White and Hideously Liberal.

There’s been a spate of critical analyses and lampoons of “white liberals” on some of the blogs I’ve been looking at.
The longest post I’ve ever seen by Edmund Standing on Harry’s Place has polarised the commentariat – they either love it or loathe it – then there’s this ballad from Mark Allinson in a comment on Melanie Phillips’ blog (August 2nd, 2010 12:22am) that starts:
I envy the moral perfection,
Of the folks on the cultural left;
” and this witty ditty by Roy Zimmerman.

Some of it encapsulates the self loathing, guilt ridden philosophy of the champagne socialist and white liberal lot that we fund to educate entertain and inform us.

The thing that stands out like a sore thumb if you’ll forgive the unintended sick pun, is that in their desperate struggle not to be racist they must embrace all cultural differences, and in so doing they necessarily overlook or downplay such things as female genital mutilation, which, allegedly, is actually being done here in multicultural Britain.
I’m not saying that they don’t know, or don’t care that this is happening, rather it’s their refusal to admit that this is just the sharp end of a very big wedge that is being driven into our country.