Start the Week Thread 8 June 2020

Do you notice the BBC has obsessions ? One obsession is Dominic Cummings . Now it is about ‘ largely peaceful ‘ protests on behalf of a criminal who was killed by american police .
‘Largely peaceful ‘ -by the way – In BBC speak -now means 27 london coppers injured and some hospitalised …. It’s lucky none are ‘largely dead’.


Midweek Thread 3 June 2020

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”. A quote from 1965 which could have been made for this website – if a little over dramatic . It was written by an American – but I bet Martin Luther King would never have thought someone would use it about the BBC ….

Midweek Thread 20 May 2020

Biased BBC news staff regularly fail to give any background details when they introduce their interviewees . So the viewer / listener is often unable to judge what the speakers ‘ agenda might be. This is particularly true when the speaker is of the ‘left ‘ and thus sympathetic to the Biased BBC viewpoint . Those who are ‘introduced ‘of the ‘Right‘ will receive casual BBC hostility . – if you listen /watch – judge for yourself …