Anyone catch the BBC’s coverage of this major story?

“Interior Minister Manuel Valls said Tuesday that 1,193 vehicles were burned overnight around the country.  Clashes between police and offenders in the New Year’s Eve took place in the Muslim majority districts in the city of Strasbourg and Mulhouse.  About seven police officers were attacked New Years eve night. Around 1,200 cars were burned by rioting Muslims on the New Year’s Eve in France, where the mass burning cars in the national holidays are kind of tradition among Muslim residents of the disadvantaged suburbs of immigrants. In recent years, the celebration of the New Year and the Bastille Day (July 14) in France is often marked by mass burning cars as well. On the night of January 1, 2010, there were 1,137 thousand cars burned on the night of January 1, 2009 – 1,147 thousand were burned.”

With all those world class journalists eagerly seeking out news, it is curious that these riots just across the Channel seemed to fall below radar? I wonder WHY?


Many years ago, I remember Billy Idol’s Generation X singing about “Wild Youth”. Wonder had he rioting French thugs in mind? I was listening to an item on Today this morning just before 7am concerning riots which have been taking place in various French cities. It seems that in Amiens, around 100 “youths” attacked police, including firing live bullets at them. Other cities like Toulouse and Marseilles seem to have been similarly affected over recent weeks with, yes, more “youths” seeking confrontation with the forces of law and order. The BBC conclude that this is an issue about crime.  Got that, crime? No other issues are involved, thank Allah.


The conviction of the parents of Shafilea Ahmed of her brutal murder  has triggered a debate on the BBC. We will come to that in a moment. But first let’s focus on  what Mr Justice Roderick Evans said as he announced these savages would both serve a minimum of 25 years.

The judge told them: “Your concern about being shamed in your community was greater than the love of your child. The judge told them: “Your concern about being shamed in your community was greater than the love of your child.”

That’s all the BBC tells us. But if you go here, you find a little more detail that for some odd reason the BBC chose not to report. You see the judge also said;

‘What was it that brought you two, her parents, the people who had given her life, to the point of killing her?’ he asked them. ‘You chose to bring up your family in Warrington but your social and cultural attitudes were those of rural Pakistan.

And then this…

‘You wanted your family to live in Pakistan in Warrington. ‘Although she went to local schools, you objected to her socialising with girls from what has been referred to as the white community. You objected to her wearing Western clothes and you objected to her having contact with boys.

In other words just for ONCE a Judge actually called out the Dark Ages mentality of some of those who come here from Pakistan…..and the BBC chooses to ignore it.

Instead, we get THIS nonsense on Today.

“How much do we know about concepts such as ‘honour’ and ‘shame’ which apparently motivate honour killings? “

We don’t need to know anything beyond the fact that it is murder.

We do need to ask what is it about ISLAM that seems to encourage such abominably behaviour. The tribal heartlands of Pakistan and the values of those who live in them have NO place in British culture but if you say this, unambiguously, the BBC throw their hands up in faux horror.

Maybe it would do the BBC better to ponder how many more families are suffering from Pakistan values in modern Britain? Not all cultures are equal – as the terrible murder of this young girl by her own parents demonstrates. Instead of this the BBC looks to convoluted causes and explanations when in fact the motivation is obvious – it’s just uncomfortable for them.


A Biased BBC from Wales angrily writes..

“Suleman Arshad jailed for 16 months for sex related offences against a young girl “He had befriended “a naïve and shy” young woman” Regional paper report here.

Regional BBC website…… Nil.

They link other, lesser, stories about crime (inc 1700 ‘caught’ with no TV Licence)  from the Daily Post website though.”

All about priorities….




Here’s YET another report of an alleged instance of child grooming by “men”;

 “Ten men have been arrested by police on suspicion of committing serious sexual offences following raids across the Bradford district. The arrests were made as part of an ongoing investigation by West Yorkshire Police, which is believed to be linked to sexual grooming. The men, who were arrested when police swooped on Wednesday, have been released on bail pending further inquiries. The investigation is thought to relate to alleged offences against a 14-year-old Keighley girl.”

The BBC seems to have overlooked this one. I wonder why?


Another example of the BBC giving you half the story, plainly seeking to shill for these vile Muslim paedophiles…

From the BBC….

“Men charged with rape and abduction of girl, 13, in Ipswich. Four men have been charged with the abduction of a 13-year-old girl allegedly raped in Suffolk. Three men from east London, aged 28, 31 and 38, along with a 46-year-old Ipswich man, are due to appear before magistrates in Ipswich on Monday.

Police said the men were charged and held in custody over the alleged offences in Ipswich over the past week. The men aged 46 and 28 have each been accused of child abduction and two counts of rape.

The 38-year-old man is charged with child abduction and sexual assault, while the 31-year-old man faces accusations of child abduction and possession of a controlled drug.

 ..AND then, from SKY News

Four Men Charged Over Alleged Abduction

Suffolk Police accuse four men of abducting a 13-year-old girl.

Four men have been charged with offences relating to the alleged abduction of a 13-year-old girl, according to Suffolk Police. Police have issued a statement confirming the arrests. They said Mohamed Sheikh, a 31-year-old of Seaton Point in London, has been charged with a child abduction offence and with possession of a controlled drug.

Surin Uddin, a 28-year-old of St Matthews Row in London, has been charged with two counts of rape against a girl under the age of 16 and one child abduction offence.

Ali Hamza, a 38-year-old of Chingford Road in London, has been charged with sexual assault and a child abduction offence.

Abdul Hammed, a 46-year-old of Wellington Street in Ipswich, has also been charged with two counts of rape against a girl under the age of 16 and one child abduction offence.

The men are due to face Ipswich Magistrates’ Court on Monday. … -abduction

Hat-tip to Bill.


A truly disgusting tale emerged at Burnley Crown Court yesterday concerning the alleged sexual exploitation of a 14 year old girl by a group of “men”. Here’s the link. As ever, the BBC seem petrified of pointing out that this was yet ANOTHER Muslim grooming gang. In demonstrating such wanton cowardice, they do a great disservice to all. If roving gangs of Presbyterians or Roman Catholics were engaging in such depravity the BBC would be ALL over it – but because it’s the Religion of Peace the mute button is swiftly pressed and all we hear about is “men” – most of whom seem to be called Mohammed.


I know we have covered this several times this week but I am coming back to it because the BBC keep coming back to it, so excuse me if you think I am repetitive. I refer, of course, to the deliberate and sustained sanitisation of the British Pakistani Muslim gang that preyed on young white girls. The panellists on BBC Question Time on Thursday night focused on the young girls themselves, bemoaning their  lack of values, their parents lack of control etc. The fact that the gang that preyed on them were ALL Muslim seemed to have no relevance whatsoever and so it has been ever since. (Culture was not responsible, we were told, how about religion then?)

This morning, on Today @8.33am the BBC had the usual “balanced debate” between Shiban Akbar, of Bangladeshi origin speaking for the Muslim Council of Britain and Alyas Karmini, an imam in Bradford. Quite stunning.

The meme is clear; Criticising Islam is forbidden and if gangs of Muslim rapists and sexual groomers roam the country preying on young white girls, well – it’s really OUR fault. Same with female genital mutilation – the BBC is determined to suggest this is a multicultural issue and can’t be laid at the door of the Religion of Peace.

I tend to agree – after all, we allowed our borders to be opened and this savage culture introduced with relative impunity. I just wish the State Broadcaster didn’t facilitate it, do you?


Following in from yesterday’s post about those Pakistani Muslims convicted on grotesque sex crimes against young white girls, I tuned in to Today this morning to see how the BBC would develop this story. It was exactly as feared. They wheeled on the Deputy Children’s Commissioner Sue Berelowitz who explained that the grooming of young girls for sex is a crime going on in every community, not just the Asian community. (7.09am) She was permitted to parrot the official line that this organised grooming of young white girls happens in all faith groups and all ethnicities and it is totally wrong to think this is just an “Asian” or, heaven forbid, Muslim male problem, Phew – that’s alright then. I’m just wondering why the BBC as our State broadcaster seems to spend little time reporting on gangs of marauding Methodists of packs of rampant Presbyterians committing similar vile crimes. The BBC has a dog on this fight – it is out to PROVE that Muslim men do not have a problem here and do no constitute a threat to our society. They will do this despite the evidence that points otherwise.


Defendants in Rochdale grooming trial

I know you have been discussing this on the Open Thread but I wanted to focus on the BBC coverage of the conviction of Nine Muslims in Rochdale for sexual crimes against young girls. For some reason, the BBC sees no reason to point out that they are all Pakistani Muslims, all part of that rich multicultural diaspora.  The Daily Telegraph makes reference to their Pakistani origins and Sky even finds the courage to use the M word!  In fairness to the BBC, the Police and Keith Vaz pile in to point out that this is NOT a race issue. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t? Is it a Islam issue? Seemingly not – or at least that’s not a question the BBC are remotely interested in pursuing.


Interesting to read on the BBC that George Galloway’s victory in Bradford West was partly due to Labour’s failure to connect with..ahem… the Asian community, the shadow home secretary has said.

“Yvette Cooper told the BBC her party had not won over young Asian voters or Muslim women.”

Throughout this BBC article are repeated mentions of these elusive “Asian” voters. In this way, the BBC colludes with Labour in sustaining a faux narrative that this is an “Asian” issue in rather than an energised and organised Islam issue. Maybe that’s why Yvette wants to only engage with “Muslim women”?


Biased BBC contributor Alan asks;

“The Sunday Times has dipped its toes into what could be stormy waters publishing an article that reviews historian Tom Holland’s book on the origins of the Koran….’In the Shadow of the Sword: The Battle for Global Empire and the End of the Ancient World.’

The book is a authoritative and serious dissection of the history of Islam and the origins of the Koran…..and its conclusion will put many noses out of joint with overwhelming evidence that the Koran is, of course, a man made concoction and not the word of a God.

Far from being a harmless tract the Koran clearly inspires and indeed approves violence against non-believers….that is non-Muslims…..and it might be noted that Mohamed Mehra, the jihadi killer in France, told police he was radicalised by reading the Koran whilst in prison.

Religious historian Karen Armstrong denounces the Bible as ‘a dead or irrelevant letter, it is also becoming a toxic arsenal that fuels hatred and sterile polemic.’ ….if so how much more the Koran? and how much more important is it to neutralise such a threat?

What will be telling is the reaction of Muslims to this book. They may ignore it so that as little publicity as possible is generated for it…or Tom Holland could be the next Salman Rushdie.

The BBC has shied away from any criticism or historical or intellectual investigation of the Koran and Islam because, as admitted recently by Mark Thompson, there is the distinct possibility that Muslims will react with violence.

The BBC has in fact scurried down a different route, that of praising everything Islamic from the Empire, scientific achievements, art and even its allegedly ‘Islamic’ curry.

If the BBC feels unable to examine Islam too closely in a critical manner because it fears violence it is strange that it should then alternatively promote it in such a fervent manner as not just ‘acceptable’ but something to be praised and honoured.

The subject is of enormous importance with huge implications which is why the BBC ducks it.

Read More

Tom Holland says: ‘What is interesting about the academic debate is that it is so seismic and yet it has barely been noticed in the world outside academia.’

Seismic is the word.

Islam has a huge and detrimental influence over a vast swathe of the world’s population…it generates enormous amounts of violence in its name…but it also acts as a brake on those societies that under its oppressive dogmas. Science, education, arts, politics and social progress are all suppressed in Islamic countries……unless and until that stranglehold on over 1.5 billion people is broken the world is a worse place and often their lives a misery.

The BBC is just part of the ‘elite’ strata in Western society who refuse to look Islam in the face and admit that it is a threat to our society and the freedoms of thought and action that we enjoy.

In the US the New York Times (the US Guardian) has allowed an advert attacking Christianity…it then refused a similar advert criticising Islam.

The complete refusal of Western media to engage in examining the tenets of Islam and what its Believers are told to believe and act upon commits society to a creeping advance of a doctrine that is implacably opposed to everything those self same ‘Liberals’ tell us they themselves believe in.

We have three options….reform Islam, accept its beliefs and impositions upon us, or expel it.

Whichever option you would choose it would be nice to think that society actually had some form of informed choice about what is being allowed to infiltrate into our society and what this might mean for us who do not wish to ‘submit’ to the joys of Islam….rather than being spoonfed soothing platitudes about the ‘Religion of Peace.’

Unfortunately the BBC has decided for you….any critical analysis of Islam is shelved because of the hurt and distress such disparaging remarks might cause Muslims and the danger of any resultant violence…better that non-Muslims adapt themselves to Islamic believes and give up their own culture than cause any offence or hurt to Muslims.

What will the BBC do with this high profile book?

I would suggest that the likely BBC reaction will be to invite in the slippery Islamist and BBC/Guardian favourite Tariq Ramadan to take the book apart in a dismissive manner suggesting that because Tom Holland is a non-Muslim he cannot possibly understand the subject and probably has a hidden ‘Islamophobic’ agenda and that Islam has always been in constant flux and is even now adapting to the ever changing world and is in the process now of becoming the ‘neo Islam’. Though what Ramadan really means by ‘reform’ is taking Islam back to its pure roots…the true Islam…the Fundamentalist Islam….the Jihadi, Muslim Brotherhood Islam.

The BBC adopts that old possum trick of rolling over and playing dead, hoping that everything will turn out right in the end without any nastiness.

I think possums will soon be extinct.


The print media has been awash in recent weeks with stories concerning the arrest/conviction of gangs of young men who have been involved in the the most vile sexual exploitation of young white girls. Rape, grooming and trafficking are some of the horrendous crimes that police have been investigating and the sheer scale of these incidents will alarm all right thinking people. Which brings us to the BBC and it’s curious reluctance to give these stories the sort of attention they deserve. Might this be related to the awkward detail that the overwhelming number of these cases seem to involve young Muslim men, many of whom seem to be related? Is the BBC scared to ask some tough questions lest it upset the community cohesion and multiculturalism narrative? When I have raised this point before, BBC apologists tell me that the religion of a criminal is irrelevant to the crime and that the media should not report it. But I think this entirely misses the point since in the case of Islam, it may actually be part of the driving force that sustains such abuse and contempt towards girls, especially white girls. Your thoughts?