Nice Trip?

After vowing to fight antisemitism, but still managing to offend almost everyone with some various so-called gaffes and ill-advised decisions, the Pope’s trip treads a pitfall-riddled path.

There’s plenty of press and internet coverage of a jpost article about the Pope’s hasty exit after an impromptu speech by Sheikh Tayseer Tamimi.

Pope Benedict abruptly got up and left before the end of the event, though not before performing the obligatory ‘handSheikh’
Speculation surrounds the issue, ‘did he or didn’t he?’ that is, walk out deliberately or merely need the gents.

The incident has brought out some virulently anti-Israel bile from readers of the Catholic and other press, supporting the gist of the Sheikh’s rant. These angermongers must be the recipients and consumers of BBC news reporting, simply reacting to tales they have been told.

But on a lighter note, there are also a number of supporters of what the Pope did, if indeed he did it.

So far, on this matter, the BBC remains silent.

Edit Them Pretty

Been watching the Apprentice? I have. Of course it’s all in the editing. A bunch of people are given an impossible task. To do something none of them knows the first thing about in a ridiculously short time, and then being forced to go head to head in the boardroom where the object is to make the other person take the blame for your own incompetence.

We all know from the start that the winner will be the best looking, and the first ones to go will be the unprepossessing ones, and the annoying ones with grating laughs and raucous voices will be kept on for entertainment purposes till they get too gross. The one with a misplaced faith in her own infallibility and a glum expression got fired first.

There’s a parallel with our leaders in there somewhere. I caught Harriet Harpy on the radio rubbishing some proposed Tory policy, presumably the one about inheritance tax. “It’s a tax for millionaires!” she was shrieking. Oh those wicked millionaires, she had to say, because she was supposed to be in the labour party. How ironic that sounded when all her labour colleagues are doing their best to rake in as much as they can via allowances for multiple unnecessary extra homes and all.

Then there’s our new hero Daniel Hannan. What a speech, and without a single teleprompter. What a shame the BBC omitted to show it. It’s the editing you see. Policy. Not newsworthy. Never mind, we all saw it on the internet. Despite his eloquence, his clear fluent delivery, his open features and ringing tones, there still lurks the matter of his fondness for The One. Can such steely powers of judgment have deserted him altogether when apllied to the telegenic one? Oh well we can’t all be perfect.

The most unnerving thing in that clip was the shot of Gordon’s terrible grin. What a haunting image. “Gordon, what was you doin’? You put yourself up for project manager, you’re a total disgrace. You’re fired.”

Imagine the lot of them in the boardroom, all trying to make the other person take the blame for their incompetence because they’ve failed the impossible task they were given that none of them knew the first thing about, with the voters baying for blood and Sir Alan waiting to point.

It’s not a big thing…

But it is irritating that the Beeb consistently reports allegations against those it supports only after they’ve responded to them. So while Obama’s illegal aunt was making headlines in the Sun, Mail, Times, Guardian, Express and over on Channel 4 hours ago, the Beeb only reports once it can lead with Obama’s response: Obama Unaware of Illegal Aunt