Just watched the BBC TV News. The line being retailed is that the mass murder of US soldiers may well lead to even more of that awful Islamophobia that so concerns the State Broadcaster. Even as Major Nidal shouted “Allahu Akbar” and slaughtered the innocent, the BBC has instantly reverted to “Islam is the victim” mode. One of my readers over on A Tangled Web is currently helping treat the injured at Fort Hoods and it is to my shame that I tell him how the British State Broadcaster is doing everything possible to present Nidal as the victim and the real guilty party as the USA.


Martyn Gilleard

So, I’m driving home from the airport at the end of a long day and I turn on the radio to relax. Mistake. I happened upon the first in a new series of File on Four. It was about the terrorist threat we face here in the UK. It was about the extremists that seek to cause mass slaughter. It was about….the “extreme right”.

Intrepid BBC reporter Alan Urry sets it all up by reminding us of those dreadful attacks……on mosques. Then there is the nightmarish English Defence League and their endless provocations. Throw in some Hitler memorabilia, white supremacists and lots of “right-wing” references and the groupthink meme is reinforced.

Now I believe that ALL forms of terrorism need to be tackled in the most vigorous way possible but I find the suggestion in this programme that “extreme right” terrorists constitute the single greatest menace to the UK at this time surreal, Did I imagine 7/7?


OK, I’m hooked on the exciting series of reports on Today from Mike Thomson as he travels around Somalia at our expense. Today Mike asks the question that I am sure we were all wondering; Was life better when the Islamic Courts ran Mogadishu? Answer, yes – for a while. Gotta love it.


Mohammed Rafiq Passwala

“A sex offender deemed to be a danger to women and children has absconded from a psychiatric unit in West Yorkshire. Mohammed Rafiq Passwala did not return to Fieldhead Hospital, near Wakefield, after being given unsupervised leave. Passwala, who was convicted of sex offences in 1996, is described as Asian, 5ft 7in tall, of stocky build with black/grey hair and a full beard.”

“Asian”, eh? Mmmm, I think there’s another word that the BBC appears to have overlooked.



Wonder can you help me this BBC report.

You see it concerns the Scottish badminton team who it seems now feel like “prisoners” in India because the English team has left that land. Why has the English team legged it from the World Championships being held there , you ask? Well, we have to do a little work to find out why! In paragraph three we learn off a “terrorist threat” – how interesting! But who might these terrorists be? (Perhaps those far-right extremists that so concern our Cohesion Minister Shalid Malik?) Well, if you scroll down to the very end of the article the curtain is lifted and we read that it is ……Muslim extremists. Just wondering why that could not have been inserted in the previous 14 paras? Ah well – we must always be sensitive when reporting on the Religion of Peace.


Talk about men at work! I listened to this BBC report this morning concerning the police success in foiling an alleged terrorist attack in Australia. There is a four minute discussion about the aborted terror attack but one pesky aspect of it seems missing. Can you guess what it might be? Let’s see. It concerns four “Australian nationals of Somali and Lebanese descent“. OK. What else? Seems they were planning a suicide attack on an Australian military base. Mmm. OK. Anything other details? Well, it seems that the plot was uncovered when some of the alleged culprits had tried to get a fatwa to justify the attack. A fatwa, eh? So, to summarise a group with links to Somamlia/Lebanon plans a mass terror attack using a fatwa as justification for their planned killing frenzy. Hey – lucky they’re not Muslims….whoops….


I was interested in this report on what a group of Islamic thugs known as Nigeria’s “Taliban”. The bit that caught my eye was the assertion by BBC correspodent Caroline Duffy that “The idea of radical Islamist militants gaining a serious foothold in Nigeria is usually dismissed, because of the strength of local identities and traditions.” Oh really? Dismissed by whom, exactly?

“More importantly, religious uprising occurs because Northern Nigeria has a
tradition of jihadist Islam – that is a kind of Islam that is practiced or
promoted through fighting and violence. Islam came to Northern Nigeria around
11th century But the 1804 Jihad of Sheikh Uttman dan Fodio radicalized Islam. It
foisted on Northern Nigeria a militant form of Islamic faith. It enthroned a
kind of Islam that is promoted and defended with bows and arrows, swords and
cudgels. Jihadist Islam sanctifies violence as an act of faith, as a
demonstration of piety and as a virtuous way of living and of relating with
infidels and with non Islamic faiths or institutions. Jihadist Isalm regard non
believers as ‘enemies’ who should be conquered, converted or subdued by force.
As long as the jihadist Islamic mentality persists in Northern Nigeria,
religious conflict will not cease.Related to the above point is the imposition
of Sharia law. Sharia is the weapon of political and radical Islam. The
imposition of Sharia on most states in Northern Nigeria was marked by widespread
violence, riots and clashes. “


Oh no – looks like those bad Americans have “killed dozens” in north-west Pakistan. Any bets it is another wedding party? Love the way the BBC leaves the nature of the “dozens” allegedly killed vague in the headline. I suppose “killed dozens of our enemies” would be too judgemental?
God forbid the US has taken out dozens of Jihadi vermin before they could try and kill our soldiers…


I’ve covered this issue elsewhere BUT the BBC have chosen to run an item critical of the speech by French President Sarkozy in which he suggested that it would be a good idea to ban the Burqa in France. He sees it as a symbol of oppression and I entirely agree with him. In fact I see it as much more than that – it is a way in which Islam tries to assert its primitive values on our culture, imprisoning women in walking shrouds. Anyway, cue BBC and up pops a human rights lawyer who spends his time fighting cases of Islamophobia in France, to slap down Sarkozy. Naturally no counter-view was allowed. It’s pathetic to see the BBC continually waste our taxes finding new and more exciting ways to excuse the pathology of Islam. Dhimmis to a man.