Defendants in Rochdale grooming trial

I know you have been discussing this on the Open Thread but I wanted to focus on the BBC coverage of the conviction of Nine Muslims in Rochdale for sexual crimes against young girls. For some reason, the BBC sees no reason to point out that they are all Pakistani Muslims, all part of that rich multicultural diaspora.  The Daily Telegraph makes reference to their Pakistani origins and Sky even finds the courage to use the M word!  In fairness to the BBC, the Police and Keith Vaz pile in to point out that this is NOT a race issue. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t? Is it a Islam issue? Seemingly not – or at least that’s not a question the BBC are remotely interested in pursuing.


Now this is a strange report on the BBC.  First the essential detail;

“Seven people have been arrested on suspicion of funding overseas terrorism with money linked to smuggling of the stimulant khat. The Metropolitan Police said six men and a woman were arrested in London, Coventry and Cardiff in early morning raids by counter-terrorism officers.”

That’s quite a number of alleged terrorist supporters. So, what angle does the BBC take? Which terrorist group was getting funded? No idea. Where was this overseas terrorism taking place? Can’t say. However the ace BBC reporters are there to advise that…. Khat is a stimulant favoured by older Somali men. No further line of questioning is pursued. It’s as if the BBC is nimbly dancing by the Islamic elephant in the room, and NOT for the first time.


I happened to catch this interview on Today with Foreign Office minister Chris Bryant on the topic of government trying to prevent forced marriages. He was quick to make it clear that this was not directed towards Islam since Islam did not approve of such brutality. Then Sarah Montague pointed out that 70% of all (known) forced marriage cases involve people of Pakistani origin – a detail which Bryant shrugged off and which Montague promptly let drop. Anyone know what the predominant religion in Pakistan is? If do, give the Today show a call and update them.


Wonder what you make of the news that one of BBC Radio 2’s most popular religious presenters has launched a stinging attack on the BBC suggesting the broadcaster is biased against Christianity.

Don Maclean, 66, who hosted Good Morning Sunday for 16 years, said the broadcaster was ‘keen’ on programmes that attack the Christian church. He said programming chiefs were keen to take a ‘negative angle at every opportunity’ in a way they do not with other faiths like Islam. Mr Maclean said programmes about Anglicanism on the BBC always discuss gay clergy and for Catholicism they always mention paedophiles.

Maclean is simply being honest and since he was on the inside he merely confirms what we see from the outside, don’t you think? The BBC is institutionally anti-Christian and pro-Islam.