The BBC has been replete with reports on the situation in the Syrian town of Homs. However a Biased BBC reader suggests that we are not quite getting the full picture from the State Broadcaster;

“You will be aware of the BBC reporting on the Syrian government attacks on Homs and the killing of innocent civilians, however there seems to be no mention of the “freedom fighters” who are forcing civilians to remain in the town to act as human shields (just like the failure to report the use of civilians as shields in Gaza) nor of the wave of kidnappings that Christians in the town are now subject to (presumably from the same islamist “freedom fighters) see the information of this reported by the Barnabus Fund (extract below):

“The situation in the besieged city of Homs, Syria, is horrifying and becoming unbearable for Christians who are caught in the battleground. Many thousands are trapped in the city though others have managed to flee to the surrounding villages. Families are in desperate need of food and basics; prices have rocketed, supplies are running low, and it is often too dangerous to go out in search of food. More than 200 Christians have been killed, and the community has been beset by kidnappings. Two bombs were discovered in a church yard in Homs, although thankfully they did not explode. Christians were even blocked from leaving Homs by anti-government forces who were keeping them there as “human shields” in a bid to protect the areas they were controlling.”

Odd how the BBC seem to have missed this aspect, isn’t it? What with all that world class journalism, you might have thought someone would have thought the above worthy of comment? No?