I’m sure many readers will share my sense of outrage at the antics of the UK Border Agency and the strange decisions of Brodie Clark. But I have to say that I find the BBC’S repeated recourse to Keith Vaz for expert  comment nauseating. The oleaginous Vaz was part of a Labour administration that saw our national borders turn porous for a DECADE or more, not just a summer. In setting Vaz up as some sort of moral judge the BBC helps erase his role in the shameful Labour years.


I seem to have missed the announcement that Keith Vaz is back in the government. You too? The reason I assume Keith is back in Government  is that the BBC couldn’t get enough from him. During the TI frenzy over the past few weeks Keith was one of the go-to guys and let’s face it, who can speak about integrity with more gravitas and experience than Vaz? Today he was on to wax about the need for Turkey to join the EU and further enrich our lives but – panic not – not before it has secured its borders. (Keith probably has referred them to the template his Labour government used between 1997 and 2010 as a great example of erm…tight borders.) The BBC seem to love Vaz. He is on more often than most Coalition Ministers.

UPDATE’ Keith is now sorting out all Winehouse related issues on the BBC. He is now universal.