Even The President Is Trapped In Nasty Uncle Rupert’s Grasp

Here’s one for you:

Report: Obama top recipient of News Corp. donations

Political donations by News Corp., its employees and their families were evenly split between Democrats and Republicans, with President Obama the all-time leading recipient, according to a report from the Sunlight Foundation.
The transparency watchdog noted Tuesday that Democrats received 51 percent of contributions while Republicans received 49 percent, despite the firm’s highly publicized links to the GOP, such as a $1 million donation to the Republican Governors Association in August.

I say nobody should vote to re-elect the President until He returns all the money from this criminal organization.

Priorities and Agendas

One of the worrying things about the BBCs current wall-to-wall coverage of the Murdochalypse* is that when the Eurozone utterly collapses your average BBC viewer will ask themselves “when did that start?” and “how come nobody put that on the telly“?

It’s been brewing for months…years…eh? Why didn’t anyone say anything?

The BBC, mindful of this, are getting their defence in first. Good tactics, lads.

Interesting because it flies in the face of the facts.

Consider the results of searching the BBC News site for references to “hacking”, “euro” and “libya” over the last week:

Libya: 23 mentions
Euro: 32 mentions
Hacking: 246 mentions

Still – let’s not allow BBC gloating to get in the way of impartial news reporting, eh?

* Copyright SeanT 🙂


So, on the day of the Show Trials being held in the Star Chamber, who better for the BBC to give a prime time bully pulpit to but a blast from the past..Neil Kinnoch. Yes, the Welsh windbag was afforded an opportunity to bash Murdoch “an enemy of the Labour movement” as he helpfully put it and was sympathetically defined by Humphrys as “a victim” of the evil empire. Earlier in the morning, BBC favourite and staunch opponent of the Coalition, Sir Hugh Orde, was allowed to subtly put in his CV to succeed Stephenson. The BBC is clear – it wants to see the breakup of Murdoch’s media empire and it looks like nothing can stop it. In this regard, it validates Melanie Phillip’s view that it is the BBC which is the single biggest threat to our freedoms.


She has become a virtually omnipresent presence on BBC TV and Radio in recent days; I refer to the elfin Yvette Cooper. Her job is to open the attack line on Cameron via Coulson and this is exactly what she did on Today this morning if you listen here. The mission is “Get Cameron” and in one way I have no sympathy for him ever since he bottled any chance of reforming the State Broadcaster and gave us Chris Patten as the new Chairman of this malignant organisation. But that is NOT the only part of the BBC mission. Robert Peston is leading the charge against Murdoch Stateside, constantly recycling the notion that an investigating is pending over there with so many leading politicians (All Dems + Peter King) champing at the bit to try and dismantle Fox News. The self induced media storm is not going away as it claims victim after victim, remarkably confining itself to News International with nary a mention of wrong doing by ANY other media organisation. It is as if all the world’s ills are contained in NI and that is exactly the aim of those leading this jihad in the BBC. They are desperate to see Murdoch crushed and Cameron weakened – and I regret to say that these objectives look so much closer this week than just 7 days ago. Leaving aside my personal views of Cameron and Murdoch (not keen on either) I cannot help but repeat my sense of revulsion at the sight of the patronising BBC daring to allege that others are guilty of abuse of power when it is the biggest abuser of all, extorting £££billions from us each year and pumping out a toxic brew of liberal bias daily.


First, News of the World folds.
Then, Rebekah Wade and Les Hinton resign
Now Sir Paul Stephenson resigns.
Cameron next and whither a general election? With Labour ahead in the polls and the BBC declaring Miliband has found his voice the question is whether the BBC/Guardian axis of hypocrisy is moving in for the kill and does the Prime Minister represent their ultimate target in the UK (In the US we know it is Fox News they want to destroy)
This is shocking stuff, a perfect media sustained storm.
Could the BBC/Guardian actually bring the Coalition down and if this is even a possibility doesn’t it prove that it is THIS axis which is the biggest threat facing the UK?