I must be honest and say that I can rarely stomach listening to the truly appalling trash “From Our Own Correspondent” but a B-BBC reader managed to courageously listen in and this is what he has to say on this programme…

The typical anti-capitalist spiel from the BBC’s Own Correspondent (Alastair Leithead) for Radio 4. Quietly insinuating that Communism is a superior system to Capitalism (try telling that to the former Eastern Bloc) but what I found most intriguing was the intro part of the article written in bold (and I quote):

“As the communist country of Vietnam increasingly embraces the ways of capitalism, the gap between rich and poor is rapidly expanding.” 

This is purposefully worded by the BBC to insinuate that if the gap between the rich and poor increases then something must be horrifically wrong and that because previously the gap between rich and poor was small (namely due to the fact that everyone was unbelievably poor) then the government must be setting a good example those evil Tories should follow. You really couldn’t make this up!


More insidious historical anti-British revisionism from the rancid BBC, this time from that cesspit of leftwing bias known as “From Our Own Correspondent”.

“The FOOC programmecontinues on its extraordinary way from supporting Maoist terrorists in Indiato now rewriting Angolan history. In a report on the Benguela Railway Justin Rowlatt tells us the ImperialistBritish exploited and robbed Angola of its natural resources using slave labourin essence…how unlike the new Chinese activities who operate in a much morebeneficial way towards Angolans.

What’s wrong with this? Angola was a Portugese colony not British, the Portugese took the enormous wealth generated there. It was the Portugese who started the railway and then contracted a British company to finish building and running the tracks. Rowlatt’s claim that it was Britain robbing the Angolans because we ran the railway is like suggesting Germany is really running this country because it builds and provides us with a transport system in the shape of cars from BMW, VW and Porsche. But not a mention of Portugal in the report. Guess accuracy and accountability aren’t that important to the BBC after all.”

Of course not. Accuracy and accountability are diversions from the main thrust of BBC output which is all about making the UK look  as bad as possible to fit in with BBC narrative.   

Hat-tip to the B-BBC reader who send me this.

Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off.

Constant repetition of a word or phrase can transform it from eloquent to hollow. However perfectly it encapsulates a situation, over-use will render it meaningless.
Trotted out over and over again, words like vilify, delegitimise, illegal war, international law, apartheid, and many more, lose their impact; particularly when they’re bandied about willy nilly by people who have no idea whether what they’ve said is justified, appropriate or the truth.

Peace activist, humanitarian aid, war crimes, obstacle to peace, Palestinians. Nazi. Fascist. Neocon. We’re all trapped by these words.
We say antisemitism, you say Islamophobia; we say terrorist, you say religion of peace; we say Islamic, you say unIslamic; we say legitimate, you say illegitimate; we say Israel, you say Zionist entity; we say biased, you say balanced. Tomato, potato, potahto, tomayto. Let’s call the whole Jeremy Bowen off.

From Our Own Correspondent, fully transcribed online, so you don’t have to listen to the lisp or behold the glistening brow.
The BBC’s chief Middle East Editor expounds on the rift between Netanyahu and Obama, between Israel and America. There are certain things only your best friend will tell you, Bowen opines. Being a little cruel to be kind, Obama whispers gently to his good friend that he’s not standing for much more of this Jewish lobby malarky. The Jewish lobby’s convention centre in Washington DC is bigger than.. than… than …. a football pitch, Bowen declaims. No! several football pitches. That’s how powerful the Jewish lobby is.

Not for much longer though, he speculates. Impertinent Netanyahu with his lectures on the Arab-Israel conflict, his deliberate insults to the VP, his Homes for Jews in occupied Palestinian territories illegal under international law, and his attacks on innocent Turkish peace activists. Jeopardising peace on earth, provoking the Muslims with his pesky Israel. This can’t go on, Bowen predicts. No more Mr. nice guy. That’s what will happen; verily I say unto my listeners.

Jeremy Bowen and his ilk have coined a whole lot of phrases, some of them have become meaningless, and some were meaningless in the first place. Without a hint of self-examination or self awareness the BBC happily lets the middle east editor insinuate about powerful Jewish lobbies. No sign nor hint of a recognition that the BBC is itself an enormous great lobby. The size of… of…. of… thousands of football pitches.