Anyone catch Lord Mandelson ducking and diving with Jim Naughtie on Today this morning? The big lie being perpetuated this morning was that Labour would “spend wisely” whereas the evil Conservatives would…gasp…CUT vital public services! (The sort that Comrade Barber was on earlier to defend) In fairness to Jim, he tried to get Mandy to say “cuts” when it came to Labour plans but the adroit Lord Rio avoided the use of the word. I got the impression that Naughtie wanted Mandelson to state that the hated Trident might be up for the axe but again, the slippery Lord left the doors all open.

I know you will love this

HERE! – Mandelson (Mandy) in cosy sofa chat on BBC news programme declares support for BBC contestant on BBC show (Come Dancing redux); confesses (shock!) to envy at Sergeant’s success. Now that really is a major story worthy of frontpage note and not at all an indication of an inbred backscratching culture and the unfair hybridisation of commercial with state interests.