“O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” – Sir Walter Scott’s words (Good inspiration for a blog btw!) come to mind again reading McDoom’s latest evasions over the shabby and degenerate deal to off-load Megrahi for Libyan Oil. Have you read this BBC treatment of Brown’s desperate efforts to get his DNA off the Libyan appeasement? I did enjoy the little side quote from the HYS section, highlighted to get our attention. “It’s a sad state of affairs when on the one occasion a politician does a decent thing, he is forced to prove that he has no ulterior motive.” Yes, very sad, though not quite as sad as losing family at 30,000 ft when a plane explodes.

The BBC is trying to be sympathetic to McDoom and the gang by placing all the responsibility on that “Scottish Government” and it’s world-famous “Scottish justice” which Nelson Mandela himself has endorsed. Brown just keeps digging himself into a deeper hole on this one and try as it might the BBC needs to realise that Brown and Salmond come out of this looking exactly what they are – two faced double dealing shysters.


Had a laugh at this item the BBC ran this morning. In essence the suggestion is that the UK Government did not do a deal with Libya for commercial advantage. Oliver Miles, deputy chairman of the Libyan British Business Council, was wheeled on to suggest there was probably some “political” deal though the objective of this was unspecified. Of COURSE there was a deal for commercial and political advantage. Palmerston’s adage remains as true now as ever but for some reason the BBC want us to think that Labour, being good little socialists, would never do something just for £££. Labour’s political DNA is all over this one and the one thing we do know for sure from the track record is that when it comes to cash. Labour will do anything. Prostituting decency in pursuance of riches is no problem for them. No blood for oil anyone?


Just watched the BBC evening news. Macavity has been found almost a week after it became apparent that the Scottish administration was preparing to release the convicted mass murderer Megrahi. And the BBC reports he is “repulsed” and “angry” at the scenes of celebration in Libya as they got their boy back. In a display of testosterone-induced anger that would have done Caster Semenya proud – Brown showed his true colours, right? Wrong.

On the substantive issue as to whether he approved of this decision, he remains mute. The BBC plays along with this nonsense – refusing to explore WHY the British Prime Minister refuses to accept responsibility for the UK releasing this killer. Around the world, people wonder why the UK Government dares not express an opinion on what happens in the UK. It’s a tricky business for the BBC. Obviously the ill-considered and reckless devolution experiment carried out by Blair must not be criticised, nor must the moral degeneracy of the Scottish administration. Instead attention is switched to what happened in Tripoli and Brown feigns rage when in fact all we see is impotency.


The BBC dragged on former SNP harridan Margo MacDonald to Today this morning to provide her with an opportunity to put forward her notion that the United Nations should set up a Committee to look into the “facts” of the Lockerbie bombing. Margo’s a bit of a truther when it comes to the Lockerbie and hinted at all kinds of shocking revelations coming out of her fantasy enquiry. Margo also informed us of “fervour” on the other side of the Atlantic being whipped up by “talk-show hosts.” She then said that newspapers should be “put beyond use”. Anyone know what she was talking about? I also noted that Margo mentioned that she has “quite a lot of sympathy” for the relatives of those lost on Pan Am Flight 107. “Quite a lot”? Honestly, having this truther on might ring a few bells for the BBC but it adds NOTHING to debate. How long before we hear that the US/UK was responsible for the Lockerbie bombing? The decision to release a convicted mass murderer is a shameful indictment on the Scottish devolved Parliament and it might have been a little more helpful if the BBC had directed MacDonald to address that simple fact.


God, has there been anything more nauseating than listening to Mr Bean look-a-like Foreign Secretary David Miliband on the BBC telling us how “deeply distressed” he was at the heroes welcome afforded to convicted mass murderer Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi in Tripoli. Gosh – who would have imagined that the Libyans would celebrate the return of a killer – especially after Obama had warned them not to do so???

I thought Humphyrs was pretty robust with this little dweeb but still think he wasl permitted to waffle about constitutional niceties that had damn all to do with what has really just happened. The bottom line is that, once again, a Labour government has presided over the release of convicted murderers from prison. The Pontius Pilate style approach adopted by Mr Bean was really sickening and I think that John Humphyrs did make some good points. It is proper to acknowledge when the BBC conducts interviews in a straightforward manner and this was one such. Mind you, I was not so impressed with the interview with Megrahi’s solicitor and Mr Toad Alex Salmond that took place earlier. I think Salmond was allowed more wriggle room than Miliband but in the final analysis ALL involved in this craven act of appeasement stand condemned.


I’m sure B-BBC readers will have been aware of the fact that twenty years ago this day, Pan Am Flight 103 was blown apart at 35,000 ft over the little Scottish town of Lockerbie. I read this BBC article on it but despite having checked it twice, there appears to be a missing word. It begins with “T”…wonder can you help me find it? Twenty years later, the verminous BBC refuse to call this event for what it was.