For years now, the BBC has been a proud champion of the left wing political view that Guantanamo Bay must be closed and that the majority of those interned there are innocents whose only crime was to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. B-BBC readers will recall how the BBC has helped turn “Brit” Binyam Mohammed into a virtual hero after his release from that place. Of course it is a tad tricky for the BBC when it turns out that some of those released from Gitmo then revert to type and rejoin the Jihad ranks from which they came so I was interested to listen to Owen Bennett Jones report @ 7.37am this morning on the pesky problem of those Yemeni Jihad enthusiasts. I was amazed at the bit in which he reaped praise on the Saudis for the great job they do in turning Islamists away from Jihad. I wonder has he ever heard of Wahhabism and it’s central role in the promulgation of global jihad?


OK, so it’s not the lead story and indeed one has to click across from the main newspage to even see it. I refer to the item curiously entitled “UK Muslim guilty of planning attack”. Mmmm – a tad innocuous but curiosity got the better of me so I went over and discovered that the actual story is that several Muslims have been convicted of planning mass murder over the Atlantic. So, “Jihad horror averted” might have been more accurate, or perhaps “Muslim plot to murder hundreds of British people”……but I guess “UK Muslim guilty of planning attack” fits the bill for the BBC.


So,”three men” have been convicted of plotting to kill thousands of people by blowing up planes from London to North America with home-made liquid bombs. Home Secretary Alan Johnson says that “This case reaffirms that we face a real and serious threat from terrorism.” Interesting piece of analysis from the BBC but I think something is missing….


Watching Nicky Campbell’s Big Question debate whether we should ban the burqa. (Short answer; Yes!) Campbell keeps referring to “The Prophet”. Which prophet is that? Does he refer to Christ as “The Saviour.” Naturally there is a Burqa clad babe in the front row. Yvonne Ridley on to help defend Burqa.

Caving In. Part 2.

On the subject of caving in to pro-Palestinian pressure, something unusual appeared in the Independent yesterday. A letter from film director Gary Sinyor, recipient of the award for Best British Film from the EIFF 1992 for his film “Leon the Pig Farmer” (Do read it all)

He explains eloquently why Ken Loach was wrong to threaten the Edinburgh International Film Festival, forcing them to hand back the £300 sponsorship money from Israel…… or else.

“To repress the freedom of a film festival, to blackmail it, because it has accepted £300 from a government body to fly over a film-maker is petty and outrageous.[…..] “to acquiesce to this blackmail is more outrageous still. [……..] “To be seen to give in to extremists is simply not an option.”

Amen to that.
Meanwhile, back at the BBC, they’re still promoting Loach’s latest film.

Caving in to this sort of pressure seems to be the order of the day, and sad to say, the BBC’s twin habits of doing that and vilifying Israel epitomise the downward spiral we’re in.

£30,000 Question

There seems to be some confusion as to whether £30,000, an apology, or just an offer of an apology is on the table, but it does appear that the Muslim Council of Britain has demanded one or all of these from the BBC, and that the BBC has acquiesced.
Certain remarks were made by Charles Moore when he was a panellist on Question Time that the MCB consider a slur. His remarks were very similar to those made in a letter from Hazel Blears to the Guardian which she is not apologising for, and which seem to substantiate Mr Moore’s remarks.

This news raises ‘Many Questions’, for example:
Why didn’t the MCB make as much fuss over the disgraceful demo in Luton as they’re doing over the ‘slur?’
Or: Will any criticism of the ROP soon be made illegal?