BBC insights on Islam…

‘Myself and everyone involved in the making of theseshows have nothing but respect for Islam. It is a beautiful religion (that Iindeed studied at University) and one that we’re fully aware of is based firmlyin love and peace.’  Colin Edwards BBCproducer

‘Islam is a vision of umma, of human community to whichis entrusted the trusteeship or stewardship of the planet.  What an ideology for the good of us all if itwere put into living and practical effect!’  John Bowker, broadcast on BBCworld service.

Just two ordinary guys with their own set of values, right?


Not impossible given the love-in between the State Broadcaster and the Ethiopian Jihad poster-boy Binyam Mohammed. I am heartily sick of the way in which the BBC pushes Mr Mohammed, and before him Moazzam Begg, as some sort of doe eyed innocent victims of our bad and evil security services. It seems to me that the BBC avoids asking hard questions of Mohammed and Begg and instead simply uses their grievance as grist to its own mill, always aiming to undermine the moral of our military and our intelligence services. It is maddening the way in which OUR cash is taken and then used by the BBC to promote the notion that all these Jihadists are innocent. Perhaps Binyam will get his own talent show “Simply Come Jihad” in which celebrities travel to distant countries to “find themselves”, then get captured by the evil spawn of the Great Satan, and compete to see who can illicit the most sympathy from a panel of judges.


So, the UK terror threat level is being raised from “substantial” to “severe”, Home Secretary Alan Johnson has said. The BBC faithfully reports,,,,

The new alert level means a terrorist attack is considered “highly likely”. It had stood at substantial since July. It is in response to the perceived increased threat from international terrorism following the failed Detroit airliner bombing on Christmas Day.

Mmm — “international terrorism”? Mmmmm…Detroit airliner bombing?.

Is there a WORD missing? I think it begins with “I…”



So, even as some of us gathered to celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace, the Religion of Peace itself was planning another act of mass murder in our skies. I refer to the aborted “terror attack” (As the BBC puts it) on a Delta flight into Detroit. I notice that the BBC is less than enthusiastic in revealing the background to this Nigerian student at University College London (Where else?) but I am sure that all those top BBC investigative reporters will now be swarming all over this story detailing the terror threat posed by Islamic Nigerian students resident in this country.


Poor old Bishop Venner – he has come running to the BBC to say that he is sorry if anyone has taken offence at his suggestion that the Taliban could be admired. Using the normal political formulation for something that looks like an apology but actually isn’t, he digs the hole deeper by adding…

” It was one small phrase in quite a long interview, and a phrase that simply said you cannot describe everybody under one heading as Taliban as being equally black, equally evil,” he said. “These are human beings and there are some amongst them who could – we don’t know – who could perhaps be people with whom at the end of the day we could do business. “

Moral equivocation is very much at the heart of the BBC agenda and so it must be a dream for them that this clerical clown comes out and praises Jihadists for their devotion to Islam.


I wonder if you noticed the BBC coverage here of the welcome news that an English Court has found a Christian couple who had been accused of “insulting” a Muslim to be innocent? Quite obviously this was another pointless prosecution by the CPS but I notice that twice in the BBC item they repeat the CPS claim that there was sufficient evidence to bring the prosecution. If only the Judge had agreed, eh? I am sure the BBC must be gutted.


I am sure you may have seen this “Tory Muslim Peer pelted with eggs” story. A B-BBC reader points out….

You have to get to the 3rd para before you realise she’s been pelted with eggs by fellow Muslims. It could have been the BNP or EDL or even those equally fascist Zionist Jews. But no… So why not,”Muslim protesters pelt tory peer Warsi with eggs” as a headline?

I suggest that the reason is simple – the dhimmified BBC wants to play down the rampant intolerance of a significant section of Muslims living in Britain.


BBC still worrying about the backlash against Muslims in the US after a Muslim slaughters 13 non-Muslims.

Amid fears of a possible anti-Muslim backlash after the attack, President Obama has stressed the multinational diversity in the US armed forces. “They are Americans of every race, faith, and station. They are Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus and non-believers. “They are descendants of immigrants and immigrants themselves. They reflect the diversity that makes this America,” he said in the aftermath of the shooting.
It must be such a worry. But here’s a thought; Given the number of attacks from “devout” Muslims in the USA since 9/11 perhaps the BBC should investigate what is it that drives such maniacal hatred of fellow Americans from those who embrace Islam.


So, even as the next of kin mourn the loss of their loved ones care of devout Muslim Major Hasan, the BBC ponders “Shooting raises fears for Muslims in US Army.” To be honest, I would have thought the mass murder raises fear of Muslims in US Army. Not quite the same thing and a perspective alien to the BBC,


Wonder what you make of this item on Today this morning.It concerns “militant” Islam’s attack on puppets. That’s right – puppets in Pakistan. Andrew Hosken waxes lyrical about the “great cultural influence”of Islam in Pakistan and then highlights how those who “take an extreme view” of Islam threaten this. However this is in itself a matter of Hosken’s interpretation since there are many who feel that the Jihadisrs themselves operate an ideologically pure form of Islam. There are many tough questions that need to posed concerning Islam but Mr Hosken consistently shies away from doing this.