In today’s Independent on Sunday:

It’s just after breakfast time and Giles Fraser is smoking his third fag of the day. Clad in faded black jeans and a baggy black T-shirt, he flicks haphazardly into a full ashtray on the floor and scrolls down the Twitter feed on his computer. As a morning ritual it is pretty familiar to scores of the jobless. Then again, the Reverend Dr Giles Fraser, to give him his full honorific, is unemployed

Tomorrow he starts working shifts on the leader desk at The Guardian, which he plans to do for the remainder of his notice period. He also has a documentary planned with the BBC and will continue to do his regular slot on BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day.

In the past month on the BBC:

19/12/11 Start The Week with guest Giles Fraser.
23/12/11 Thought For The Day with Giles Fraser.
24/12/11 Saturday Review with guest Giles Fraser.
25/12/11 Constantine – the man who invented Christmas presented by Giles Fraser
1/1/12 Sunday with guest Giles Fraser.
5/1/12 Newsnight with guest Giles Fraser.
6/1/12 Thought For The Day with Giles Fraser
13/1/12 Thought For The Day with Giles Fraser

During his recent appearance on Newsnight one of the programme’s producers – Sara Afshar – tweeted “Giles Fraser is great” and “I actually cheered at one point“. With his adoring lefty fans at the Guardian/BBC, one thing the Reverend Dr need never worry about is being unemployed.


Check out the BBC’s profile of Giles Fraser. I was just wondering what the odds are of him getting his own BBC series within a year when I saw that Toby Young had had a similar thought:

“…no opportunity for Giles Fraser to air his Left-wing views in the media is ever neglected… Perhaps the BBC can find him a berth. He’s already a regular on Thought for the Day – surprise! – and The Moral Maze could probably cope with another Left-winger on the panel. Perhaps he could present a 12-part series on BBC2 about how every church in England should be occupied by hysterical anti-capitalists until everyone in the City of London has turned over their annual bonus to the Labour Party.”