I listened to this programme on Tuesday past and dare you to do the same. It’s an opportunity for BBC favourite Human Rights lawyer Clive Stafford Smith to pontificate. A nice little lefty love-in, tucked away in the schedule for your edification.


It’s endless. I was listening to the BBC news at 9am and up popped yet ANOTHER item on Ted Kennedy. Both those interviewed were acolytes of the great man and were trotting out cliches like he was “A Lion” and “The champion of the ordinary man.” The BBC propagandising for Kennedy has been absolutely stunning, they are running it 24/7 and are determined that their hero be cast in the best possible light. But providing balance is not a BBC requirement, is it? As has been noted on another thread, can you IMAGINE what we will get from the BBC when that old terrorist Mandela finally pops his clogs? Or Castro? Or Gerry Adams? And then, of course, Lady Thatcher. You know what is coming….