“Shaykh Khalid Yasin is an American Muslim teacher, extremely popular among young European Muslims. He has embarked on a mission to de-radicalise them.”

That’s what the BBC/RedRebel film on Geert Wilders told us (see yesterday’s post).

Just Journalism points out that Yasin was one of the preachers of hate exposed in the 2007 Dispatches documentary Undercover Mosque in which film is shown of him saying the following:

“We don’t need to go to the Christians or the Jews debating with them about the filth which they believe. We Muslims have been ordered to do brainwashing because the kuffaar they are doing brain defiling. You are watching the kaffir TV and your wife is watching it right now and your children are watching it and they are being polluted and they are being penetrated and they are being infected, so that you come out of the house and your children come out of the house as Muslims and come back as kaffirs.”

“This whole delusion of the equality of women is a bunch of foolishness…There’s no such thing.”

His claim that missionaries infected Africans with the AIDS virus, which I quoted yesterday, also appears in the Dispatches film. (A pdf transcript of Undercover Mosque can be read here.)

Channel 4 showed Yasin as he really is – a divisive conspiracy-believing radical who describes the beliefs of other religions as filth and refers to non-Muslims as kaffirs. On the other hand the BBC, in its eagerness to attack Wilders, broadcasts a film describing Yasin as a popular teacher on a mission to de-radicalise young Muslims. It almost beggars belief, but quite frankly nothing surprises me about the BBC any more.

UPDATE.There’s more on the Wilders film at Gates of Vienna, including a copy of a comprehensive letter of complaint.

Here’s a transcript of a 2005 programme about Yasin that was broadcast on Australia’s Channel 9. He’s a 9/11 truther, says homosexuality is “punishable by death”, and lies about his qualifications.
And some more background on Yasin here and here.

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