I see that the BBC could face legal action over British National Party leader Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time, Welsh Secretary Peter Hain has warned.

The show is due to feature Mr Griffin, Justice Secretary Jack Straw and Tory and Lib Dem panellists on 22 October. But Mr Hain has written to BBC director general Mark Thompson arguing the BNP was “an unlawful body” following a court ruling on its membership policy.

I can’t see to remember Mr Hain suggesting the BBC could face legal action when it allowed IRA godfathers onto Question Time, can you? It’s amazing the publicity that Griffin’s appearance is generating for the BBC, and the majority of this is being generated by the revolting moral relativists from the political left who object to the BNP being allowed the same opportunity to be questioned as George Galloway or Martin McGuinness. I have no time for any of these revolting groups but the startling hypocrisy of Hain does need to be exposed and in attacking the BBC, Hain hopes to short circuit any debate on HIS double standards.