So, Conservative Julie Kirkbride has fallen on her sword and will not seek re-election. On the One News the BBC has been covering this from the feminist angle on of just how difficult it is for “working mums” to get the work/life balance and also from the angle of how few female MP’s that Cameron will be left with. (Nice dig at the unrepresentative Tories, natch!) In addition, did you notice the way that Labour trougher Margaret Moran has been thrown to the media wolves just as Kirkbride hits the buffs. A good day to bury bad Labour news?


Don’t know if you are a rugby fan but if you do share my enthusiasm for the game you may well be tuning in later today when the final chapter of the 6 Nations is played out. The climax is the game between Wales and Ireland at the excellent Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. So, how does the BBC cover this? Simple; they drag on some feminazi who finds the singing by the crowd of the well known song “Delilah” ….”sinister.” It seems the lyrics could encourage male violence. Oh my goodness, WHY do we have to pay for this? In what world is this a major story – it was on at prime-time 8.20am. Is there NOTHING else the BBC could have covered? It’s uber leftie politically correct feminazi drivel and I hope the crowd will belt out the words of the song and that the game is a great spectacle for all who watch it. I’m sure some Beeboid will be wondering why there are no women playing in either team!