Following on from Nick Robinson’s onslaught against the Conservative Party tonight, (see previous post) I now see that the offensive against Caroline Spelman led by the BBC continues. It alleges that some (un-named) Tory MPs are calling for Pparty chairman Caroline Spelman to be sacked, after further evidence emerged about her payments to her nanny. Mrs Spelman’s secretary complained in 1999 that the Meriden MP was using Parliamentary allowances in this way, BBC Two’s Newsnight has learned. Well, it MUST be true then. Hey, look like we’re gonna party like it’s 1999 again – with the BBC remorselessly pursuing Spelman for her decade old alleged sins whilst the likes of Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper, not to mention the blessed Wendy Alexander, get a sympathetic hearing for their totally understandable financial accounting misunderstandings.


It’s quite amazing that at a moment when the Eurocrats have been thrown into crisis thanks to the actions of our friends the Irish, and when the NuLabour junta seek to remove even more of our hard won liberties through the imposition of the 42 Day Detention Bill, Conservative leader David Cameron takes the opportunity to insist that his “green agenda” is still his pressing concern. As you can imagine, the BBC delight in giving favourable coverage to Cameron’s eco-wackery at this moment and that is why he IS the sort of Conservative that the BBC will do business with. He runs away from tough issues and returns to the soft soap sell of the environmental gospel that plays so well through the BBC . It strikes me that British conservatism has been ratcheted so far to the left thanks to years of Labour triangulation, that if administration on power changed tomorrow we would not notice the real difference. And therein lies why the BBC will settle for Cameron’s mob in the medium term.