A B-BBC contributor notes;
“One might remember
all the fake outrage concerning David Starkey’s comments concerning language,
appearance and employability? Oh what a fuss that stirred up. I wonder if this piece from ‘Today’ will be as controversial when it says
essentially the same thing….adapt your language, appearance and attitude to
the circumstances if you want to get on in life…..remarkably, or not, not a
mention of Starkey on the programme….”

‘Zero tolerance on ghetto grammar’

‘The writer and broadcaster Lindsay Johns says street language is part of the
problem of unrest and unemployment among Britain’s youth.  Mr Johns and Michael Williams, who was given support by a south London
mentoring scheme, discuss whether communication could be the key to the UK’s
social problems.’

Interesting to read Starkey’s response to the BBC led Jihad against him here.


Is the staid cosy world of Radio 4 topical comedy really being forced into a tokenistic gesture to fend off criticism of its blatant political bias?

I don’t know how truthful that tweet is but it would be amusing to think that, after all these years, Hardy and pals suddenly found that even their smug little lefty enclave was not beyond the reach of the BBC’s Diversity Strategy with its commitment “to reflect the diversity of the nation accurately and authentically”.

If the “decree” is genuine, it will no doubt be good news for a handful of moderate centre-ground media types who are deemed acceptable enough to fill the role of “right-wing guest” each week (keep your Thursday evenings free, Hugo).

How much more fun to have somebody who really would shake things up. David Starkey, for example. I wonder what Jeremy would have to say about that?

Like most of Hardy’s material – not very original:

From fine upstanding citizen Piers Morgan to lefty R4 Front Row presenter John Wilson, people are queuing up to declare Starkey’s TV career over. A return to radio could be just the thing. The News Quiz should snap him up now. What’s more, Jeremy Hardy would probably boycott the programme. I believe that’s known as win-win.

Let the campaign begin – Starkey for the News Quiz!