Good lord – and just when we thought the anachronism of the license-tax was bad enough, comes the news that Google could be be hit with an online advertising tax to boost the coffers of the BBC, under proposals being discussed by the Government.

“Ministers are considering taxing search engines, download websites and broadband providers to fund public service TV and the roll-out of broadband…”

One more reason to get shot of the totalitarian half-wits in power. I presume there will be black arm bands and solemn music played at the BBC the day hard Labour is thrown out of power by the British people.


Interesting to read that the BBC takes our license tax and then uses it to pay teenagers to brandish guns. “A teenager’s claim that he was paid £50 by a “fixer” to brandish guns on the BBC’s Panorama programme is to be investigated by Merseyside Police. The 17-year-old was filmed assembling a shotgun for the programme about guns and gang culture on Merseyside. On Friday, Liverpool Crown Court heard he was paid by a leading figure in the Marsh Gang to show off the weapon. A Merseyside Police spokeswoman said they were investigating whether they could identify those involved. Jason Smith, defending the youth, said: “The defence contention is not that he was paid directly by the Panorama film producers, but he was paid money by an intermediary who had been paid money to fix it on their behalf.” The stated mission of the BBC is “to inform, educate and entertain” but I didn’t realise that funding gangsters was all part of this rich tapestry!