One of the most loathsome aspects of the BBC is how it advances an anti-Israeli agenda by leaving out information which might make at least some people question the “independence” of what it reports. A Biased BBC reader notes…

“The lazy journalismof the BBC ensures that anti-Israeli voices are not challenged even when theyuse deception to spread their lies: The words of Tom MacMaster, an American student in Edinburgh who posed as a gaygirl in Syria in order to propagate his anti_Israeli views. This is what he has posted on the pro Palestinian ‘Media Watch’ website:

‘The truth is that there is no more violent society than the Israeli society.Since its establishment, Israel launched six major wars against its Arabneighbors. These were in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1978, 1982, and the present warwhich has continued since March 29, 2002 against the Palestinian people. Nosociety on Earth is as armed to teeth as the Israeli society. Israel is theonly country in the Middle East with stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction:nuclear, biological, and chemical. No matter what means the Israeli propaganda machine may use, it won’t be ableto hide the fact that Israelis are aggressors, occupiers, and land grappers(grippers). The settlements they have built in the Palestinian territoriessince 1967 are symbols of greed.’

His posts as the gay girl in Syria are little different when it comes todescribing Israeli actions and history….he is a well known anti-Israeliactivist but you wouldn’t know this from the BBC.

But you won’t here any of this from the BBC…just that he was using his’deception’ to get across the truth that otherwise would be overlooked….theBBC does not look into his ‘truth’ and examine either his own history and viewsnor his intentions…nor indeed those of his wife, Britta Froelicher, whopromotes the idea of a one nation state…that is, no more Israeli state,merely a state within which Jews live (in peace and harmony) with Palestinians.

MacMasters studies at St Andrews University where his wife works in theirCentre for Syrian Studies, as an Associate Fellow, partially funded to the tuneof £105,000 (just over $170,000) by the Syrian government…yes, the Syriangovernment.

Further regarding funding of Universities the Centre for Social Cohesion published this report on foreign donations and influence: 

 A Degree of Influence: The funding of strategically important subjects in UKuniversities highlights the foreign money that is being injected into thosesubjects that are designated of ‘strategic importance’ by the UK government,and the ways in which the cash is being converted into influence at universities on a range of levels. The report discovers that universities have insufficient safeguards in place to prevent donations affecting the way universities are run. There is clearevidence that, at some universities, the choice of teaching materials, the subjectareas, the degrees offered, the recruitment of staff, the composition of advisoryboards and even the selection of students are now subject to influence from donors. These problems are heightened by the undemocratic nature of certain donor governments.’

Just WHY do so many academics want to boycott Israel? The BBC has no interest in such questions…