A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Election


Iimpressionist/comedian Rory Bremner tells us in the Sunday Times that…

‘I’m coming for you Cameron’

He went on to say that…

The Coalition has got away with colossal injustice’

He worries about Nigel Farage and the dark side of Boris Johnson…and yet he has nothing to say, in the interview at least, about Labour….sure he mocked ‘New Labour’ long ago…but was that more about their presentation (ala Alastair Campbell) rather than their policies?  It seems he has deep concerns about the Coaliton’s policies…and he is prepared to voice those concerns using his one-off comedy show…on the BBC….‘Rory Bremner’s Coalition Report’.


With a mixture of sketches, stand-up, songs and archive, Rory and the team take on the combined might of Cameron, Clegg and Miliband... and also Nigel Farage.

Perhaps he will do a hatchet job on Miliband’s policies as well…..just as the Now Show does week in week out….or not.

Here they concentrate on Miliband’s presentation not his policies…




Is this appropriate in the run up to an election……a show from someone who obviously has some issues with the Coalition’s policies and looks set to attack them?

As I said appearances count and this might give the appearance of anti-Coalition tendencies at the BBC…although a ‘one-off’ how many more such ‘one-offs’ will we be treated to in the next 94 days and counting?

Does look funny though…Tuesday night, BBC2 10 pm.



Muddy Hasan


Just a quick  note to keep you up to date on the character and intentions of Muddy Hasan who never says a true word when a lie will do in the service of whatever nefarious plot he has on the  go at the moment….always muddying the waters….The Mail saw through him and didn’t require his services, shame the BBC still thinks he’s good value….but then again they still go to rent-a-quote Mo Ansar.


Here’s Muddy in his latest piece of dissembling…

Don’t let the ridiculous smears fool you: Syriza is no party of the radical “far left”

Political language, as George Orwell observed in 1946, is “designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind”. Seven decades later, consider the way in which mildly progressive political leaders are depicted by their right-wing critics.

Then there is Greece, where Syriza’s Alexis Tsipras, a mild-mannered, tieless civil engineer, was sworn in as prime minister on 26 January. Judging by the hysterical tone of the press coverage, you could be forgiven for assuming that the love child of Karl Marx and Che Guevara had been elected to office in Athens.



The clever Muddy Hasan had better remind Syriza that they’ve got it wrong then……




SYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left) entered a new stage in its life and action as a single party after its first (Founding) Congress (10-14 July 2013).


Syriza UK….

Who we are

We are the official London branch of SYRIZA, the Greek Coalition of the Radical Left.



Then again what should we expect from Hasan who tells us, as here in fact, that the BBC is the tool of the Right ‘skewing the debate to the right’.

Syriza, we are told, by everyone from the Mail to the BBC and the Guardian, is a bunch of radicals, revolutionaries and extremists. It’s not centre left; it’s far left……. Is any more evidence needed of how our political debate has become so skewed to the right?



My Neighbour, My Enemy


Just caught a film on BBC News 24 which owed more to the adman’s art than the journalist’s, it being pure propaganda with soft music and images and sentiments designed to induce guilt and sympathy for immigrants.   It was solely designed for one purpose…..to tug on your heart strings and persuade you with a large helping of emotional blackmail to fling open the borders and let the world in.  This was not News, this was something the likes of Michael Moore, Ken Loach or Adam Curtis would be proud of producing…..a very one sided, emotive message based not on reason or anything resembling sense but on a willing suspension of reality and disbelief in the sentimental hope that it will all turn out all right in the end.

Here the film maker, Darius Bazargan, writes it up in back and white, but you have to view it through rose tinted glasses for the full effect….

The huddled masses besieging Fortress Calais


He ends with this ‘plea’ to our better nature….

Mustafa the statistician from Aleppo, on the road with his 10-year-old son Izeddine. Ahmad, a video editor from Kabul. Hussein, an English teacher from southern Iran. And Osman, the engineer from Khartoum.

They know what it is like when the roadblocks go up, when the fires of war get closer every night, or when there is a knock on the door in the middle of the night.

These things happen somewhere in the world every single day of the year, and the fortress port of Calais is a testament to the instinct to flee in search of safety.


The whole is infused with a good dose of mawkish romanticism of the ‘refugee’ escaping from dire circumstances combined with the brute force of rhetoric backed up with the usual BBC clincher…the child in ‘peril’.

As I said not news but pro-immigration propaganda that pays no heed to the realities of life and the consequences of allowing in unhindered, large, unlimited, numbers of immigrants.

Ironically Bazargan says…

It feels as though the realities of the rest of the world are slowly encroaching on a Western European daydream.


Reality isn’t really encroaching in Bazragan though.

The ‘realities of the rest of the world’ have always been there…what’s new is fools like Bazargan who advocate and proselytise for anyone and everyone to come to the UK if they want to.

Which is strange really…Bazargan should know better, after all he made this film about the ‘realities of the world’ in Lebanon where sectarian violence is never far away in a nation divided by politics, religion and tribe…




You can go to any country in the world and film endless stories that are tragic and pitiful, many you could film in the back streets and estates of the Uk…..millions of these stories exist out there in the ‘rest of the world’……billions in fact. Is Bazargan with his sanctimonious and blinkered preaching suggesting we should scoop them all up and bring them here?  Just what does he think would happen?  Where are the BBC programmes exploring the real issues that arise from importing the problems of the world to this small island?

I guess when race riots, bombings and mass murder don’t effect you in your BBC bubble you can afford to be setting yourself up on the moral high ground…but how long will that last?  Importing the world’s rivalries, the world’s sectarianism, the world’s internecine and very vicious fights can only end one way…..





The future of bright sunny uplands?  Nah…more like a war zone with warlords and their private armies running the show…back to the dark ages then…..



The BBC…charged with promoting civil society and social cohesion……lol.





Right-washing The Left



‘Hitler’s Nazi party were national socialists, and therefore technically left wing – but so left wing as to appear right wing in their extreme and racist views. The same can apply to the BNP.’

from the BBC dictionary…ala Orwell


From Teddy Bear in the comments….a BBC reply to someone who complained that they were referring to the BNP as right-wing when they should be called left-wing:


Dear Mr D****

Thanks for your e-mail.

I understand you have concerns with our presenters and reporters referring to the BNP or similar parties as “far-right” when you feel that this description is inaccurate.

I can assure you that we carefully consider the terminology before referring to any organisation or person in our news reports.

The BNP was born out of the National Front – a “national” party, who like many parties purporting to represent the national interests of a particular country, claim themselves to be national socialists. NS is an extremely left wing form of political belief – Hitler’s Nazi party were national socialists, and therefore technically left wing – but so left wing as to appear right wing in their extreme and racist views. The same can apply to the BNP.

I would like to assure you that I’ve registered your feelings about this matter on our audience log. This is the internal report of audience feedback which we compile daily for all programme makers and commissioning executives within the BBC, and also their senior management. It ensures that your points, and all other comments we receive, are circulated and considered across the BBC.

Thank you once again for taking the trouble to share your views with us.

Ross *****
BBC Complaints



As Teddy Bear says ‘you couldn’t make it up’.…but you know what…somebody did!






Why is the BBC giving this herbert more publicity?…….


Muslim broadcaster Mo Ansar

Immigration Street protesters gather outside Channel 4 offices

A group of Southampton residents are protesting outside Channel 4’s headquarters against the pending TV series Immigration Street.

Muslim broadcaster and community activist Mo Ansar, who lives in Southampton and took part in the protest, said the series producers, Love Productions, had been “reckless in their approach”.

He said: “We’ve seen with the Benefits Street programme and the programmes on Gypsy traveller communities that this sensationalist broadcasting results in prejudice.

“Both these communities have had backlashes. It fuels and feeds the far-right.”



A know-nothing self-publicist who will jump on any bandwagon to get himself on the tellyand in the media.

I’m sure we all benefit from his words of wisdom.  Cheers BBC.  Remind me,  just why did so many BBC programmes refuse to have him on?

An yet he’s back.





Fry’s Non-Turkish Delight



Some thoughts on free speech, blasphemy and religion.


Curiously whilst the BBC reports this, Benedict Cumberbatch in call to pardon convicted gay men,  it hasn’t bothered to report the words of one of its favourite sons, Stephen Fry, when he denounced God……off with his head!  And they were pretty keen on his gay marriage after all….Why is Stephen Fry’s decision to get married a major news story for the BBC?




From the Telegraph:

Stephen Fry, a staunch atheist, has launched an impassioned attack on religion, stating that any God who created this universe was “an utter maniac, totally selfish” and “evil”.

The newly married broadcaster was asked what he would do if he found himself at the “pearly gates” after his death.

“I’ll say: bone cancer in children, what’s that about?” he said.

“How dare you. How dare you create a world in which there is such misery that’s not our fault? It’s not right. It’s utterly, utterly evil.

“Why should I respect a capricious, mean-minded, stupid God who creates a world which is so full of injustice and pain?”

Fry was being interviewed for an Irish television show called The Meaning of Life when he launched into an impassioned tirade about God’s existence.

Asked if he thought he would get to heaven, he replied: “No, but I wouldn’t want to. I wouldn’t want to get in on his terms. They’re wrong.

He added: “The God who created this universe, if he created this universe, is quite clearly a maniac, an utter maniac, totally selfish.

“We have to spend our lives on our knees thanking him. What kind of God would do that?

“Yes, the world is very splendid, but it also has in it insects whose whole life cycle is to burrow into the eyes of children and make them blind. Why? Why did you do that to us? It is simply not acceptable.

“Atheism is not just about not believing there’s a god. On the assumption there is one, what kind of God is he? It’s perfectly apparent that was monstrous, utterly monstrous, and deserves no respect.”

He added: “The moment you banish him, your life becomes simpler, purer cleaner, more worth living in my opinion.”

Fry said he preferred the religion of the ancient Greeks whose Gods did not present themselves as being “all-seeing, all-wise, all-kind, all beneficent”.


The Catholic convert that is Tim Stanley makes a hash of countering Fry on God’s behalf.


Perhaps just a little bit too much free speech there for the BBC’s liking in these controversial times.


Things were different once….or not….Cleese bashing the Bishop and coming out on top…..





Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink, Says So Much More.




The BBC was having a field day yesterday with many of its favourite subjects in the spotlight…austerity, royalty and Thatcher, not to mention a bit of Imperial looting to cast a jaundiced eye over.  Not so much blatant bias that you could point a finger at and claim absolutely that it is bias but perhaps a more perncious, insidious type…a never ending flow of slights, innuendos, hints and provocations intended to nudge you one way…or having that effect, intended or not, as a result of the BBC’s own interest in certain subjects being reflected in their choice of stories to report and how they interpret them.


We were treated to repeated reports about the goings on in Prince Charles’ household, or the goings on according to some bird with a book to flog…so no doubt she was very appreciative of the massive coverage and publicity the BBC gave her.

Funny thing  was we were assured by the BBC that this old girl had privileged access to Prince Charles, his family and his staff who we were led to believe had co-operated in the production of this biography….even the six o’clock news last night was peddling this line.

Which you might think strange as this report from the BBC, last updated at 13:14,  says something different….

Clarence House pointed out that the biography, contrary to some reports, was not authorised and the author did not have any exclusive access to the prince or his staff.


So that’ll be an unauthorised biography without authorised access to the Prince, his family or staff.

I’m certain the book must have something positive to say about the Prince and his work…and yet the BBC couldn’t find it and hour after hour rolled out this litany of disaster and incompetence.

Maybe the BBC has an axe to grind?



Then there is the revelations about Sir Peter Hayman…the BBC making discrete links to Thatcher saying she had been informed of the case and had been advised on how to counter claims of a cover up…implying somehow that she was involved in a cover up herself…not making a direct allegation…yet…just the BBC setting her up for the inevitable conspiracy theories that will surface in the coming weeks.

A previously secret file from the 1980s briefed Margaret Thatcher on Sir Peter Hayman’s “sexual perversion”.

Ex-Cabinet Secretary Lord Armstrong told the BBC his priority had been national security implications, rather than whether he should be prosecuted.


Here is the BBC’s subtle innuendo that there was a cover up…‘lines to take’:

The file contains “lines to take” for government officials when asked questions by the media about Hayman’s 1978 arrest.

One of these was that there had been “no cover-up”.


That ‘lines to take’ phrase, quoted without full context, is entirely misleading and suggestive of Thatcher having to hide something from the media.


Oddly in all the BBC reports there is no mention of the Labour government’s role in any of this as Hayman was first investigated in 1978 under Labour’s regime…..So is Thatcher being accused of a cover up of a cover up by Labour when in government?



What else did the BBC bring us yesterday?


The Radical Left and their anti-Austerity drive, in Greece and possibly in Spain too…the BBC being very uncritical and straight faced about this…imagine if UKIP or FN in France were in similar positions of power….the air waves would be in meltdown.

The BBC must be torn…what an irony, the cheers for the radical lefties wanting to do away with the hated ‘Austerity’ and yet those same lefties  might well bring the end of the favoured Grand Project as countries head for the exit of the EU one way or another.

The BBC’s economic ‘experts’ have always been keen to highlight the struggles of European countries which implemented austerity measures….always leaving unsaid, with a pregnant silence that spoke volumes, that ‘perhaps’ Britain might also be similarly suffering under austerity and it should be ended…perhaps, just maybe, we should have a ‘Plan B’!


And then there is Saudia Arabia and the funeral of King Abdullah attended by the Great and the Good…much to the disgust of the Guardianistas and subject to outraged comment on the ‘Now Show’ this week.  Why?  Because of Saudi’s horrific human rights record….but what isn’t dwelled upon is why Saudi Arabia has such draconian rules and punishments….it is an islamic state…THE Islamic State, living by the teachings of the Koran…remember what the Guardian said…

King Abdullah embodied the wickedness of Saudi Arabia’s regime

Saudi’s influence on the outside world is almost wholly malign. The young men it sent to fight in Afghanistan turned into al-Qaida. The Sunni jihadis whom Saudis have funded in Iraq and Syria turned into Isis. It has spread a poisonous form of Islam throughout Europe with its subsidies, and corrupted western politicians and businessmen with its culture of bribery. The Saudis have always appealed to the worst forms of western imperialism: their contempt for other Muslims is as great as any American nationalist’s.


Not ‘Islam’ but a ‘poisonous form of Islam’.

Curious that so many of our own Muslim community are faithful followers of the very same creed…indeed so many mosques, madrassas, Islamic cultural, educational and social centres as well as our universities, charities and Muslim activist groups are funded by Saudi Arabia, and like-minded Gulf states…and yet criticise British Muslim religiously based practises and you become a pariah, a racist, an Islamophobe.  Criticise Saudi Arabia and you are an enlightened battler for truth and humanity.



And there’s more cultural anti-British cringe from the BBC…from FOOC….British troops in China looted the Imperial Summer Palace in 1860…what a cultural outrage, the cultured and educated Chinese nation plundered by the heathen imperialist troops of Britain and France.

What was, well the norm for the BBC in cases like these when they get rather sniffy about British foreign adventures, was the complete refusal to explore the fact that the  Chinese had also committed some outrages…some rather bloody ones that led to the looting and destruction of the Old Summer Palace….“This is the reward for perfidy and cruelty”…..swiftly passed over by the BBC  but spelt out here….

In 1860 during the Second Opium War, two British envoys, a journalist for The Times and their small escort of British and Indian troopers met with the Royal Prince under a flag of truce to negotiate. They were imprisoned and tortured, resulting in twenty deaths. The British High Commissioner to China, Lord Elgin, retaliated by ordering the destruction of the palace, which was then carried out by British and French troops.


The narrator got quite excited to make a poignant connection between a Lord Elgin in China who was related to an earlier Lord Elgin who removed the ‘Elgin Marbles’ from Greece…making a pointed but pointless comment obviously trying to make some sort of crude resonance between the two.

So yes, the BBC happily painting the British in the blackest of colours whilst the Chinese were the peaceful inhabitants of a huge empire (wonder how they got that!) devastated by ignorant and violent vandals and looters.


All in all a good day for the BBC…..cheerleading anti-Austerity groups, making casual, unconfirmed allegations about Prince Charles, making subtle innuendos about Thatcher  no doubt hoping to open a can of worms in the coming weeks, being outraged about Saudia Arabia but not quite sure why, and the perennial outrage at the British Empire at work.



Auntie Knows Best



The BBC has released a report into the future of News.

Here is the BBC’s own version of what’s in the report:

BBC ‘should improve local and World Service news’

BBC News should increase both its local and global coverage and improve its digital services if it is to remain relevant, the corporation has said.

The BBC should “do more to provide local news that properly serves all parts of the UK”, according to a report titled The Future of News.

It should also reverse the trend for closures to World Service language operations, the report said.

“If the UK wants the BBC to remain valued and respected, an ambassador of Britain’s values and an agent of soft power in the world, then the BBC is going to have to commit to growing the World Service and the government will also have to recognise this,” the report said.

As well as “looking at how we can develop a service that might work for North Korea”, the corporation is also “increasingly reflecting on the position of the media in Russia and Turkey”, it said.

The report added: “In many parts of the world, there is not more free expression but less.”



This from the BBC that set out to destroy the EDL, smears UKIP as immigrant murdering nazis and incites anti-Semitism with its reporting from the Middle East.

Did laugh at this from the first paragraph of the report…

In a democracy, news is the essential
public service. Government by the
people cannot function without it.

The job of the news is to keep

everyone informed – to enable us to be
better citizens, equipped with what we
need to know.


The same BBC that closed down debate on immigration, Europe and climate change….and tried to mislead us on the economy and Labour’s Plan B.

It tells us that in the age of the internet and the proliferation of many different sources of news…

‘The BBC is more necessary and valuable than ever’


I would suggest it was the other way around….because of the BBC’s dominance of the news and its very one sided view of what we should hear and think, as evidenced by this very report, see below, it is more vital than ever that we have access to the internet and the many and varied sources of news it provides to balance and weigh up the BBC’s coverage which, I have to say, I never accept as a reliable source of ‘truth’ based on long experience of reading and hearing what they tell me only to find that it is only half the story….as shown recently with its very misleading report on the IFS statements about the economy.

The BBC went on….

The internet is not keeping everyone
informed, nor will it: it is, in fact,
magnifying problems of information
inequality, misinformation, polarisation
and disengagement.


Sorry but that’s so much bull…..without the internet we would be slaves to the BBC’s world view and as for ‘disengagement’ I would suggest that it has massively increased political participation in one form or another from protest groups, charities and NGOs all utilising it to get their messages across to pressure governments and companies…it has also enabled political parties to revitalise their support…just look at Obama in the US….just look at Russell Brand on YouTube.

The only difference between the BBC and ‘bloggers’ is that the BBC has the money and resources to gather the news but that does not mean that the BBC should be the sole arbiter of what that news means….the blogger is just as able and entitled to analyse and interpret that information as any BBC journalist.  Naturally that puts the ‘professional’ BBC journalist’s nose out of joint but so what?  Celebrate the diversity of opinion!


Compare that BBC’s version of what the ‘Future News’ report says with this from the Telegraph:

BBC World Service ‘under threat from Al Jazeera and nationalist news’

BBC warns the World Service needs extra money to counter rival broadcasters touting news based around ‘political Islam, evangelical Christianity, nationalism and patriotism’

Global news is polarising around religion and nationalism, the report warns.

“There is a deepening global tilt towards news focused or aggregated around a world view: political Islam, evangelical Christianity, nationalism, patriotism and so on. While these are very different and varied phenomena, in such communities of interest shared values become a new brand loyalty.

“Al Jazeera in Arabic sees itself as serving an audience that is conservative and Muslim. For the station and its audience, common religious assumptions give a sense of belonging which can bleed into shared views on political, economic and especially cultural questions.

“Similarly, Fox News articulates a very specific view of what it is to be an American.

“In this polarised world, modern or universal rights – political, human, gender or sexual rights – or concepts of openness and democracy become deeply polarising.”


So not just extremist Islam but evangelical Christianity…has the BBC told all those African immigrants they are on its hit list for extermination…ideologically speaking?

Then there’s the other world evils to be tackled…nationalism, patriotism …and the news according to Fox News.

So much for ‘impartial’.

Curious that the BBC’s article didn’t mention any of that.


Curious that the BBC recognises in theory the problems associated with fundamental ideologies in relation to secular, liberal democracies which promote universal rights…and yet it, far from tackling what it calls ‘political Islam’, which to you and me is everyday ‘Islam’ as it is an ideology designed for political purposes wrapped up in religious garb in order to give it divine sanction for its actions, the BBC defends and promotes those who wish to impose ‘political Islam’ upon us….such as in the Torjan Horse case or where it excuses terrorism and refuses to link it to ‘The Religion of Peace’.  How can you claim to be tackling ‘political Islam’ when you refuse to admit what that really means?

As for nationalism and patriotism…this is the BBC that at every turn condemns the British Empire which brought half the world under one rule….thus producing a Pax Britannica….held together at the point of a gun.  It is empires that produce the worst violence as people struggle for their independence from colonialism….something always cheered on by the BBC as it supports ‘good’ nationalism by preferrably brown people, though non-Protestant will do as well….and more violence as they struggle to decide whose vision of the nation will prevail, as in Libya now.

Empires, those borderless mish mashes of states, always break up…it is human nature to want self -rule and for people to define themselves by their location and shared cultures and values.  The BBC in its idealism, as with communists, takes no regard of human nature and tries to impose their utopian vision upon an unwilling mass…all to end in tears and violence.

The BBC’s hatred of nationalism and patriotism extends only as far as that of the Anglo-Saxon world.  The British Empire was bad, the Muslim caliphate good…indeed the BBC in many respects supports the ISIS caliphate which redraws the map of the Middle East regardless of ethnicity or religion…which is curious as the BBC hates the diverse nature of Iraq which it tells us is an unworkable forced union of different peoples….no celebrating diversity there then….of course that was created by Europeans so must be a bad thing.

Yes, the BBC will support you in your fight for independence from your colonial masters but when you get it will denounce you for being nasty little nationalists.  Welcome to the world according to the BBC.