A B-BBC reader notes;

“The BBC claims here that the President, Prime Minister and people of the Czech Republic are all against the pact.

“The country’s influential – and Eurosceptic – president, Vaclav Klaus, has already told Mr Necas he will not sign Czech accession to the fiscal compact. So even if the Czech prime minister wanted to join it (he doesn’t), the president would not let him.” “even if the Czech people were in favour of more budgetary oversight from Brussels (they are not), simply organising a referendum could take months, possibly years.”

But then the BBC attributes the rejection to Mr Necas’s Civic Democrats..

 “…who are, like Britain’s Conservatives, deeply divided over Europe. Like the Tories, the Civic Democrats are plagued by a right-wing, viscerally Eurosceptic fringe.”

I don’t know if what they say about Czech politics is accurate or not, but I do know that opinion polls show a clear and consistent majority of Britons opposed to the EU. To the BBC however MPs who represent the majority constitute a plague and visceral fringe. The BBC’s choice of phrasing tells you everything you need to know about where they are coming from on the EU issue. They don’t seem to be at all aware that their blind obedience to the Brussels agenda shows that it is they who form the visceral fringe of opinion.”