Hi all. As you may know, I am standing for election to the Northern Ireland Assembly in the May 5th poll and pressures mean I must step away from this site for most of the next month or so.  I hope the other writers can keep you provided with copy whilst I am away. I will return.


It’s an odd thing to see yourself the subject of a BBC post. As you can see, I have been selected to fight the East Belfast constituency at the forthcoming general election. The First Minister of the NI Assembly, Peter Robinson, is the sitting MP and has been so for 30 years (Same length of time that Mugabe has been in power) This will mean I have less time to blog here as the pressures would be too great but I can assure you that I still will be posting but maybe not just as prolific!


Just popping in to thank you ALL for your support during 2009! Yes, I know the redesign of the site caused concerns but most have stuck with us and I am delighted with the new team of writers who have made such an impact with some incisive posts in recent months. Most of all, I thank you, dear reader, for clicking the button and coming along here. I do hope you’ve enjoyed the journey in 2009. There has been a record number of posts this year and our aim is to provide you with fresh issues to discuss on the topic of the BBC’s perennial bias. I have had email issues in recent days so if I have not responded to your mails, that’s why! Hope you all have a great evening and see you in 2010!