Weekend Thread 12 October 2019

Is the watered down version of Brexit coming ? The biased state broadcaster continues to run out Project Fear each day , the Brexit Party is marginalised and Brexit supporters – if they get onto the State Broadcaster – are outnumbered or shut down .
The crucial time is coming – again . Meanwhile hysterical planet savers get a free pass as they screw up other people’s’ lives .

BBC Queshen Time…

was presented by FioBru to an audience which seemed to be a fair mix of left and right, Brexiteers and Remoaners and the sane and insane. The panel was of course unbalanced in favour of lefty Remoaner lunacy, though a bit less unbalanced than usual.

I will think of it as Queshen Time until such time as Fiona Bruce manages to say the word properly more than twice during the show – usually at the beginning and end. And for me she will be FioBru until then because I’m sure that is what I’ll hear if she ever tries to pronounce her name on the show.

Here are some queshens, um, sorry, questions: does FioBru talk like this because she exists in a soapy ‘liberal’-left bubble and it’s hard to talk clearly through it? Or does she race through sentences cheerfully skipping syllables (and sometimes entire words) because the panelists must be encouraged to spout fountains of lefty indoctrination and the hour passes so quickly? Or is it perhaps a bit of both?

I want to be fair and so I will not claim that FioBru frequently interrupted Melanie Phillips and the Iraqi Tory guy because they are not lefties and let the race-baiting Greer woman talk because she is one. It was probably because Phillips and the Tory are both quite verbose while Greer is more succinct. And it needs to be pointed out that FioBru also interrupted that verbose Labour Comrade as she insisted that her Party was a thing of wonder and beauty. It’s quite rare of course for a BBC personage to turn on her own, but it does happen. I recall that Dimbleby was quite tough at times with devotees of Comrade Corbyn.

Now I would like to see Queshen Time transform itself into a show that accurately reflects the attitudes and concerns of the majority of British people during these troubled times. I’d like to see an EU dictator or two sharing a panel with Farage and another Brexiteer and perhaps Julia Hartley-Brewer, with an audience tilted towards leaving with no deal. The EU dictators would at last be grilled during a BBC show about their arrogance and intent to destroy the sovereignty of member states.

But I realise that is as unlikely as FioBru learning how to enunciate the English language.

Weekend Thread 28 September 2019

This week two BBC TV current affairs presenters have been found to be overtly biased by their own corrupt organisation . Naga manchetty falsely accused President trump of being a racist . Emily Maitliss was found to have ‘bullied’ an interviewee on Newsnight .

It remains to be seen whether this will have any effect on these biased women and whether BBC discipline procedures are of any value at all. To add even more heat – plenty of non white lefty journalists are ganging up on the BBC complaints department

Brexit is becoming even more heated and I’d like to thank everyone contributing to this site for the restraint they are showing as we watch the country being turned into a dictatorship .

Start the Week thread 16 September 2019

Tuesday sees the start of the Supreme Court hearing on Prorogation. I’m guessing it will take a couple of days to hear with a result at the beginning of next week. The outcome may give the Bercow Party – which now has an ‘opposition ‘ majority of 48 – the opportunity to recall Parliament for yet more abuse of Democracy . I’m sure the BBC is enjoying every moment .