Please Tell Your


Will the BBC’s Bill Law be telling his colleagues about this meeting in Istanbul? Only it might give them a clue as to the nature of Israel’s enemy.

So much for the Muslim Council of Britain

So much for opening the borders, so much for ‘Talk to Hamas’, so much for the Peace Process. Someone tell the Today programme.

Tell them about the attitude Hamas really has towards the civilians they sacrificed in Gaza:

“Mr. Nazzal told his audience: “Don’t worry about casualties.”
The 23 days of bombardment of Gaza, in which some 1,300 people, many of them civilians and nearly 300 of them children, are believed to have died, was “just the beginning” of the struggle, Mr. Nazzal said.

To laughter in the audience, another speaker noted that twice as many babies were born as children were killed during the war.
Every death, I was told, was a martyrdom on the road to liberation.”

Good for Bill Law for reporting this. Please don’t forget to tell your colleagues, because I’m wondering how long the rest of the BBC’s blindness can go on.

And if any of them saw the Dispatches programme last night a few more alarm bells should have gone off. But no doubt it will be filed away with all the rest under the heading ’tiny minorities’.


I see that the BBC is giving great prominence to the “Binyam Mohamad is innocent” story, this time focusing on the Miliband/US angle. The bit that I find interesting is the line “Binyam Mohamed, an Ethiopian who lived in the UK, believes US papers detailing his treatment support his claims.” But hang on, that is not quite the full picture, is it? Mr Mohamed IS an Ethiopian, and he is one who illegally entered this country in 1994. The way in which this law-breaker is being presented as some sort of dyed-in-the-wool Brit is staggering, just as his totally implausible stories as to how he ended up in Pakistan in AQ training camps are also being carefully sanitised. The BBC loves to run these stories, always carefully sympathising with the alleged terrorist. You can be sure this one will be on Question Time tonight. Maybe Binyam could be given an honorary knighthood?


It is my view that the BBC continually posits the BNP as a latter day evil whereas the same BBC is “sensitive” about Islam’s propensity to produce Jihadi determined to kill as many of us infidels as possible. As it happens, I have no time for either but the BBC must have drooled when they got the news that a former British National Party “activist” who converted to Islam in prison is trying to radicalise young prisoners. Inmate Stephen Jones is being held in a segregation unit at Whitemoor Prison, Cambridgeshire, the BBC has been told. Jones was put there after being suspected of recruiting for groups allied to al-Qaeda. The case has raised concerns that some radical Muslims are using prisons as a recruiting ground. If you read this BBC report it is a remarkable insofar as one is virtually led to believe that Jones is the first Islamist seeking to spread the good news that Jihad against us Brits is all part of the Prophets’ great plan. The BBC appears unaware that this same preaching of hatred is rampant in Mosques throughout this land and that thousands of Muslims living in Britain are fully on board with the perverted ideology of radical Islam. Who taught them? It wasn’t poor Jones, was it?


Even Islamic killers are clear that they engage in premeditated acts of terrorism. “This was a martyrdom-seeking [suicide] operation aimed at kidnapping Zionist soldiers,” the Islamic Jihad spokesman said. But to the BBC it was an “attack” by “militants.” I am sick of the witless BBC equivocation on this subject. These Palestinians are JIHADISTS, they even call themselves this. They enjoy taking the life of innocent Israelis. They are, by any standard, engaging in act of terrorism, so why will the BBC not call it like it is?

I also hate the way in which the BBC buries away another little lie in this same report. It innocuously states ” Fighting had subsided since early March, when the Israeli army launched an offensive that killed around 120 Palestinians. ” It conveniently leaves out the fact that a/ This Israeli strike followed the terror attack on Israel that resulted in the death of young teenage Jewish students in Jerusalem and b/ The 120 figure quoted includes a significant number of Hamas terrorists with others dying because they either voluntarily or involuntarily provided sanctuary to Hamas terrorists. What justification have the BBC for calling Islamic killers “militants” when even the Islamic killers boast of their terrorist ambitions?