Here’s John Lloyd, producer of BBC quiz show QI, at a recent sustainable energy awards ceremony. He begins with a couple of gags before giving his audience what it really wants to hear – some classic end-of-civilisation eco-bullshit hyperbole:

“Unless ideas like these get heard, by the twenty-second century there isn’t going to be any one here to hear about them. All these tsunamis and twisters we’re seeing, these volcanoes and floods and earthquakes, they’re not a kind of giant snooze alarm suggesting that it’s nearly time to get up and do something about it. They’re a fire alarm, and it’s not a test.”

So, mankind must adopt sustainable energy to prevent its annihilation due to tsunamis, twisters, volcanoes, floods and earthquakes.

OK, I know the eco-zealots have already made tenuous claim to tornadoes and floods for their cause, but is it the case that tsunamis, volcanoes and earthquakes have now been declared acceptable in the realm of mainstream climate change propaganda? Lloyd is after all the producer of a show based around the theme of obscure facts, so maybe he knows something the rest of us don’t.

Perhaps we really do have to turn off our kettles to prevent tsunamis.

Or perhaps Mr Lloyd has spent far too long interacting with smug like-minded luvvies in the media bubble (eg Richard Curtis) to realise when he’s talking crap.


Leftist agitprop fake charity Oxfam has been given the run of the BBC this morning to warn us of apocalyptic increases in food prices of up to 50% (odd nicely even statistic, btw) caused by “climate change” (They’ve obviously abandoned the global warming line formulation and are now using the more sophisticated but equally unfounded “climate change”) Who would have guessed that one of the cures for this was “to invest in small farmers, especially women.”? This dreary nonsense which Oxfam recycles with regularity is never robustly challenged on the BBC, instead like so much of its output it is spewed out as an article of toxic tree-hugging eco-lunatic faith.


Had to laugh at the interview with the Woodland Trust’s Sue Holden on Today this morning (7.42am). Sue was on to spout the usual spiel that we need many more forest, more trees, since this is good for our health apparently. Naturally there was no voice of opposition to Holden’s tree-mania. When it comes to their favourite causes, the BBC are very careful who they put up for interview and who they deny access. In this case, there was consensus that we all love trees. Who would have figured that then?


Further to Robin’s post on the Richard Black led “End is nigh” waffle on the Biodiversity Junket in Japan, I noticed that Today was quick enough to follow on that item with an item on how the Otter has made a remarkable comeback from “the edge of extinction.” All subtle stuff from the State propagandists.


Did you see that the BBC have been using the 25th anniversary of the alleged hole in the Ozone layer to further advance their eco-wacko agenda. Pity they couldn’t be bothered to consider other views on this issue but then again it is never news with the BBC it is always propaganda.  


With media, presentation is everything. So the BBC chooses to present the latest UN report in a way that suggests “poor women” bear climate change heaviest of all. The UN report is pushing the idea that all this dreadful climate change which impacts these “poor women” most savagely COULD be ameliorated if we ...cut population growth by using condoms more. I have covered this ludicrous UN story here but I think the BBC should be made to share the punch-line to this population control suggestion by the UN.

“The U.N. Population Fund acknowledged it had no proof of the effect that population control would have on climate change. “The linkages between population and climate change are in most cases complex and indirect,” the report said.

I couldn’t find that revelation in the BBC report for some odd reason. Wear a condom, save the planet – just some of the UN inspired drivel promoted by the State Broadcaster!


Three cheers for the Met Office, things had gone awfully quiet on climate change recently, hadn’t they?

“Catastrophic climate change could happen with 50 years, five decades earlier than previously predicted, according to a Met Office report.”
The lurid eco-fantasy continues..
“An average global temperature rise of 7.2F (4C), considered a dangerous tipping point, could happen by 2060, causing droughts around the world, sea level rises and the collapse of important ecosystems, it warns.The Arctic could see an increase in temperatures of 28.8F (16C), while parts of sub Saharan Africa and North America would be devastated by an increase in temperature of up to 18F (10C)”
The BBC and the Met Office, two halves of the one eco coin.


Oh, I just love the bias that riddles this report!

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is visiting the Arctic Circle in Norway to draw attention to the need for action at climate change talks in December. Mr Ban said it was “absolutely crucial” that world leaders took united action. In December, leaders must agree on a successor to the Kyoto Protocol for cutting carbon emissions, which are believed to cause global warming. Scientists warn that the results of climate change could be catastrophic if greenhouse gas production is unchecked.

Erm, no. First of all, some believe carbon emissions cause global warming despite the evidence that they don’t. Second, some tenured scientists advocate the alarmism the BBC highlights, others don’t. For some reason, the BBC pushes just one side of the debate. Read the rest of this one-sided item and then repeat – the science is settled, we must obey….we are doomed unless we start de-industrialising!