There was a discussion on BBC R4 Today just after 7am concerning the failure of the “colleagues” in Brussels to “solve” the problem created by the Irish NO vote to the EU Constitution last week. I noted that the BBC interviewer stated that “Sinn Fein led the No campaign” – this is wrong, it did not lead the No campaign. Whilst I accept that Sinn Fein did play a role, the truth us that there were MANY groups involved – not least Libertas – that as a whole constituted the NO campaign. I also note that the BBC keeps making reference as to when a second referendum “could” take place in Ireland. The assault on the democratic process appears to be of no interest to the State Broadcaster, more important to get a YES vote out of the Irish, come what may.


It’s been a long day – having spent it in a sunny Dublin. Bumped into Andrew Neil who was over with his team covering the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty aka EU Constitution. On the way home, I tuned in to the PM programme on the BBC to catch their very special coverage of the Irish referendum. (Around 5.25pm) It’s pretty clear to just about everybody that the result is going to be close, with some polls suggesting a NO victory. The Irish political establishment, big business and trade unions all support a YES vote, and it was nice to see the BBC doing their best to help them. The vox pop that PM conducted in Dublin was unable to find anyone intending to vote No. What rotten luck. The BBC has no influence over how Irish voters will behave but it is so obvious that the BBC is overwhelmingly biased in favour of the implementation of this EU Constitution and it will be gobsmacked if Ireland says NO. It should also act as a warning to us all that should our UK political masters ever find the guts to grant us a vote on the EU constitution – the BBC will be to the fore to secure a Yes vote. It appears NO is not just in their vocabulary when Brussels beckons.