Talk about men at work! I listened to this BBC report this morning concerning the police success in foiling an alleged terrorist attack in Australia. There is a four minute discussion about the aborted terror attack but one pesky aspect of it seems missing. Can you guess what it might be? Let’s see. It concerns four “Australian nationals of Somali and Lebanese descent“. OK. What else? Seems they were planning a suicide attack on an Australian military base. Mmm. OK. Anything other details? Well, it seems that the plot was uncovered when some of the alleged culprits had tried to get a fatwa to justify the attack. A fatwa, eh? So, to summarise a group with links to Somamlia/Lebanon plans a mass terror attack using a fatwa as justification for their planned killing frenzy. Hey – lucky they’re not Muslims….whoops….


I was interested in this report on what a group of Islamic thugs known as Nigeria’s “Taliban”. The bit that caught my eye was the assertion by BBC correspodent Caroline Duffy that “The idea of radical Islamist militants gaining a serious foothold in Nigeria is usually dismissed, because of the strength of local identities and traditions.” Oh really? Dismissed by whom, exactly?

“More importantly, religious uprising occurs because Northern Nigeria has a
tradition of jihadist Islam – that is a kind of Islam that is practiced or
promoted through fighting and violence. Islam came to Northern Nigeria around
11th century But the 1804 Jihad of Sheikh Uttman dan Fodio radicalized Islam. It
foisted on Northern Nigeria a militant form of Islamic faith. It enthroned a
kind of Islam that is promoted and defended with bows and arrows, swords and
cudgels. Jihadist Islam sanctifies violence as an act of faith, as a
demonstration of piety and as a virtuous way of living and of relating with
infidels and with non Islamic faiths or institutions. Jihadist Isalm regard non
believers as ‘enemies’ who should be conquered, converted or subdued by force.
As long as the jihadist Islamic mentality persists in Northern Nigeria,
religious conflict will not cease.Related to the above point is the imposition
of Sharia law. Sharia is the weapon of political and radical Islam. The
imposition of Sharia on most states in Northern Nigeria was marked by widespread
violence, riots and clashes. “


Oh no – looks like those bad Americans have “killed dozens” in north-west Pakistan. Any bets it is another wedding party? Love the way the BBC leaves the nature of the “dozens” allegedly killed vague in the headline. I suppose “killed dozens of our enemies” would be too judgemental?
God forbid the US has taken out dozens of Jihadi vermin before they could try and kill our soldiers…


I’ve covered this issue elsewhere BUT the BBC have chosen to run an item critical of the speech by French President Sarkozy in which he suggested that it would be a good idea to ban the Burqa in France. He sees it as a symbol of oppression and I entirely agree with him. In fact I see it as much more than that – it is a way in which Islam tries to assert its primitive values on our culture, imprisoning women in walking shrouds. Anyway, cue BBC and up pops a human rights lawyer who spends his time fighting cases of Islamophobia in France, to slap down Sarkozy. Naturally no counter-view was allowed. It’s pathetic to see the BBC continually waste our taxes finding new and more exciting ways to excuse the pathology of Islam. Dhimmis to a man.


My colleague Mike Cunningham over on ATW posted this, I thought I would share it…

having or showing unaffected simplicity of nature or absence of artificiality; unsophisticated; ingenuous.

having or showing a lack of experience, judgment, or information; credulous:She’s so naive she believes everything she reads. He has a very naive attitude toward politics

having or marked by a simple, unaffectedly direct style reflecting little or no formal training or technique:valuable naive 19th-century American portrait paintings.

We were told, courtesy of the Today Programme this morning, that one of the Twelve terror suspects (otherwise categorized as innocent ‘students’ who unfortunately hadn’t completed a day’s study at any legitimate college) who were arrested, (courtesy of the ‘Bob Quick Security Document held up to the camera’ mess) released, re-arrested and told they were to be deported had in fact volunteered to travel back to Pakistan as a protest!

We were also informed that besides the four policemen who accompanied this totally innocent ‘Student’ on the long flight to Islamabad was Mike Wooldridge, a BBC news reporter, and he managed to get an interview with this totally innocent student, and that is the reason for my placing at the top of this post the dictionary definitions for the term ‘Naivety’!

Woold………….”Have you ever been involved with any terrorist planning or activity?”

Pakistani deportee………”I don’t even know what I was charged with! Of course I am innocent, I am simply a student! I have never been involved with any terror groups or planning!”

Woold…………So why are you going back to Pakistan?

Pakistani deportee…………..”As a protest against my life being ruined! I am accused of planning terror attacks, but the police found absolutely no proof. I am labelled an Extremist, and my life in Britain is ended!”

Woold……”Thank you Mr. XXXXX XXXXXX, for confirming what we have always suspected, that all Pakistanis are totally innocent, that all alleged terror attacks in the name of Allah (peace etc……) are totally without foundation, and are actually a plot by the BNP to curry support for their Racist Policies, for which of course the thousands of British voters who voted for the BNP are not actually named as ‘Racists’ but accepted as being ‘Racists’ by both the BBC, as well as all mainstream Politicians and well-known commentators. Thank you for also confirming that everything a Pakistani detainee states is in fact the absolute truth, and is stated as being truthfull without any other tests or confirmatory actions or interviews!

It reminds me of an exchange I had with a Customs Officer on returning to Johannesburg by air.

Customs man………..”Uh, I believe you are in possession of Pornographic material!”

Me……………………….”I absolutely deny that! I don’t even possess a Pornograph!”


Did you share my misfortune in listening to this item on the BBC this morning?

Dhimmi David Miliband was in full flow as he explained how we don’t show enough respect to the Muslim world and that the modernisation afoot in Islam is not being given due recognition. Really? The bit that sickened me MOST was when Miliband got to insert the usual “There’ll never be peace until Israel and Palestinians are reconciled by the former allowing the latter to create their own little terror State” mantra, claiming that on 12 September the world was united in support of the USA. Not in the Palestinian territories, Mr Bean. They danced with joy as the Towers fell, you misrepresenting clown. Furthermore, Mr Bean then adds that he was impressed by Obama declaring that we are not at war with Islam. Fine. But that does not stop a significant section of Islam being at war with us, does it? Miliband gets the softest of rides possible in this interview and I suppose so long as he denies reality then that will continue.


Interesting to hear our old friend Abdal Hakim Murad, Muslim Chaplain at the University of Cambridge back on again Thought for the Day this morning. He’s never off and yet what % of the UK population is Muslim exactly? I have no problem with TFTD providing platforms for all faiths (and indeed for pathologies such as Islam) but it is the frequency with which the ROP gets to broadcast which is alarming in this nominally Christian country – and that’s BEFORE the recent promotion of a Muslim to head up Religious affairs. Allahu akhbar!


Nice to see that Jacqui Smith is politically correct even with those included on the list of those she denies access to Britain. So, for every Jew-hating Hamas extremist, there is a counter- balancing Jewish extremist. For every Islamic maniac, there is a white supremacist or a loony Baptist. All very nice, I must say. I am curious about the inclusion of US radio host Michael Savage on the list. The BBC states that “his views on immigration, Islam, rape and autism have caused great offence in America. “ I thought he was rather popular over there and wondered who exactly he offends that so exercises Ms Smith? Also, I notice that vile creatures such as renowned Islamic cleric Al Qaradawi (Livingstone’s pal) are not on her list and so permitted to come here – wonder could the BBC not investigate such glaring inconsistencies? I suppose investigative journalism only goes so far when there is that tricky Islamic issue lying at the heart of things.


To paraphrase Abba, “tonight the super snooper teams are gonna get you”, if one listens to the new Brown policy of training 60,000 shop and hotel workers “t0 deal” with a terrorist attack. However the thing that struck me – and not for the first time – was how the BBC insists on defining the nature of this terrorist threat; you see it comes from non-violent conservative Muslim groups that teach that Islam is incompatible with Western democracy. Note – not RADICAL Muslim groups, oh no, CONSERVATIVE Muslim groups. Well, here’s the deal then; if these really are conservative groups this implies they teach the essential traditions of Islam which in turn would rather indicate that Islam ITSELF is the threat. Will the BBC run with that idea  or will it instead continue to use the subtlety of language to associate the term conservatism with the worst dregs of radical Islam?


Binyam Mohamed

Binyan Mohamed – that well know “British resident” – must be so thankful for the BBC. Today Al Beeb leads the news cycle with Mr Mohamed’s scurrilous allegations that he would not have faced torture or extraordinary rendition but for British involvement in his case.Modestly, Binyam would also like to see former PM Blair and former US President George Bush put on trial for their crimes. You can understand why he so engages BBC sympathy, can’t you? Anyone surprised that our favourite Ethiopian illegal immigrant chose the BBC to give his first major interview? I wonder how much he was paid for it? Isn’t it disgraceful to see Jihadists getting all this oxygen of publicity care of our license taxes?


The BBC ran their main item today on the situation in Pakistan/Afghanistan. David Miliband was on to waffle about how developments here are putting British lives at risk, but he omitted to share with us that some British muslims are travelling to that region to ensure British lives are put at risk! Miliband seems to think this is an economic and welfare issue – what a dhimmi!


Did you catch this item on Today just after 7.30am discussing the issue of polygamy and Islam? The topic was, correctly in my view, raised by Baroness Warsi, and her view is that in the UK one man should be legally married to one woman. Naturally dark ages Islam finds such concepts difficult but in this lengthy broadcast item by Zubeida Malik, the clear impression given was the mainstream Islam, and all good Imams, oppose polygamy and it is not the way of the Religion of Peace. Total and absolute nonsense. The BBC is prepared to turn truth on its head in order not to offend tender Islamic sensibilities and in this regard, for once, I applaud Warsi for saying that which the BBC dhimmis find untenable — namely that BRITISH law should operate in this United Kingdom, not the tenets of Sharia.



It was a change to hear a GLib-Dem voice other than Vince Cable on Today this morning! The publicity hungry Chris Huhne was interviewed by John Humphrys on the topic of the barring of Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders from the UK. Huhne was, being a good latter-day liberal, all in favour of refusing entry to Mr Wilders. There proceeded a tortuous interview with Humphyrs rightly questioning the logic (or lack of) in what Huhne (and by definition Jacqui Smith and co) are saying. I found Huhne just your average pathetic dhimmi but I felt that Humphyrs could have pressed a bit harder. Did you hear this and if so what is your view of BBC coverage of the jackboot tactic of Ms Smith? I think the BBC know it is an erosion of free speech but they are still dhimmified and so struggle to express any real outrage at this government decision.


It’s fascinating to consider the way in which the BBC covers the news that the Middlesex have re-branded their one day cricket team from “The Crusaders”to “The Panthers”. For some odd reason, there’s been a little bit of news management going on at the BBC. It’s not what they say, it’s what they leave out. Hat-tip to All Seeing Eye.