Cameron to Hugh Edwards: “Even the BBC… will have to say these are good results” (smirk)

Nick Robinson (on a day when Labour failed to retain a single county council): “Gordon Brown is stronger than he was, but not by much.”

Gordon: “I will not waver… I will get on with the job”

The job being what, exactly? Add your faves below.

Brown Broadcasting Corporation

I wonder if the BBC can realise just how pandering this Kevin Connolly article is to Gordon Brown’s chosen narrative of his trip to Washington?

Right from the beginning it takes the Brown line:

“Even as the Prime Minister grapples with the catastrophic economic fallout of globalisation, he has been suffering at the hands of the media’s own version of it.”

Attacks on Brown’s blatant showboating are described as “unkind”. Brown’s economic responsibility is summed up passively and yet personally. Imagine if “you were at the helm when the seeds of recession were sewn”. Just imagine. How do you feel about your low poll ratings by the way? Oh, you don’t have any poll ratings? Well, try to sympathise with poor Mr Brown, please.

Connolly deserves an anti-Orwell award simply for the risible mixed metaphor of being at the helm when the seeds were sown. You can see why the licence fee is necessary to fund such talent, can’t you?

and on, and on until the pathetic “bottom line”. In this case it is a Brown bottom. And it stinks of bullshit:

The bottom line for Britain is that lots of foreign leaders come here and any absence of column inches reflects more on Britain’s standing than Gordon Brown’s

Yeah, right- it is because we is unimportant, not because Gordon’s future is as unpromising as his past.


I see the BBC is reporting that Gordon Brown, he who has saved the world, has urged the banks to “come clean” over their toxic debts so people could start “trusting them” again. It’s just one more puff piece aimed at presenting Brown as an honest bloke who just wants all those nasty private financial institutions to be like him and plainly share with the public just how inept they have been. Given that Brown has spent the last decades lying through his teeth to the public, this is a bit rich. Once again we see the BBC running an item solely aimed at glorifying Gordon when all the evidence is that this hypocrite would not recognise the truth if he stumbled across it!


Hey – who would have guessed but the recession is over! Well, maybe not quite but the BBC has been busy this morning assiduously pushing the line that retail sales are only marginally down year on year, that employers are simply “holding off” on recruitment for a few months, and, of course, that more and more people are putting their trust in the Great Leader. Amazing Alice in wonderland stuff, all aimed at saving Gordon – the BBC’s current number one objective.


It just gets more surreal. Anyone catch Mark Wardell’s stomach-churning salutations for the Great Leader on the Ten News? I thought it was really bad even by BBC standards and Wardell even referred to Prudence as “the Saviour of global capitalism”. (This the man who has semi-socialised our banking system!!) As if that were not enough the BBC went on to approvingly quote the EU call for “transparency, accountability, responsibility” in future international financial dealings. Anyone got an update for me on the signing off of the EU annual accounts?


Did you see the main news story on the BBC today? We have an image of Gordon Brown silhouetted against the Union Flag with the stirring headline “UK will lead the way”. Great stuff. I presume he means lead the way into the recession? The Labour Party must be so proud of the sustained campaigning carried out on its behalf so generously by the BBC in recent weeks. We have the truly shambolic dysfunctional Brown – the man who sold off our gold reserves at the bottom of the market, the man who stole your old age pension, the man told us he had done away with boom and bust – now being retailed as THE world leader on the banking crisis! It’s surreal. Just in the past day the BBC has informed us that Alastair Darling – Valium on legs – was going over to the G7 meeting in Washington to persuade the other global financial ministers to adopt the UK sovietisation model. Now Gordon is going to an EU summit in Paris where he will attempt to persuade the rest of the EU to adopt the Brown model. This is amazing stuff and is only possible because the BBC has jettisoned Brown’s appalling period as Chancellor into the memory hole. David Cameron and his associates must realise that the BBC is akin to the scorpion in Aesop’s tale. It will always show its true character – in this case it means propping up a discredited inept corrupt Labour government.


It strikes me that Local Councils throughout the UK are quite often the repository of some of the worst forms of petty-minded bureaucratic tyranny. So you can see the appeal to the BBC which has provided a ringing defence of the financial mess in which many of these Councils now find themselves care of ill-judged financial investment in Icelandic banks! On “Today” this morning, the line being retailed was that the Councils appeal to Chancellor Darling to be treated just as ordinary investors was pretty fair given that central government has encouraged local councils to generate as much financial return as possible. No mention of the fact that investment carries risk and therefore local councils must be conservative in their investment strategies since they are investing our money. Rarely have I heard local councils being given such a doe-eyed PR makeover – even as they lose millions of rate-payers cash. You can always rely on the BBC to support incompetent Statism at every level.

And while we are at it, have you notice the way in which the BBC refers to the US financial package as a “bail-out” whilst the Brown/Darling plan is a “rescue plan”?How nice. The rehabilitation of the Great Leader is now complete as the BBC demonstrated earlier today with the news in “Today in Parliament” that even his critics were now behind him and his innate caution is now being trumpeted as his greatest strength. Wonder if that was the same caution that led the Great Leader to sell off UK gold reserves at virtually an all-time low price, for example? Guess we’ll never know because the BBC sure as hell will not brook any criticism of Prudence in these changed times. What joy it is to have a multi-channel Pravda that we must fund.