are to have peace. So, who will be first to suggest that the murderers of these soldiers be allowed to enter government, or at least talk with government?

3. As I argue in my book, you CANNOT get rid of terrorism by appeasing it. For years I have found myself isolated here in Northern Ireland by the BBC because I see no reason to change my mind on this matter. Yet this morning, as the next of kin deal with the horrific loss of their sons, I cannot help but feel that it is not just Irish republican terrorists who should be reviled but also the media establishment including the rotten BBC which on the one hand treats republican terrorists such as Martin McGuinness with grovelling respect whilst paying faux outrage at the Irish republican murders in Antrim.

On the Andrew Marr show, Clive Anderson was on to wax how terrible this event is but perhaps it is just a localised one-off? Phew, that will come as relief to the families of the bereaved.

Supercilious BBC bastards. Anyway, it’s only dead British soldiers so no need for clinical journalism asking questions such as where these murderers came from, who shelters and succours them, where did they get the weapons to carry out this slaughter at Masserene? Now, back to Binyam Mohamad – shall we give him a knighthood?


I just saw this story and like most others, I am shocked at this wicked act of murder that has taken place at a Jewish seminary in west Jerusalem. However from this poorly written (or is it?) BBC story you would struggle to even see this as an act of premeditated murder. Consider the language – the culprits were “gunmen” apparently. No they weren’t – they were dedicated Palestinian terrorists who used guns to kill the young Jewish students. You have to read down quite a bit to you get to the “Hamas praise” heading. Indeed Hamas do praise those who have brought death to these religious seminary, but the BBC helpfully adds that those who study here identify with the leadership of the Jewish settlement movement – who believe the West Bank should be in Jewish and not Palestinian hands. Mmm, and the BBC also remind us that Israeli forces launched a raid into northern Gaza in which more than 120 Palestinians – including many civilians – were killed. No insight provided into where this 120 deaths figure comes from, or how many were Hamas terrorists. I’m sorry to have to keep banging on this Middle East theme (will change tomorrow!) but I think this report is almost written from the viewpoint that the Jews were just asking for this kind of act of reprisal. I also notice that at the very bottom of the page this act of mass murder is described as an “incident”. Pure bloody bias.