The Telegraph reports on a forthcoming BBC drama which promises us “a graphic murder, homosexual sex and the exorcism of Mother Teresa.”

“The series depicts a man possessed by the devil and being skinned alive in a gay sauna. Another episode shows a father threatening to sexually assault his daughter while in another, Mother Teresa is seen on her death bed. In other scenes blood drips from the eyes of those supposed to be possessed by the Devil. The series, called Apparitions, was the idea of the actor Martin Shaw, who also stars in it as a Roman Catholic priest. ”

When it comes to Christianity – plus ca change? Still waiting for the BBC drama series which challenges Islam. That one seems to be delayed for some reason….


Did you by chance catch the BBC new drama series “Bonekickers” which started a six episode run last night? What a hoot! We had a set of archaeologists led by the undeniably feisty Julie Graham investigating “mysteries of the past.” This quickly turned into a laughable plot which revolved around white psychotic Christians seeking to rid Britain of all other religions. This culminated in the beheading of a Muslim by one of these crazed right wing Christian types. Got to hand it to the BBC – they sure have their finger on reality.


How interesting to read that the BBC is to screen a new drama about the final week in the life of Jesus Christ which appears to exonerate Judas and Pontius Pilate. Producers of The Passion have portrayed the men in a sympathetic light because they believe they have been “very harshly judged” by history. A BBC spokesman said:”We are not seeking to subvert or rewrite the Gospel narrative – we are just retelling it to bring it alive for a contemporary audience.” Right, so you KNOW that that this is exactly what they are looking to do. However I’m looking forward to these bravehearts in the BBC pitching a drama about the life of Mohammad which implicates him in a paedophile and mass murdering scandal. I mean, it’s not JUST Christianity that the BBC wishes to “take a fresh look at” – is it?