The BBC’s ability to wilfully miss the parts of news stories that do not fit in with “the narrative” is always amusing. A Biased BBC reader notes;

“We have headline stories of government cuts damaging Britain’s education by limiting foreign students …Mark Easton labelling it a ‘scathing critique’ and another story about the ‘doubling’ of student debt….and another about teenagers getting lessons in how to get a good night’s sleep…and ‘university funding falling by 12%’…..cuts, cuts, cuts.
….but nowhere can I find a report on the assessment by the OECD that Labour failed miserably to raise educational standards despite pumping in billions of pounds…and in fact conspired to hide the truth by ‘dumbing down’ exams to boost results and that it is the poorest who are suffering ever more.
…actually I nearly missed it, they do mention the OECD’s thoughts on UK education telling us the OECD said…..’Education, too, should be reformed, to focus resources more on disadvantaged children.’ And that’s it as far as I can see.
….nowhere is there a full report on the OECD’s assessment of Osborne’s austerity programme….’the respected international thinktank backed the Chancellor George Osborne’s approach to tackling the deficit.’
The OECD says the UK plans “strike the right balance” between tackling the deficit and supporting “short-term growth”….and encouraged the UK to “stay the course” on its £81 Billion austerity programme. 

The BBC does tell us that the OECD says: ‘The government’s cuts are “ambitious and necessary”.’and then happily quotes Ed Balls…’However Labour’s Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls said he thought the OECD report was further evidence that government economic policy was on the wrong track. “In the real world the evidence is mounting that his reckless plan to cut deeper and faster than any other major economy in the world isn’t working,”‘

Certainly listening to the radio in the past few days you would be forgiven for being entirely ignorant of these views by the OECD which to my knowledge have been kept off the airwaves entirely.
And here we have a BBC reporter asking what’s the point of the Coalition….and a none too subtle call for fewer cuts? Interesting how the BBC reporters always hang on every word one of the two Eds mutter about the economy as if Gospel….
‘Hello, I’m Patrick Burns, the BBC’s Political Editor in the Midlands.
If we are to preserve what remains of our manufacturing base then we cannot afford the worrying evidence of a slow-down at the turn of the year to put our fragile recovery into reverse. That’s exactly what Labour say is made more likely by the Government’s economic policies, “cutting too far and too fast”. Ed Miliband told me during a recent visit to Wolverhampton that Mr Osborne was taking more money out of the economy than was good for private, as well as public sector employers. And he was scathing about ministers’ decision to scrap the Future Jobs Fund which he said would leave too many young people unemployed and claiming benefit instead in work and paying taxes.
The only way George Osborne can prove his critics wrong is by delivering Growth. He wants that ‘G-word’ to redefine the political agenda…
Growth, Growth, Growth not Cuts, Cuts Cuts. ….it’s Growth or Bust: if the economy doesn’t deliver the goods, more and more sceptics inside Parliament as well as outside it will be left wondering what’s been the point of this Coalition.’

Many more will wonder what is the point of the BBC!