Times’ Crossword….Demeaning, Elitist and Divisive


After a long campaign Murdoch’s Times Newspaper has bowed to pressure and decided not to print the Times’ Crossword in the paper any longer…a decision welcomed by campaigners from the ‘No More Times’ Elitist Crosswords’  campaign and MPs.

In an age when intellectually challenging word games became more readily available on the internet, the Times crossword came to be regarded as more of an anachronism. The status of  the Intellectual in society had changed too. To a new generation, it was rather surreal to open a newspaper and see such a self-evidently intellectually elitist pursuit amid stories about Hollyoaks actresses and popstar nymphettes in bed with Premier League footballers.

Campaigner, actor and writer Lucy-Anne Holmes, started the ‘No More Times Elitist Crosswords’ campaign…she said it was a great day for those cowed by the brilliance of others that so often kept them in the shadows and made them feel intellectually inferior.

Elspeth Morris, a cleaner on Virgin Express trains, said she often felt intimidated and demeaned when she came across Times newspapers left on seats with the filled-in crossword uppermost saying that such conspicuous completion of the intellectually demanding puzzle in a public place was tantamount to a hate crime waiving people’s inadequacies in their faces and rubbing their noses in their lack of education and limited natural talent for academic subjects. ..a public humiliation for so many that made them feel they had no place in a society that put such a high value on academic achievement.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan called it a “long-overdue decision”, which “marks a small but significant step towards improving media portrayal of those less intellectually gifted”.

She stated that we must stop celebrating academic achievement if it meant that other people were made to feel inadequate and rather stupid when in the presence of someone doing the Times Crossword especially in public spaces such as trains, or even in the corridors of power, where she understands that it is common practise for Times Crossword aficionados to ostentatiously brandish completed crosswords under the noses of those passing by, relishing in the feelings of inadequacy they were able to generate in less gifted people who couldn’t complete the crossword.

Lucy-Anne Holmes also stated that it was a great day for the intellectually challenged and a victory for society that recognised brains weren’t everything…children should not have to be pressured at school into pursuing academic excellence….school, and society, should be emphasing the softer skills, the arts, the importance of human relationships, cooperation, kindness and tolerance.

Rupert Murdoch Tweeted in response ‘Bollox’ but apparently that was just an answer to 5 across.  He apologised for any confusion.

BBC presenter Jane Garvey was forced to resign when in the course of a programme discussing the issues surrounding the Times Crossword campign she made the fatal mistake of taking sides and uttered the words ‘It’s gone, we hope’ when told the news that the Times had abandoned the crossword.


Actually she said that about the Sun’s Page 3 and its apparent demise.

The BBC seems rather pleased about the news and thinks it is of great importance giving it plenty of coverage.

Didn’t bother raising a few issues that smack of hypocrisy from campaigner Lucy-Anne Holmes who started the ball rolling.

How did she get her big break for her career in writing?…she used to write a blog...about her ‘disastrous love life’….so she objects to objectifying and demeaning pictures of half-naked women but is prepared to lay bare her love life and her feminine issues to titillate the readers.

I was originally an actress, and I came to writing because in 2006 I had a blog, which detailed my largely disastrous love life! Through the blog I was approached by some agents and publishers. One agent said ‘we think you should write a novel!’ So I said ‘ok.’


And her use of makeup, a low cut dress, and the suntan and an alluring publicity photo may induce a certain perception that looks are not unimportant in her life…and maybe, me being ungallant, the lack of a ‘rack’ may indicate other issues with Page 3…..


Lucy-Anne Holmes


She tells us:

You founded the ‘No More Page 3′ campaign, what was your reason behind that?
Well, I bought a copy of ‘The Sun’ newspaper during the Olympics and found I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that the largest female image was the Page 3 image, even though Jessica Ennis had just won her terrific gold medal. I kept thinking ‘what is this saying about a woman’s place in society??’ It’s a national family newspaper and it shows page after page of pictures of men in clothes, doing stuff, ie running the country and achieving in sport and a massive image of a woman standing in their knickers showing her breasts for men. We’re sending out two very different messages about each gender, and kids see the paper, it even gives away free kids toys. What does it teach little girls about where their value lies? What does it teach boys about how to respect women? It’s 2014 if we believe in equality we can’t be showing these pictures in newspapers.


So instead of Page 3 we have a sports star whose success relies not just on some hard work but on a natural gift for running made possible by a body fit enough to do that…in other words a physical talent no different to being born attractive enough to be a pin up.  If a sports person can make a living with their body why not a model?

She cheers on Jessica Ennis but she isn’t running the country, she’s running round a track….so a strange choice of role model in some respects if trying to say women are capable of running blue chip companies and even the country.

And I’m certain the Sun gave Jessica Ennis massive coverage, far more than any Page 3 girl could hope to get.

And finally and most ironically for someone championing feminist issues there’s this:




Chicklit eh?  Go girl!!








No Surprise There Then


Adrian Goldberg has a Jewish father and a Catholic mother…is he Jewish?  No idea…but he is married to a Muslim…..or rather someone who presumably was a Muslim as such marriages between a Muslim girl and a non-believer are forbidden in Islam…unless the non-believer converts to Islam.  So either Goldberg has converted or his wife has given up her faith for love.

Why the family history?

Goldberg himself has raised the issue….his latest programme being introduced with him as having a personal interest in the subject…that of mixed marriages.

You may think this was yet another BBC attempt at social engineering, and you’d be right.  The programme I heard, the second one, the real purpose of the programme seemed to be to highlight and point out the bigotry of Jews and Christians than in being really concerned about the difficulties in a ‘mixed marriage’.

The subtext of the programme was intended to tell us that it is not just Muslims who are intolerant and bigoted….so stop worrying about Islam and the Islamisation of Europe.

Now Muslims didn’t get a mention…but you know that is the message we are meant to take away…hence the importance of Goldberg’s identity and marriage….he has a horse in this race…a Trojan Horse.

Think not?  Goldberg is well known as an anti-EDL campaigner writing articles against them and for campaigning to ban them from Birmingham…so much for democracy and freedom of expression.


Birmingham,The Stirrer, Black Country


Here he is in ‘The Stirrer’…a journal he started and edited until he went back to work for the BBC when he declared such an interest was incompatible with his new job….however, of course, he still holds those views.


How ironic that plans for a proposed new mosque in Dudley were withdrawn on the same day as four protesters from the English Defence League staged a rooftop protest on the site. Stirrer editor Adrian Goldberg argues that while the decision was pragmatic, it was also a bad day for tolerance.

They appear to be not just anti-Jihadist, but anti-Islamic, and having scented blood can now be expected to step up their protests against wider expressions of the faith, not just its violent fringe elements.

The pressure they exerted in Dudley helped persuade a respectable religious community to dramatically change its plans despite having the full weight of the law behind it – and their climbdown had the collusion of supposedly respectable mainstream politicians.

We should all mourn the decision and fear the consequences.

At stake is nothing less than freedom of worship and expression – English values which the English Defence League appears not to value.


Goldberg joined forces with Islamist Respect politician Salma Yaqoob to ban the EDL from Brimingham…here he is pressing his point home….


Adrian Goldberg, Khalid Mahmood MP and John Hemming MP also attended the public meeting calling for an EDL ban.

Adrian Goldberg, Khalid Mahmood MP and John Hemming MP also attended the public meeting calling for an EDL ban. Pic: John Tyrrell



Just so we know who’s behind the mike and what they really think on these issues when interviewing others on the subject.






D-Day On The BBC


Tuesday was Democracy Day on the BBC…no doubt they are glad that’s all over and they can get back to ignoring the plebs and their ignorant, working class ideas that threaten the nice status quo of the liberallatti.


Today gave its last half hour over to the ever present Professor Michael Sandel, the BBC’s philosopher of choice.

Not a huge amount of startling interest or originality….and a notable absence of comment on the Media’s role in democracy….only at the end did we get a comment that might suggest the importance of that Media role,  Sandel saying …

‘Democracy is listening to people with views of which we disagree’


Which is ironic given the BBC’s role in closing down genuine debate on immigration, climate change, Europe and Islam.

An irony reinforced immediately in the following programme in which Nick Robinson set out to do a bit of a hatchet job on Nigel Farage.

Robinson seemed intent on undermining Farage whilst at the same time asking if we can have a meaningful democracy that truly represents the many and not just the few….so undermine UKIP whilst talking about ‘meaningful democracy’…then he raises the memory of The  Peterloo Massacre (Manchester”s equivalent of Tianamen Square apparently)  and those who lost their lives fighting for democracy…..the same sort of people who marched with the EDL of course.

‘A powerful call for action’ Robinson says…bringing on Owen Jones to let us know where we are going wrong today….bankers and bosses of course….then Harriet Harman and Caroline Lucas….no prizes for guessing what they say.

The Greens, Robinson tells us, and ‘others’, are offering us a new politics….hmmm…isn’t it UKIP who are really challenging the consensus….the consensus about immigration and Europe which the other parties have agreed to carry on regardless of the population’s views…even denying them a say in a referendum….the only two issues that are of major interest to the Public aside from the economy which is not an issue that people look to UKIP to sort out.

Robinson tells us that political elite have ignored the widespread and legitimate concerns about immigration…..just politicians?  They have been able to ignore the issues because major elements of the Media have allowed them to do so.

The we get to UKIP….a ‘protest party’ says Robinson, dismissing them as a flash in the pan.

Professor Matthew Flinders is brought on to tell us of ‘Amazon politics’….individual, consumerised politics…politics acting like a market due to over-expectation of what can be delivered and how quickly by politicians…a politics that can only fail.  Identity politics and special interest groups demanding their own agendas that are totally incompatible with a fair society be adopted without compromise.

Who is to blame for that though?  Robinson suggests it is the politicians themselves….hang on though….it is the BBC especially that day in day out brings us individual cases of complaint about welfare, the NHS, cuts to council funding and so on…..the BBC forces politicians to run around trying to respond to these high profile cases which are so often backed up by highly politicised single issue campaign groups that have only one target and have no regard for how other seerviuces or budgest are effected by their demands.  The BBC is a world leader in encouraging highly divisive  identity politics.

Farage says proper debate on politics is impossible due to the Media’s role in presenting debate as a war with parties split asunder by rifts and arguments….it puts people off politics and makes media interviews impossible….an argument even the BBC has had itself recently.

Despite what Farage said Robinson ignores that and dodges the Media’s role in distorting how politics plays out when he suggests that it is the professionalisation of politics that has led to politics becoming like a market place and the public alienated from it.

Farage mentions a debate UKIP had about the NHS and how it might have to be funded in future given its problems….Farage arguing, and losing the argument, for an insurance based system.

Farage says that the debate is now presented as a split, as ‘something dreadful happended’ within UKIP….but no, what happened was they had a debate and a vote.

Robinson totally ignores that and indeed ploughs straight on suggesting this was a disaster, that Farage had lost the ‘courage of his convictions’ and that UKIP’s ‘apparent’ new line being they love the NHS…Robinson being once again dismissive of the UKIP policy, suggesting it’s a bit of a fraud….doing exactly what Farage complained of…hyping debate as ‘something dreadful’ in the party.

He says to Farage ‘Your real belief about health systems…‘….showing Robinson hasn’t listened….we know what Farage’s ‘real belief’ is…but he lost the debate and UKIP’s policy is to support the NHS…so Farage’s ‘real belief’ is unimportant….no mention from Robinson of this:

NHS may be forced to abandon free healthcare for all, says Britain’s top doctor as he warns service needs radical change


Robinson’s approach demonstrates Farage’s point perfectly…the Media are determined to ignore what really happens and look for a more dramatic story with attention getting headlines that reveal apparent infighting in a party…especially UKIP…regardless of the truth….Robinson instead of acknowledging that a debate had taken place and a decision made based upon that debate decided that Farage had ‘bottled it’ and suggests that Farage doesn’t ‘love the NHS’...which as we all know is obligatory….truth is Farage was outvoted by his colleagues so his personal beliefs are unimportant in regard to UKIP, or at least in the way that Robinson is trying to protray them….it also explodes the myth of the ‘one man party’ …UKIP obviously not dominated by Farage if he can lose such an important debate.

Robinson ends with sly and irrelevant dig saying that Farage, not UKIP, still believes that the NHS cannot survive in its present form…a view, Robinson tells us, that ‘wasn’t put before the voters of Rochester and Strood.’ ….Robinson is trying to imply that UKIP isn’t being honest…when in fact it is Robinson who isn’t being honest….why would it be out to the voters when it isn’t the policy?

Robinson goes on to try and undermine UKIP’s message that they can bring some powers back to Britain and have some control over its destiny.  Robinson suggests that no government has any power…and therefore you might conclude, UKIP’s policy is just so much hot air and unachievable dreams….so no point in voting for them.


Eseentially rather than discussing democracy and UKIP’s issues with it Robinson seemed purely intent on raising things they said for the purpose of then trying to rubbish them and UKIP…..implying, as said above…no need to vote for this lot.


So much for the BBC’s Democracy Day…..intent only it seems on reinforcing the same old status quo, or if a new party has to come up through the ranks let it be the Greens who seem to get an easy ride and a warm welcome on the BBC.

Maybe an indication of that is a discussion that was going on on one programme, I forget which, when someone said that no political party was increasing its membership….the BBC presenter came back to that later, such was her interest, and said that this wasn’t true…the Greens were increasing their membership..and oh yes..so were the SNP.

Curious that a BBC presenter should automatically prefer to talk about the Greens, or the SNP, rather than UKIP which is also increasing its membership and is, politically, the dominant, game changing party at present……..and no doubt some of the Green’s success in getting more recruits recently has more to do with the likes of the BBC giving them far more positive airtime than before….Caroline Lucas is hardly off the radio at the moment and party membership has leapt from under 30,000 in December to over 44,000 in a few weeks…far from me to be sceptical but can’t help thinking there’s a lot more to that ‘success’ than meets the eye.

Perhaps some at the BBC see the Greens as a potential block on UKIP and therefore aim to give them a boost…if they can get enough votes they might disrupt a UKIP run and maybe stop UKIP from holding the balance of power and prevent  the ‘nightmare’ of UKIP in a possibly forced coalition government with the Tories, political necessity overtaking Cameron’s hatred of them…ala the Tory antipathy towards the LibDems…..maybe Labour can slip in then and take power, perhaps with a Green aliance.

It is certainly the Tory ploy to stop UKIP by getting more people to vote Green…‘voting Green risks letting in the Tories’…..

The Tories have also been helpful. “Dear old Cameron, God bless his cotton socks, said we should be in the debates, and put all the Tory bloggers – and the Sun – on our side! It’s made all the difference for us.”


Far too cynical, no one at the BBC would ever dream of interfering in the political process in such a way.










Islamic ‘Institutional’ Homophobia? Not On The BBC



Images from ISIS purport to show two men being thrown from a tall building in Nineveh, Syria- their crime was being gay



Have you seen the reports of ISIS executing people for being gay?  Not on the BBC….nor it might be added has the caring Media Hasan made any comment despite his opportunistic and disengenuous little tweet here:


mh  gays  not


And he is outraged at blood being spilled in the name of the prophet….

bbc  qt tweet  hasan


….Just, it seems, not ‘gay blood’.

Perhaps he’s not got over his youthful homophobia….

As a Muslim, I struggle with the idea of homosexuality


I’m sure he’s on his knees right now praying for gay people.

Still, good to see the BBC still have room for the odd comic charlatan to bring a bit of light relief to Question Time….no time though to report on the horrific killings of these gay people.  Why not?

Hasan gets a free ride on the BBC.  Outside the BBC he has a reputation for hypocrisy and lies as well as for his Islamist rants denouncing the Kafir.  About time the BBC did some due diligence and started to question just what does Hasan really believe as a devout, fully believing Muslim and allow people to see him for what he really is rather than letting him pose as the reasonable voice of the ‘alienated’ Muslim community…and think about this…Hasan is a Shi’ite…Shias do produce images of Muhammed….so his public stance against the cartoons is pure show biz…or blatant hypocrisy and political opportunism…..




When it suits the BBC doesn’t like to raise difficult subjects if it shows their favoured groups in a bad light…remember when Hamas slaughtered Fatah members in Gaza, some thrown off buildings?  The BBC dismissed the massacre as Hamas merely ‘flushing out the corrupt and violent Fatah’.  


Then there is this guy, long time convert, Dr Abdal Hakim Murad…what does a respected Islamic scholar have to say about homosexuality?:

“INEXPLICABLE ABERRATION”: Cam Lecturer Slates Homosexuality
1st May 2013
Divinity Faculty lecturer Tim Winter labels homosexuality an “inexplicable aberration” in a hastily removed YouTube video.
An eight-minute clip of [Dr Abdal Hakim Murad] ‘Tim Winter’, a Cambridge lecturer and a Director of Studies at Wolfson College, has gone viral on Facebook after he referred to homosexuality as an “inexplicable aberration”

The clip appears to have been taken from his recent DVD, Al-Ghazali on Disciplining the Soul, in which Winter, a practicing Sufi Muslim, discusses at length the Sharia’s  “emphatic, unqualified condemnation and prohibition of all forms of homosexual behaviour”.

From the Daily Mail:

Drawing from the Sharia but expressing his own personal opinion, Winter, also known as Abdal Hakim Murad, refers to homosexuality as a “denial of [our] manifest creative purpose”, labelling it the “ultimate inversion”.
He goes on to refer to homosexuals as “ignorant people…[who] don’t understand what their bodies are for”.
He adds, “How ignorant can you get? Even the animals know”.

[He said] homosexual acts were an ‘extreme defiance of Allah’.
He went on to compare gay people to smokers, affirming that practising homosexuality is more dangerous than smoking.
‘There is a great war against cigarette smoking but there is no campaign at all against the vice of the people of Lut [ie people of Sodom, or homosexuals]’



The good Dr Abdal Hakim Murad also, of course, has something to say about recent events…apparently the killing of cartoonists who offend him and his fellow ideologists is, well, uncontroversial…but sanctioned by, not the Koran, but the Bible!…

Scorning the Prophet goes beyond free speech – it’s an act of violence


He invokes the Bible, it’s second Commandment, as a defence for the killers….

Muslims believe in every jot and tittle of the Second Commandment. We are to make no graven images of any living thing, irrespective of whether such images might or might not lure the unwary into idolatry. Orthodox Judaism and many Protestant churches have been similarly direct in following this biblical injunction.


Funny thing…can’t find any mention of the second Commandment in the Koran….indeed no injunction on making graven images of the prophet at all.

It is an irony that a Muslim has to invoke the Bible to defend Islam…and telling porkies in the process to do so…..below are the verses in the Koran that mention the Ten Commandments…or rather some of the Commandments…notably missing is the second one….

The Quran speaks of them in verses 6:151-153 and verses 17:23-39….it commands you to worship one God only but it says nothing about graven images.  Sorry about that.

Now Muslims may or may not ‘ believe in every jot and tittle of the Second Commandment’  but it ain’t in the Koran.

Ironically the Islamic scholar that he is dismisses the murders as…‘ the acts of criminals with troubled pasts and little religious knowledge, and have been condemned by a rare show of unity among Muslim leaders in France and worldwide. ‘  Can’t say much for his own knowledge.

But, again, ironically,  he says this…‘ it would be easy to dismiss this as yet another tragic case of fringe elements trampling on the teachings of the mosques.’

And yet that is exactly what he does.

And then he really gets on the victim bandwagon telling us that the cartoons were outrageous, an act of war he implies,  just another log on the fire stoked under long suffering Muslims by rampant Islamophobes who stalk Europe hunting down Muslims…

It was received, and rightly so, as a deliberate insult to an already maligned and vulnerable community.

Mosque burnings and a raft of legal disadvantages are increasingly a fact of life for Muslims in Europe.


er..hang on…who just killed 10 cartoonists and 4 Jews, and 3 police officers?  And just where do the Jews fit into this ‘rampant Islamophobic’ atmosphere that needs such a violent response from Muslims?  What exactly did those Jews do to French Muslims?  Oh, you know what, he doesn’t mention them at all.

Here’s the funny equation….Muslims launch terrorist attacks on Europe in the name of Allah, the response by Charlie Hebdo is to draw some cartoons….the Muslims claim this is Islamophobic and kill them.  Islamic scholar implies this is justified and complains of endemic Islamophobia.  Fair one.

Sorry don’t quite see where Islamophobia fits in….it isn’t as if criticisms of Islam, this alleged Islamophobia, came from nowhere …it arose as a response to Islamic terror.  Is it not merely a justified questioning of an ideology that patently is at the heart of so much violence around the world?  ‘Islamophobia’ is the ‘backlash’ to Muslim anti-Western attacks.  If it is OK for Muslims to kill 10 cartoonists as a ‘backlash’  for some drawings then it is OK to do a bit of Islamophobic backlashing for the murders no?  That’s the logic….and remember, most of this so-called Islamophobia is in fact entirely peaceful articles and news reports looking at the terrorism and the ideology that spawned it.  Murad thinks Muslim ‘anger’ justifies their actions but anyone elses anger is unreasonable and some sort of hate crime.

Murad then goes full tilt [Remember this is the guy who said Gays were a perverse aberration, lower than animals] making out Muslims are the ‘new Jews’…how ironic..when Muslims just killed Jews for being Jewish:

Scorn towards despised minorities is a hazardous business. During the days of Nazi terror, cartoons supplied a key weapon of anti-Jewish polemic. To laugh at the Prophet, the repository of all that Muslims revere and find precious, to reduce him to the level of the scabrous and comedic, is something very different from “free speech” as usually understood. It is a violent act surely conscious of its capacity to cause distress, ratchet up prejudice and damage social cohesion.


Finally he recommends that Muslims launch a war of legal attrition against the secular democracy….the good old Islamist tactic of ‘lawfare’…

It is for the many Muslims who now populate the Inns of Court to discover whether these legal precepts can in practice be used to protect non-Christians from abuse. A series of complex cases would trigger an overdue national and perhaps Europe-wide discussion on the right to protection from hate speech. Not all the lawsuits would succeed, but the community would have shown that it is determined to enjoy the protection of our country’s laws.



One day Muslims will admit the truth and take responsibility for their own action and stop blaming others.

And the BBC will start to raise a few questions themselves about Islam….and perhaps take a more questioning approach to who they invite on as speakers on Question Time.

The BBC is going full tilt themselves with the Muslim grievance narrative…time they drew a breath and started to look at what is being said and who is saying it…and the logic, or lack of logic, behind the claims.

Here is a particularly good example of the genre from ‘Is the BBC biased?’ where Islam isn’t to blame…and of course UKIP manages to be invoked and compared to the Jihadis….!!!!   Is the BBC biased? has many more such examples from recent programmes…have a read and despair.



But before you do have a read of this…..some more ‘context’….

What does Islam say?, as taught by the moderate and respected Yusuf Qaradawi [Ken’s old mate]:


“Whoever you find committing the sin of the people of Lut, kill them, both the one who does it and the one to whom it is done.”
(At-Tirmidhi: 1376)


Sexual Perversion: A Major Sin
We must be aware that in regulating the sexual drive Islam has prohibited not only illicit sexual relations and all ways which lead to them, but also the sexual deviation known as homosexuality. This perverted act is a reversal of the natural order, a corruption of man’s sexuality, and a crime against the rights of females.
The jurists of Islam have held differing opinions concerning the punishment for this abominable practice. Should it be the same as the punishment for fornication, or should both the active and passive participants be put to death?   [This line should be in the text but was cut out ……“How should they both be killed? By the sword? Or by fire? Or by throwing them from a wall?”]  While such punishments may seem cruel, they have been suggested to maintain the purity of the Islamic society and to keep it clean of perverted elements.






And what about the fair sex?  How about that respect we are so often told they get?…


Marital rape?

Your wives are a tillage to you, so go in to your tillage as you will, and send (ahead something) for your souls; and fear Allah and know that you will (one day) meet Him, and give glad tidings to the Believers. (2:223)

Wives are ‘filth’?

It is not a function of religion to define the postures of sexual intercourse. However, a Muslim who fears Allah in his relationship with his wife and possesses the certainty that he will meet Him avoids the anus because the Prophet (peace be on him) said, “Do not approach women from the anus.” (Reported by Ahmad, al-Tirmidhi, al-Nisai, and Ibn Majah.)
Again, he referred to such an act as “minor sodomy.” (Reported by Ahmad and al-Nisai.) A woman of the Ansar asked him concerning vaginal intercourse from the back; he then recited to her, ‘Your wives are a filth to you, so go in to your filth as you will,’ but with only one receptacle.

Obey the Master

Because of his natural ability and his responsibility for providing for his family, the man is the head of the house and of the family. He is entitled to the obedience and cooperation of his wife, and accordingly it is not permissible for her to rebel against his authority, causing disruption. Without a captain the ship of the household will flounder and sink. If the husband senses that feelings of disobedience and rebelliousness are rising against him in his wife, he should try his best to rectify her attitude by kind words, gentle persuasion, and reasoning with her. If this is not helpful, he should sleep apart from her, trying to awaken her agreeable feminine nature so that serenity may be restored and she may respond to him in a harmonious fashion. If this approach fails, it is permissible for him to beat her lightly with his hands, avoiding her face and other sensitive areas. In no case should he resort to using a stick or any other instrument which might cause pain and injury.





Donnison Must Be Gutted




The BBC has betrayed the boy blunder down under….he has long campaigned for Hamas denying that they had anything to do with the murder of three Israeli teens.

Seems the BBC doesn’t agree in this report about the Israelis being dragged through the International Criminal Court…..

The Palestinians’ starting point begins a day after the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers, who were subsequently murdered, by Hamas militants in the West Bank on 12 June.


I must assume he has seen the report as it came out yesterday….why has the eagle eyed Donnison not mentioned it and linked to it as per usual with any ‘bad news’ for Israel?





Bury The Bad News



The BBC looks to be letting bad news go under the radar where Labour is concerned.

The Telegraph reports, it’s their top story just now, that Labour activists were told  ‘Don’t mention the economy’ on the doorstep when out campaigning….saying ‘It’s not our strong point.’

The revelation, made at a party conference addressed by Ed Miliband, will heap fresh pressure on the party following claims activists were told not to talk about immigration when canvassing constituents during the election campaign.

Cecil Jenkins, a Labour Party member from Hampstead, asked Mr Miliband, following the leader’s keynote speech at the Fabian Society’s New Year Conference, why the ban on talking to the economy had been introduced.

He told him that local Labour activists have been advised by the London regional party not to talk to voters about the economy “as its not our strong point”.

Mr Jenkins said: “We’ve been told by the London region not to talk about the economy. Can this conceivably be true?”



Here is the BBC’s report of Miliband’s speech…

Ed Miliband accuses David Cameron over pay rise plea


No mention of the unwelcome comments by the Labour activist but the BBC do report, not Miliband running from the debate on the economy, but instead it is the Tories…

‘Running from debates’

Mr Miliband also described the Conservative leader as “running from debates” because “he knows he has failed”.

He joked: “Why did the chicken cross the road? To avoid TV election debates.”

The prime minister has said he won’t take part in the debates ahead of May’s general election unless the Green Party is also included.

Mr Miliband said of the PM: “He is neither proud of his record nor confident of his future.”



So no comment at all about the activists and the economy…when you consider that Labour were planning to avoid talking about immigration on the doorstep and Miliband omitted to mention both immigration and the deficit in his big speech you might have been expecting to see this making the headlines on the BBC, if only to dismiss it….you certainly would if it was the Tories…in fact the BBC have been quick to report the good Lord Patten saying Miliband is the major threat to Cameron in the election….thus ‘bigging up’ Miliband.

I wrote this up well over an hour ago..and the BBC has since updated its ‘Miliband section’ on the  frontpage…but still no sign of this story.

So good news for Miliband, yep, we’ll report that.  Bad news for Miliband, nope, no chance.


The Telegraph also reports this…

Britain’s recovery is proof David Cameron is ‘doing something right’, says Barack Obama

Britain’s economic recovery is evidence that David Cameron “must be doing something right”, Barack Obama has said, in a huge pre-election boost to the Prime Minister.

In what will be seen as an effective endorsement of Mr Cameron, the American President hailed Mr Cameron’s leadership and described him as one of his “closest and most trusted partners in the world”.

His comments, delivered alongside Mr Cameron in the East Room of the White House, will be a major boost to the Prime Minister with less than four months until the general election.



How does the BBC treat news of Obama’s endorsement of Cameron’s economic policies?…just this rather snide comment by Nick Robinson about Cameron and Obama ‘boasting’ about the state of the economy inserted into a report on the trip, all rather low key…

This is the day when the argument about the British economy travels across the Atlantic.

A day on which the UK Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barack Obama have written a joint article in The Times boasting of how they’ve worked closely together to restore economic growth and to improve “living standards” – language which Labour has tried so hard to own and will be frustrated to see the White House sharing with Downing Street.


Any thoughts on why the BBC seems to have downplayed, practically ignored,  this story when it seems to be highly relevant and is good news for the Tories as the Telegraph notes…‘ a major boost to the Prime Minister with less than four months until the general election.’ and considering that Nick Robinson recognises it is bad news for Labour….‘language which Labour has tried so hard to own and will be frustrated to see the White House sharing with Downing Street.‘?






Under The Shadow Of The Sword




Nothing is written…..you are free to choose.


All the events surrounding Charlie Hebdo, the Danish cartoons and Salman Rushdie, Fitna and Theo Van Gogh, and many many more, relate to Islam, the Koran and Muhammed and many Muslims’ ferocious, frenzied and often barabaric refusal to accept any criticism or ridicule for their ideology.


‘Take the lesson of Theo Van Gogh…you will pay with your blood’ British Muslim


They demand respect and a virtual obeyance to their religion from all regardless of others  religious or otherwise beliefs….in effect forcing them to become Muslims by default.

The question that should be asked, but isn’t by the BBC, is on what authority?

The Koran isn’t a revelation from God, but the BBC refuses to explore that, its contents do command its adherents to further the interests of the ideology with force but again the BBC will not countenance that narrative, and the BBC will not question the pedigree of Muhammed…in fact doing the opposite burnishing his reputation with a hagiography which only reinforces the attitudes and actions that bring so much trouble to the world….telling us Muhammed’s life is known in every detail…..when in fact almost nothing is really known about him….Islam was not, as claimed, ‘Born in the full light of history’.






In light of that here is a short look at Islam, some of its claims and the BBC’s refusal to rock the foundations with its irresolute and unconvincing explanations and its apologia for terror.

The BBC and the various apologists for Islam have a little mantra they like to hold tight to…‘There is no compulsion in religion’ ….they tell us this is an Islamic virtue.

Curious that we are now told, even as non-Muslims, that we have to respect this ideology, that we are not allowed to draw any images of the ideology’s prophet on pain of death, forbidden as it is by this religion of peace that compels no one to do, say or believe anything they don’t want to.

However I’d say someone, somewhere was trying to compel non-Believers to prostrate themselves before what is to them, a false God.  Are they being compelled to be ‘Muslim’?  It seems so.  And there-in lies the whole problem with creeping Islamisation…it’s not just the direct threat of violence but the imposed ‘respect’ we have to pay to Islam making us virtual Muslims by default.


And let me remind you of the rank hypocrisy of the Muslim position, theologically speaking, and one that is central to the debate about Muhammed and ‘insulting’ his memory.

Muhammed smashed the idols, the religious icons that represented the Gods other people worshipped.  He didn’t respect them one jot.

For all its talk of respecting the People of the Book Islam has a funny way of showing it….perhaps Muslims are making the mistake of taking the teachings of the Koran, which seems, to say the least, on the whole to not respect the People of the Book and their religion, calling them blasphemers and so on, too seriously.

Muslims say they live by the example of Muhammed, who seems to have attained the forbidden status of a God in Muslim eyes almost up alongside Allah.  If Muhammed’s actions are to be held up as an example then iconoclasm, smashing other people’s idols, must be an accepted part of that.

In other words Charlie Hebdo was acting in accordance with Muslim, or rather Muhammed’s, own behaviour by ‘smashing’ Muhammed and his teachings.

Live by the sword you die by the sword….smash other people’s icons, they can smash yours.

Commentators who thoughtlessly parade the Muslim narrative are in effect setting a very dangerous precedent for the future.


Digging their own graves.

Those who support Muslims’ right to be somewhat more than offended about cartoons depicting Muhammed dig themselves a very big hole for how can they then, should they wish to, take Islam to task for its homophobia, its anti-Semitism, its Christianophobia, its misogyny?  For all these are given divine sanction by the Koran, the Muslim holy book, the veritable, unchangeable word of God. They would be saying the Koran is wrong, that God is wrong.

Blasphemous stuff surely…much more so than merely drawing the prophet.

But just how ‘divine’ is Muhammed and how reliable his booky wooky?  Couldn’t Russell Brand stake a claim to be the new Messiah, his new book the latest revelation?  It is after all as comprehensible as the Koran with just as many conflicting, unresolved issues and unsavoury messages.  Who knows in 600 years he could be a God.  Why not?



The Forging of Islam.

Tom Holland in his book, ‘In The Shadow Of The Sword’, laid out a scholarly case that said Islam is man-made and much of it fabricated in order to provide divine sanction for those coming after Muhammed who would exploit other’s belief for their own ends.

‘The dry rot of fabrication, in short, was endemic throughout the Sunna.’

He tells us not much is really known about Muhammed, indeed hardly anything was set down on paper that mentioned him or ‘Muslims’ until many years after his death.

The idea that anything Muhammed said or did was guided by God and was therefore an example of a just life or the correct way to do things was a license to do anything you liked as long as you could ‘prove’ Muhammed had done it or approved of something similar himself….control the history and define what Muhammed ‘said’ and you’re away…..much as today the BBC et al try to define Islam as ‘The Religion of Peace’…thereby controlling everyone’s response when Muslims launch attacks on things they don’t like….much as the BBC reinterpreted the Koran for its own ends as shown later in this article.
Tom Holland states….

So it was that a novel and fateful message was coined….

‘In the name of God, Muhammed is the Messenger of God.’

The potency of this slogan was self evident.

Not only had Muhammed claimed to be a medium for divine revelation, but he was also safely dead.  Ram home the point that he had authentically been a Messenger of God, and anything that could be attributed to him would perforce have to be accepted by the faithful as a truth descended from heaven.  ‘Those who offend the prophet,’ so it had been revealed to Muhammed ‘ are cursed by God in this life and in the hereafter.’ 

Here for any warlord looking to damn his enemies, was a literal godsend.


And who controls what is written about the past controls the future…

The Ulama, by tightly controlling what went into the history books, were able to propagate an understanding of their own dazzlingly rich and complex civilisation that attributed almost every single thing of value within it to the prophet, and the prophet alone.  There was no question of acknowledging the momentous roles played in the forging of Islam by countless others.
Submission to God was definitely cast as submission to Sunna.


Ironically the last words of Holland’s book are ‘The pen, it seems, is indeed mightier than the sword’.

However Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn tells us that it is the sword that provides the secure environment for those who write or continue to propagate the ‘lie’…propaganda and terror make fine bedfellows…

‘Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence.’


Tom Holland tells us that the Koran was designed as blueprint for conquest and colonisation, it was a device that could be used to claim the authority of God to conquer and plunder the lands as a reward for their efforts on God’s behalf…

‘The Arab tribes had grown much impoverished….the message proclaimed by the prophet, that he had a licence from God to plunder unbelievers, [would  have] met with an enthusiastic uptake.’

Some authority from God for that…

‘It was God who made you [Muslims] inherit their[ non-Muslims] lands, their homes and their wealth.’

or to put it bluntly…

‘Booty belongs to God and His Messenger.’
[ibid 8.1-2]

‘Allah has promised you much booty that you will take [in the future] and has hastened for you this [victory] and withheld the hands of people from you – that it may be a sign for the believers and [that] He may guide you to a straight path.’

When people tell you that Islam is a religion of peace and then back that up with violence to defend that claim, ie cast doubt on its word or insult its Messenger and you will be killed,  and  then use the Koran to sanction the same violence you see the neat little paradox…defending the lie that Islam is not violent by using violence sanctioned by the same lie.
However, Muslims are offended, grievously insulted in fact, by the depiction of their prophet Muhammed in some cartoons.



Charlie Hebdo did not produce cartoons of Muhammed in order to insult or offend Muslims.  They had a point to make, several points in fact, about the religion started so long ago by Muhammed.

They are not nihilists intent only on destroying, the opposite in fact , they intended to reform or to at least encourage the reform of Islam by questioning its less attractive tenets.

‘Out of love for the truth and from desire to elucidate it

Charlie Hebdo could be looked upon as a less reverent Martin Luther who also posted ‘offensive’ writings and got himself excommunicated…

In 31 October 1517, Luther posted the ninety-five theses, which he had composed in Latin, on the door of the church in Wittenberg.

‘Out of love for the truth and from desire to elucidate it, the Reverend Father Martin Luther, Master of Arts and Sacred Theology, and ordinary lecturer therein at Wittenberg, intends to defend the following statements and to dispute on them in that place. Therefore he asks that those who cannot be present and dispute with him orally shall do so in their absence by letter. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.’

Placing his theses on a door as Luther did was emblematic of the paradigmatic shift that took place throughout Europe, where matters of the church became less an internal matter, and more open to extramural debate on issues that had previously been taken as Papal-business only..

Note that last bit where Luther’s theses opened up the Church to debate not just by the Church itself but from without…and changed the world.

It is convenient for the BBC to dodge the whys and wherefores of the cartoon’s meaning and look solely at the alleged ‘offence’ caused just by their existence.    The BBC similarly ducks the real aims of the terrorists who killed the cartoonists…they also are not anarcho nihilists looking to kill for the hell of it.  They have a very determined plan that aims to impose Islam upon Europe and beyond…..the BBC isn’t keen to point that out as it is also the aim of many peaceful, ‘conservative’ Muslims, and non-Muslims may start asking difficult questions to which the answers might be even more difficult to swallow.


The Koran is Blasphemous

Next point is that the Koran is itself a ‘toxic arsenal’ of  blasphemous utterings from a Jewish and Christian point of view.  Throughout its pages it disparages and discredits the Christian faith and its beliefs…here telling us that Christians are ‘blasphemers’, despite having existed long before Islam…..

“They do blaspheme who say: Allah is one of three in a Trinity, for there is no god except One God.” (Qur’an 5:73)


The Koran also denies Christ is the Son of God reducing him to a mere prophet….for obvious reasons…can’t have a Christian ‘Son of God’ who would outrank the Muslim prophet and cast doubt on his ramblings.

And never mind all those exhortations in the Koran about Christians being unbelievers, unclean and unworthy…never mind the commands not to make friends with Jews and Christians, never mind the order to kill the unbelievers and to make Islam reign supreme.

And yet Muslims are apparently offended by a ‘blasphemous’ cartoon!

And why, you have probably asked, is it blasphemous to produce images of Muhammed?

You may well ask.

Supposedly there should be no images of any living thing in Islamic art hence there  are no figurative artworks, just decorative patterns, on Mosques….of course there are many exceptions to the general rule which was  intended to prevent idolatry.

For Muhammed in particular there should be no images thus reducing the temptation to worship him.

This is why the allegedly very unIslamic ISIS give you the Islamic finger….

                 One God, One Religion, One Mosque.


The one mosque refers to the fact that there can be no divisions in Islam, no sects, no different interpretations of Islam…it’s in the Koran……so when someone from the BBC tells you that you cannot group all Muslims into one group, you can, you should.  The BBC are wrong.  There can only be one interpretation of the Koran….hence Shia and Ahmadis are not considered Muslims having left the true religion…hence ISIS (and others) kills them as apostates.

The BBC and many, many others…love to tell us that there is no compulsion of religion in Islam…..certainly you don’t have to convert but there is a price to pay, literally…an ‘infidel’s’ tax to pay for protection from the Muslim ruler…..and then there are the numerous verses that suggest an element of compulsion…

‘Make war on them until idolatry shall cease and God’s religion shall reign supreme’     [8:39]

or this

“If anyone desires a religion other than Islam never will It be accepted of Him”    [3:85]

Pretty conclusive huh?  And then there is God’s wrath at being ignored…

We sent them [the prophets] to those who had denied our signs, and utterly destroyed them.
As for Noah’s people, We drowned them when they denied their apostles and made them an example to all mankind.   [25:34]


So you can choose not to do God’s bidding…but he’ll destroy you, utterly…if he hasn’t drowned you first.

And of course if you wish to leave Islam….good luck with that….

Who has any right to contradict the Prophet of Allah, salla-llahu `alaihi wa-sallam, who says,

“He who reverts from his religion, then kill him”
[as-Silsilah as-Sahihah 487]


And if there is only one God you cannot then worship God and his prophet Muhammed….or the Holy Trinity or Jesus.


Which you might think is somewhat of a paradox.   Muhammed shouldn’t be worshipped and yet he is… Muslims are prepared to kill to defend the Prophet and stop him being ‘insulted’ and Muhammed is the most popular boys name in the UK, undoubtedly a serious case of hero worship.
Here is the hypocritical MCB complaining about the cartoons…by extolling their own very unIslamic worship of Muhammed…

To Defend Our Beloved Prophet, Let Us Exemplify His True Ideals Say Imams

Following the shocking murders in Paris, condemned by Muslims all over the world, and subsequent moves to depict the Prophet Muhammad ? once again, Imams from the UK and abroad have come together to issue the following advice to those concerned about the depiction.

For Muslims, love of the Prophet (  peace be upon him) is a NECESSARY part of our FAITH. He is dearer to us than our parents and children. We prefer him to our own self.


But it isn’t just Muhammed that shouldn’t be drawn or sculpted…or worshipped….none of the prophets should be, including Jesus….something Media Hasan ignores in a blasphemous article in which he declares Jesus was a Muslim…..ironically here he relates a story about Muhammed smashing all the other idols but preserving a picture of Jesus…



The veneration of Jesus by Muslims began during the lifetime of the Prophet of Islam. Perhaps most telling is the story in the classical biographies of Muhammad, who, entering the city of Mecca in triumph in 630AD, proceeded at once to the Kaaba to cleanse the holy shrine of its idols. As he walked around, ordering the destruction of the pictures and statues of the 360 or so pagan deities, he came across a fresco on the wall depicting the Virgin and Child. He is said to have covered it reverently with his cloak and decreed that all other paintings be washed away except that one.


Note that ‘veneration of Jesus’….veneration is worship and that’s blasphemy….as contradictorily Hasan in a later paragraph proves…

‘The Quran castigates Christianity for the widespread practice among its sects of worshipping Jesus and Mary’

And yet he feels he can safely use a picture of Jesus to illustrate his piece….what Hasan doesn’t tell you is that he is a Shia, and Shias frequently portray Muhammed in artwork…as well as the other prophets….is Hasan also ‘offended’ by that?  Clearly not.  Dodgy little fellow.

The story about Muhammed and Jesus’ picture is almost certainly invented, or rather plagiarised from Biblical stories as you will see below.


Others object to the cartoons not just on grounds of blasphemy or ‘insulted feelings’ but because they claim they are racist…here Islamist Myriam Francois-Cerrah suggesting that the drawing is stereotypically ‘hook-nosed’…

Today’s front cover bothers me only in one regard and that is in the racial stereotypes employed in the depiction of the prophet Muhammad, a shorthand here for Arabs and Muslims more broadly. We (thankfully!) wouldn’t accept an image of a hooked-nose Jew, so it is unclear to me why images of hooked-nose Arabs – because forget who the prophet Muhammad is to Muslims, he is an Arab man being depicted in racially stereotypical terms – isn’t more disturbing to others.

Paradoxically Media Hasan complains of  ‘ crude caricatures of bulbous-nosed Arabs’

However, many Arabs are in possession of large or ‘hooked’ noses…and are drawn that way by Arab cartoonists…


That one was drawn by Arab/Brazilian cartoonist Latuff whose work was used by ex-Guardianista Glenn Greenwald in his own tract denouncing Charlie Hebdo as racist for its ‘stereotypes’…an irony perhaps  if a ‘hooked nose’ is racial stereotyping.

Myriam Francois-Cerrah then does a double take after denouncing Charlie Hebdo for publishing cartoons of Muhammed saying this…..

One of my favourite caricatures by Charlie Hebdo was one featuring the prophet Muhammad being beheaded by an extremist. That image perfectly captures the hijacking of the faith by radicals and the truth that Muslims are the primary victims of terrorism and the main target of retaliatory violence.


So, is she insulted or pleased to see the cartoons?…..by her description it shows that Charlie Hebdo were right to raise ‘offensive’ questions and as mentioned above were intent, not an insult, but on reform and genuine satire.


The BBC and Muhammed
Then we get to the BBC…..it reports that the Koran alludes to a ban on images of Allah……

There is no specific, or explicit ban in the Koran on images of Allah or the Prophet Muhammad – be they carved, painted or drawn.
However, chapter 42, verse 11 of the Koran does say: “[Allah is] the originator of the heavens and the earth… [there is] nothing like a likeness of Him.”

This is taken by Muslims to mean that Allah cannot be captured in an image by human hand, such is his beauty and grandeur. To attempt such a thing is seen as an insult to Allah.

The same is believed to apply to Muhammad.


First note that ‘is believed to apply to Muhammed‘…kinda sketchy that…still, worth killing people for…get a good lawyer, Phil Shiner?, and he might be able to swing that in court.

Then there is the rather less than honest cut and paste job of the Koranic verses, selecting parts that suit and missing out those that don’t.

Look at this quote again from the BBC to justify a ban…

Chapter 42, verse 11 of the Koran does say: “[Allah is] the originator of the heavens and the earth… [there is] nothing like a likeness of Him.

There is indeed one interpretation of that verse that says that….

The Originator of the heavens and the earth; He made mates for you from among yourselves, and mates of the cattle too, multiplying you thereby; nothing like a likeness of Him; and He is the Hearing, the Seeing.

However ‘nothing like a likeness of him’ can more sensibly be interpreted as meaning there is no one who compares to God [not Muhammed]……and this is the way that every other interpretation has gone……and there are many of them…..for example…

[He is] Creator of the heavens and the earth. He has made for you from yourselves, mates, and among the cattle, mates; He multiplies you thereby. There is nothing like unto Him, and He is the Hearing, the Seeing.

And some other interpretations all  saying the same:

There is no other like Him

There is nothing whatever like Him

Naught is as His likeness

Nothing is like Him

There is nothing whatever like unto Him

There is nothing whatever like Him

Naught is as His exegesis, (He is beyond all comparison)


The BBC seems to have cherry picked the one verse, out of so many that say different, that could marginally be used to support the Muslim case….however the verse is about Allah not Muhammed, so already a significant degree of separation, and then as I said the verse could more readily be interpreted in the same way other interpretations took it to mean…that there is no one comparable to God.

Why would the BBC do that?


The BBC also quotes this……

Chapter 21, verses 52-54 of the Koran read: “[Abraham] said to his father and his people: ‘What are these images to whose worship you cleave?’ They said: ‘We found our fathers worshipping them.’ He said: ‘Certainly you have been, you and your fathers, in manifest error.'”

What they miss out is the following verse…….

And then he broke those [idols] to pieces, [all] save their supreme god, so that they might [be able to] turn to it.


The BBC takes that ‘in manifest error’ to mean they were wrong to worship the ‘graven images’, thus supporting the idea that graven images are forbidden by the Koran …however that’s not what it means…it means they were wrong to worship those particular Gods…Abraham was saying worship the one true God, his God.


Ironic…arguing that Muhammed should not be shown in figurative form or insulted or abused but illustrate that with a story about other peoples’ gods being smashed because Abraham didn’t like them….it’s OK to smash other’s Gods but not to draw Muhammed.

If iconoclasm was good enough for the ‘Muslim’ Abraham then it must be good enough for other religions too….and atheist cartoonists.

At the end of the day Muslim’s anger at cartoons of Muhammed smacks of the rankest hypocrisy ever ready as they are to blaspheme about other religions and co-opt their prophets and gods for Islam in order to give Islam a back story, some history, some authority and credibility.

The acceptance of this narrative, the refusal to challenge it, the refusal to condemn the violence sanctioned by it, means nothing will change.

The BBC paddles around in the shallow waters of some dissident thought such as when David Goodhart was allowed to voice some very strong criticisms of the religion and the consequences of ignoring the realities of having large communities of people who cleave to the conservative, fundamentalist version of that religion.  But when push comes to shove the BBC quickly backs off and sides with the bigots, the men of violence, the religious fanatics who impose their ideology upon all, Muslim and non-Muslim, at the point of a gun.

But hey, there’s no compulsion in religion…just a lack of backbone in those who should know better.


Others do raise the subject...and, as with the new Lutherans of Charlie Hebdo seek change, a revolution in Islam…a genuine one not the Islamist phoney version peddled by Tariq Ramadan….

At last, on New Year’s Day, the president of Egypt, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, did what no other leader of the Muslim world has done to date: he named Islam’s real enemy.

In a gathering of religious clerics at Cairo’s ancient Al Azhar University, he called for the rescue of Islam from ‘ideology’. His speech was given little coverage in the western press, but it is worth repeating at some length.

‘We are in need of a religious revolution,’ he said. ‘You, imams, are responsible before Allah. The entire world, I say it again, the entire world is waiting for your next move because the Islamic world is being torn, it is being destroyed, it is being lost. And it is being lost by our own hands.’ It is inconceivable, he said, that ‘this thinking — and I am not saying religion — should cause the entire Islamic world to be a source of anxiety, danger, killing and destruction for the rest of the world.’ The remedy, said al-Sisi, was for Islam to recognise and talk about its mutant strain. ‘Religious discourse is the greatest battle and challenge facing the Egyptian people,’ he said. ‘We need a modern, comprehensive understanding of the religion of Islam,’ rather than ‘relying on a discourse that has not changed for 800 years’.

Sisi’s speech is significant because the Islamic world has precious little record of leaders discussing Muslims’ collective responsibility for the toxic ideologies within our midst.





First they came for……


How many of these people were arrested as they peacefully protested in the heart of London?  How many were shot?




What if some small nosed Anglo-Saxon Freedom of Speech fundamentalists (h/t Media Hasan) had shot them all, and a couple of coppers who were protecting their right to free speech?

Any thoughts on what the BBC headlines would be?  What would Tim Wilcox say?



Anyway…here’s a reminder for the media, politicians, police officers and Popes about freedom of speech……