‘Can’t tell the difference between the fire and the firefighters’


Does Sadiq Khan think terrorism is ‘part and parcel’ of living in London now?  Bet he’d like a few kufir ‘uncle toms’ to shop any white supremacist they think is ‘radical’…maybe he has also changed his tune about Muslims who want to work with the government to prevent terrorism and won’t be labelling them ‘uncle toms’ as he has in the past. 


Who radicalised the Finsbury Park attacker?  That’s the big question…was it Nigel Farage, maybe Tommy Robinson or was it the Daily Mail…or perhaps no one, perhaps he was just sick and tired of seeing Muslims attacking British people on the streets of Britain, sick and tired of Muslims attacking his culture, his beliefs, his society and his women… and he snapped and decided his answer was a terrorist attack on random Muslims in the street.  He self-radicalised due to the actions of Muslims who want to impose Islam upon him by violence.

The BBC’s Nihal as usual is balanced and impartial as he blames Tommy Robinson for spreading hate and division as well as unnamed newspaper columnists.  Now here’s the paradox…Robinson is arguing against Islamic extremism and terrorism and is demanding government takes stronger action….Nihal says this is incitement to terrorism….as a comment on Guido says [Guido who we’ll come to soon enough]….

Can’t tell the difference between the fire and the firefighters… typical PC cuck attitude, I thought better of Guido.

Surely on Nihal’s own logic, Nihal himself is guilty of spreading hate and divison as he attacks Robinson…at least Robinson has a legitimate point…a point echoed by the ‘respectable’ ‘One Law For All’…who also campaign against Islam…Islam itself not just the ‘extremists’….however you don’t see Nihal demonising them….is it because Tommy Robinson is white and working class?  Nihal always comes across as a bitter, anti-white racist….he frequently rails against perceived racial slights on his show.  Here he is trailing for his show today…note he can’t even say Robinson’s name….



Then we have J.K. Rowling, another like Lily the Limpet who attaches herself to every leftie cause…guilt at all the money she makes probably…note how she gets a proper spanking in the comments including some rather inconvenient facts about a Muslim actor in one of her films attacked by her own family for dating a non-Muslim….




Then we get to Guido who tells some whacking great lies about Tommy Robinson taking two clips from two of his videos and making out he has encouraged non-Muslims to form anti-Muslim militias and has declared all Muslims to be ‘enemy combatants’.  The piece has over 1,200 comments so far…I’ll bet the vast, vast majority give Guido the kicking he deserves for his outrageous lying…

After Guido suggested this morning that “Tommy Robinson and Anjem Choudary  have a lot in common” people who should know better are defending Robinson as some kind of peace loving advocate of liberal democracy. Guido would suggest they look at these recent two videos for his “Rebel Media” channel. Here, Robinson talks about “cleaning out this Islamic problem“:

Phrased carefully for his viewers, saying the British public will form militias to do it. Who is it that has a history of organising the type of people obsessively concerned about these matters?

And here he describes normal British Muslims as “enemy combatants”:

No irony that a person who revells as he blogs under the name of a religious terrorist, Guido Fawkes, should be calling Robinson one.

Robinson in both cases was talking specifically about known Muslim extremists and those who clearly support them, complaining that they are freely allowed to live in the community and present a very real threat to Britain.  He says the politicians are failing us by not tackling the real problem and that this has led to what happened last night as people decide to take things into their own hands.  What Robinson is not saying is that we should do that…he is in fact urging the government to take action to prevent such ‘radicalisation’ of non-Muslims who see themselves and their society under attack almost daily.  The irony is that the BBC has long warned of the rise of the Far Right and they get applauded…Robinson does it and he gets attacked and told he should be locked up…the difference of course between him and the BBC is that Robinson tells you why the Far Right is able to get an audience and attract supporters…it lies in the policies of government and its failure to genuinely tackle the rise of radical, conservative Islam…in fact doing all it can it would seem to encourage it and prevent criticism of it as the dangerously failing experiment of mass Muslim immigration into Europe continues apace.  The BBC naturally does not tell you that awkward truth merely suggesting that the Far-Right are simply racists who have no rational reason to rise up against what they see as a threat….and of course there is no threat…it’s racist scaremongering by the Mail apparently.

Sometimes telling the truth is a revolutionary act in an age of universal deceit by politicians and the likes of the BBC…

“Those who manipulate this unseen element of [modern democracy] constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country… We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of… “

The aim of this invisible government is the conquest of us: of our political consciousness, our sense of the world, our ability to think independently, to separate truth from lies.

Here are the two videos…judge for yourself….they are emotional and strongly phrased but can you fault the thinking?  Note in the second video Robinson states he is stood next to a Muslim who agrees with him…


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Identity Politics


Maybe I’m going soft but sometimes think that I might be being too quick to criticise the BBC when they refuse to report eye-witness claims that a terrorist shouted ‘Allah Akbar’ as he launched his attack…maybe the BBC is being diligent and responsible…checking the facts and getting the story 100% right.

If that though ever crosses my mind again I will just have to remind myself about today and how the BBC reported the attack in Finsbury Park….immediately reporting, and continuing to do so throughout the day, that the attacker shouted ‘I want to kill all Muslims’…they have made it a story on its own on the frontpage…

Finsbury Park attack: ‘He was shouting, I want to kill all Muslims’

A man has died and several people have been injured after a van ploughed into pedestrians near a north London mosque.

Khalid Amin, an eyewitness, describes what he saw happen.

It is absolutely correct to report such eye-witness claims…but to do so consistently and not manage the news when it is a Muslim attacker so as to downplay the identity of that attacker.  That identity is a crucial piece of evidence that gives the likely motivation for the attack and needs to be reported so as to give the viewer the information to assess what is going on.  What usually happens is that the BBC’s first report may well mention shouts of ‘Allah Akbar’ but then this is edited out of later bulletins and reports only to reappear maybe a day later once the police have 100% identified the attacker as Muslim…..no such approach today, just a stream of reports telling us that he shouted ‘I want to kill all Muslims’.


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Flame and Blame


Labour are going into overdrive blaming the government and the local Tory council for the fire at Grenfell Tower…isn’t there a missing layer of government there?  Where is Labour’s London Mayor?  Why didn’t he leap in to assist Kensington and Chelsea instead of criticising them as he does now….

Mr Khan echoed their point, saying: “People are angry, not simply at the poor response in the days afterwards from the council and the government, but at the years of neglect from the council.

“There’s a feeling that the council and government don’t understand their concerns and don’t care.”

Heard Nick Ross on R4 today reminding us that Khan himself as housing minister refused to retrofit sprinkler systems in tower blocks…something which Ross has apparently been campaigning for for years….he actually mentioned it on his Twitter feed a couple of days ago…


Here’s the Mail’s write up of todays’s interview…note Ross suggested Khan had been stepping carefully about being political [clearly decided to change that policy…see above remarks] because he knew he was in the frame as well…

Former Crimewatch presenter Nick Ross has said he is “bloody furious” that ministers have ignored calls for sprinklers to be installed in all social housing.

Mr Ross has been campaigning on the issue for 15 years, while he now also chairs heritage body the Kensington Society.

He told BBC Radio 4’s World at One that a series of ministers – including now-London Mayor Sadiq Khan back in 2009 – had turned down his efforts to make changes.


It will be interesting to see how much attention Ross’s comments get on the wider BBC…none so far that I can see.  What’s the betting no BBC presenter will pay the slightest attention to this and continue to lazily point the finger of blame at the Tories, government and council, whilst ignoring the Mayor of London’s responsibility, without the full context and nuance?

And as for Harriet Harman…

Harriet Harman calls for investigation into tower blocks following lethal blaze

That was back in 2009…what has she done since to follow that up and continue to pressure government and councils to ensure tower blocks are safe as can be?  Nothing it would seem.  But now she is all guns blazing.  But what did she do after the inquiry finished in 2013?  Indeed, what did the Media, such as the BBC, which are now expressing so much outrage, do to follow up on the recommendations of the inquiry?




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Et Tu Brute


The knives are out for May and not just the usual suspects that want Corbyn to occupy No10 but also those whose loyalty to Party and country is superceded by their loyalty to the unelected, undemocratic EU.

The BBC gave a lot of publicity to the treacherous words of Portillo and Matthew Parris without bothering to reveal that these two turncoats are, as well as being Tory wets, in the service of the EU regime as they attempt to undermine May and hence Brexit.  The BBC just presented their words as a straight argument about May’s performance telling us May lacked humanity and that she didn’t care for the ‘left-behind’.  Parris of course does care about the ‘left-behind’, they are always on his mind and there is nothing that he wouldn’t do to help them out.  LOL.  Parris is an elitist EU lackey who wrote that we should not let the ‘left-behinds’ vote as they are too stupid, too bigoted too racist, to understand the issues and too incapable of voting in the right way to be trusted with the responsibility.

We  hear that May was too slow to meet the victims of the fire, Justin Webb thought that there was something wrong with her that meant she couldn’t cope with unscripted moments like meeting the Public…apparently ‘she doesn’t have what it takes in these circumstances’.  Really?  She always seems quite happy and capable when meeting the public and Webb et al seem to forget somehow that she did put herself in front of the public during debates in the election.  This is just cheap nonsense from Webb, liberal fantasy that passes the Notting Hill  dinner table test but fails in real life.  Webb and Co want her to fail and are happy to help her along by spreading black propaganda about her character and capabilities.

So May went to see the emergency services first to ensure that they had everything they needed to complete the job and only then went to visit the victims….how can she live with herself?  Also why is it that the BBC keeps reporting Labour’s ‘concern’ about the £5 million on offer by the government to the victims…the BBc doesn’t mention that this is only for immediate essential, personal needs of the victims and that there will be much more money to be used for rehoming people and for any other expense in relation to dealing with any issues that arise from this fire.  Again, just more propaganda that deliberately only gives half the story, an omission that would seem to be designed to stir up as much anger as possible….always a dangerous move considering how easy it is to start a riot baseed on rumour and fake news….ala 2011.  The BBC, as always, is playing with fire….how many US police officers were killed by Blacks because of the BBC’s et als’ narrative abut racist white police officers killing ‘unarmed’ Blacks?  A narrative  that was entirely false….statistics show whites are more likely to be shot and many of the blacks who were shot were shot by black or other non-white officers….the BBC had to change its narrative to ‘police brutality’ but didn’t apologise for its deadly lies about racist white cops.

Webb & Co seem to have forgotten this…

What about us, cries forgotten flooded Hull

The leader of a flooded city yesterday accused the Government of ignoring the crisis because it was in the North of England, rather than the South East.

Minns, leader of Hull City Council, said: “If this was Chelsea or Fulham, this would have been plastered over the front pages for weeks.”

The floods last week have damaged 17,000 homes and 95 per cent of schools in the city.

Amid mounting criticism that the Government has done little to tackle the disastrous effects of the floods, ministers disclosed yesterday that they are urgently considering a package of financial aid.

The growing clamour for help from householders who did not have contents insurance has left the Government with a dilemma over whether taxpayers’ money should be used to replace ruined furniture and white electrical goods.

Ministers also began a belated “shuttle diplomacy” mission to the hardest hit areas of South Yorkshire and Humberside as council leaders and MPs demanded that the Government make capital grants available to repair roads and schools.


21 days after the great flood, Gordon finally visits Hull

WE saw Gordon Brown finally make his way to the waterlogged streets of Hull yesterday, belatedly promising that help is on its way for the city, where one in five homes is wrecked by floodwater.


And just how much help did Labour give those who were forced out of their homes?…sod all….

Back in Hull, thousands of people don’t need advice on the future, they just need somewhere to live now.

Families forced from their homes in Hull by the flood water that tore through 240 streets are being forced to live in cramped hotel rooms.

And greedy landlords have bumped up the rent for unaffected homes so much that insurance companies are refusing to house flood victims in them.

There were also a string of warnings about cowboy builders cashing in on high prices – and still bodging the repair work. The Financial Services Authority watchdog also warned residents about unscrupulous claims management companies cashing in on their plight.

Jessica Pattison, her partner James Bentley and their three children, Stefan, eight, Tyler James, five, and one-year-old Sonnie are all sharing the same room at Hull’s Quality Royal Hotel, but are running out of cash.

“The situation gets worse day by day,” said Jessica, 26, whose ex-council home was 4ft deep in water.

“There is no way we can return to our home until the repairs are done. We have been looking for a house to rent, but there are none out there. We can’t even find a caravan.”

Strangely I don’t remember all these rioters and protestors on the streets, no calls from Labour for Brown to resign or for houses to be occupied and requisitioned, no call for a reshaping of the economic system so that the neglected North gets its fair share, no sign of the pipsqueak Owen Jones telling us how the floods and the Labour lack of reaction are indicative of a system that just doesn’t care.

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Lily the Pinko Limpet

Lily Allen Sheezus Album


Our blessed ‘Saviour of the Human race’…Lily the Pinko Limpet Allen….her ‘medicinal compound’?  A concentration camp, a compound, for the Rich probably.


Is there any cause too fashionable for Lily ‘The Limpet’ Allen not to attach her name to?  Refugees, wicked capitalists and now the victims of a towering inferno caused by neo-liberal greed and class discrimination.  Guess her record sales are in decline….93 in the charts last time I heard.   Yep….new career beckons….‘Voice of the Dispossessed’. Her bank balance will be depleted pretty quick if she keeps doling out the largesse for every trendy cause whilst her music career fades away.

Hmmm…does she in fact give any money to these causes or does she just grandstand on the Telly for effect…look at me…I’m Lily!  I’m so good!  Love me!

Maybe we should introduce a celebrity levy, you know in emergencies just like Corbyn wants to take-over houses that are unoccupied at present.  Yeah….a celebrity tax on all those who posture and preen for the Media as they showcase their virtuous selves declaiming against society and the Rich [erm…themselves then]….if they don’t want to be rich let’s help them out and requisition their bank balances to help the victims…I’m sure they’d be much more appreciative of a cash handout rather than some self-serving sentiments from a B-list celebrity showboating on the Telly.  Let’s face it most of the money Allen earns comes from the poorer end of society buying her records…time to give some back?

Just why does the BBC think we need to hear from the likes of Lily Allen?  Why does the BBC think a soon to be washed up celebrity has more to say that is of interest or relevance than say, the leader of RBKC Council or indeed of anyone they could just pull off the streets?  Why a self-promoting little rich-girl?

Newsnight only dumped Allen when they secured an interview with someone relevant…

Newsnight editor Ian Katz has said, however, that Allen was removed from the programme solely because prioritising an interview with Nick Paget-Brown, the leader of  the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea council, made more sense.

Why was she pencilled in at all?  Not as if she is trying to calm things down and ensure accurate information gets out there…she is doing the exact opposite…seemingly trying to whip up anger, discontent and riots with conspiracy theory rantings about the number of deaths and a cover-up by Officialdom….the official confirmed figure for dead and missing is 58, so far.  Allen has been promoting a figure of 150 and now goes further suggesting 580….

Why would the BBC ever contemplate giving her airtime when she has nothing to do with the fire, she is a Labour activist and is clearly intent on spreading dangerous and inflammatory misinformation?



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Looting the Bodies

Corbyn lies to Peston once again, and again and again…people not being found accomodation?


After the Battle of Waterloo the thousands of bodies that littered the battlefield were variously stripped of their clothing, their possessions, their valuables and their dignity by the local civilians…even their teeth were pulled out.

How familiar would it seem for those present to witness Labour’s villainy as its vultures descend upon the victims of the Grenfell fire to feed upon their troubles and misery, the loot this time not gold but political advantage as the carpetbagger Corbyn stands upon the coffins of the dead and uses them as a soapbox to peddle his class-war rhetoric.  Does the man who is happy to see British civilians blown to pieces or shot dead in the streets, the man who rages against the very security services that use shoot-to-kill in order to protect us, does such a man really have the slightest care for the people from Grenfell Tower?  Are they not just a useful currency to be ‘spent’ as part of his anti-Tory warchest as he and his far-left stormtroopers try to hijack the disaster for their own political ends?

Shame the BBC isn’t asking questions as the mob moves in…..the mob that forced the local town hall to close due to its invasion, violence and vandalism…just how helpful is that as the centre of operations is forced to shut?

Latest update – Saturday 17 June – 6:50pm

Kensington Town Hall has unfortunately been closed due to yesterday’s (Friday) incident.  However staff have been able to continue their work today from a number of other sites, including the Westway Sports Centre. Officers from other boroughs have also been helping staff.  We hope the Town Hall to reopen on Monday.

The BBC has played down the thuggishness of these protests and the fact that they are by Corbyn’s own brand of far-left Brownshirts.

Just look at this ‘report’ from the BBC that is sensationalising the fact that no one is at the Town Hall….but wait…the windows are all boarded up due to Corbyn’s street thugs smashing them….the place is closed as said above due to the violent acts of Corbyn’s useful idiots…the reporter makes no mention as to why the place is in lockdown or that operations go on elsewhere instead….the BBC spreading fake news as usual….

Silence: The scene at Kensington and Chelsea town hall

There were piles of donations but no one official in sight at Kensington and Chelsea town hall on Saturday afternoon, as Laura Trant reports.

This is the BBC continuing to paint a picture of a Council that doesn’t care, is in chaos and is failing the victims…when that just isn’t true….who does the BBC think set up the emergency relief centres?

Is the Far-Left violence and intimidation not a warning of what is to come if Corbyn gets anywhere near power as his street thugs and online activists threaten, bully and intimidate people and organisations who don’t comply with their world view?  Just look at what the Shadow Chancellor of all people was inciting the other day…essentially revolution to topple the government…

John McDonnell calls for one million protesters to take to the streets in bid to oust Theresa May

And yet the BBC, so keen to issue us ‘A Warning from history’ about the march of the Far-Right, almost totally ignores such very real, far more real than the Far-Right’s, threats from the Left….not as if the Grenfell residents want to be hijacked by Corbyn….

Grenfell community fear ‘Day of Rage’ protest could descend into riots as organisers threaten ‘class war’ 

The BBC isn’t really interested in the Grenfell residents though.  Like Corbyn it would seem its reporters are only  interested in making political hay whilst they can…hoping to topple May and undermine the capitalist system.

The BBC was giving a platform to all and any, so many of them obviously Far-Left activists out to smash ‘The System’ raging about austerity, neo-liberalism and greed…not to mention social cleansing….including it might be added a Labour MP…

Nicky Campbell shrugged off complaints that his programme was a political witch-hunt against May.  He told us that it was not politicisng the disaster, when of course he was doing so, and that the BBC ‘has a duty to listen and give a platform to the angry voices that don’t normally get heard.’.  Well first off these are the same old voices that always get heard on the BBC….voices of the far-left and if you’re musician, poet, writer or artist you’re an honoured guest whose  phone number is on speed-dial.  Second the BBC’s ‘duty’ to listen and give a platform to does not extend to the Right especially on subjects such as immigration, Islam and climate change…the BBC, if it does graciously extend an invitation, does so only with the view that you are the ‘enemy’ whose arguments are to be countered and opposed whereas the ‘angry’ Left are there to be explained and supported and consoled.

The BBC now is very interested in the ‘left-behind’ as represented by those in Grenfell Tower as it politicises the disaster and turns into into a morality play about the rich and the poor in line with Labour’s narrative.  The so-called ‘left-behind’ who voted for Brexit or Trump were derided and mocked as the ignorant, racist ‘deplorables’, but these new ‘left-behinders’, the residents of Grenfell house and their ilk, mostly ethnic minority, Muslim and immigrant, are now the standard-bearers of the new crusade against the rich and privileged.  This morning the Resolution Foundation took the opportunity to put out a report telling us how the rich have gotten richer and the poor not so much…the BBC of course reported this and then tagged on ‘Grenfell House’ telling us that this is what happens when the rich don’t care about the poor…never-mind £10 million that was just spent on the building and extensive consultations, contrary to what we are told, were held with the residents…

11 MAY 2016

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She hid from Shahid?


Theresa May is being pilloried for not going in amongst the people and meeting the victims of the Grenfell Tower blaze but why did she not pay such a public high profile visit?

We are told it was because she was advised not to go on security grounds….

On the BBC’s Question Time programme on Thursday, Conservative defence minister Tobias Ellwood, said there were “security reasons” why Mrs May had not met residents.

That may well be the case…let’s face it no terrorist is going to kill Corbyn…after all if he ever gets elected…..

But anyway why would there be a security risk?  We know the terrorism risk is severe and that this area had a high proportion of immigrants, many Muslim and many from the Middle East, including Syria.  Let’s say what the BBC thinks is unsayable…it is perfectly possible that one of those people may well have radical views and on coming into close contact with the Prime Minister of a country hated by the Jihadis might have a ‘sudden Jihad’ moment and decide to become a Shahid and martyr himself for the Cause.

Let’s be honest when you hear voices like this conspiracy theorist stirring up hate and anger you might think the threat may well be real, or become real as such people inflame the situation and mood and the irresponsible media, such as the BBC, sensationalise and blame by spreading false stories and information…..



So did May get security advice from the police or security services?  Why doesn’t the BBC ask?  And then ask why such advice would be deemed necessary.



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C4’s Jon Snow met with an angry reaction as he showed up to report on the London fire…

“Right, you didn’t come here when people were telling you that the building was unsafe! That is not ‘newsworthy’.

“You come here when people die. Why?”

Not surprising really as you might well ask where have the media been all these years?  You have to be pretty sure the residents of these flats, the resident’s association, contacted the media when they were trying to get work done…what response did they get?  Only now after this massive fire do they get any attention…and somewhat an irony that the media, the BBC itself, keeps mentioning the fire at Lakanal House in 2009 and the subsequent inquest outcome in 2013 but where was any wideranging investigation into other potential death trap blocks of flats?  It’s a bit late now raging at politicians for complacency when those who supposedly ‘hold power to account’ failed to do so themselves on the same issues.

The BBC is here to help it wants to assure the residents….better late than never…


So who comes out well in all of this?  The emergency services of course, but also the locals and those who came from wider afield who rushed to help and volunteered themselves, their time and possessions to help the victims of the fire.

The politicians are decidedly also rans as they either, as in May’s case make a huge error in not visiting the victims firstly because it is the right thing to do and second because she must know that Corbyn will milk this for every drop of political advantage he can, he will, and has, visited the people with what may be sincere sentiments but the reality is that his visit is 90% political grandstanding for the TV cameras weaponising the deaths of people in the fire even before the building has stopped burning.

Labour has shamelessly exploited the deaths from the start well before even the initial cause of the fire is known let alone the reasons for the rapid spread of the fire.  Ken Livingstone was on the BBC early Wednesday claiming the fire was the result of cutbacks to the fire service and he was rapidly followed by Harriet Harman who didn’t let good judgement, sentiment or respect for the dead get in the way of her immediate politicisation of the fire, appearing repeatedly on the BBC to blame cuts to council spending for the fire [which the council denies…having just spent £10 million on the building].  The BBC has been happy to provide endless opportunities for Labour to come on and make such political statements even knowing and encouraging them to do so as they did with David Lammy who was invited onto the Today show to talk about the fire and anyone he knew who might be caught up in it and then jumping deliberately to the political as they asked him for ‘political’ comment….which we got in a very intense angry set of remarks that those responsible should be locked up and its corporate manslaughter…obviously we do not need an inquiry into this fire…Lammy, and his Labour colleagues, have already decided what went wrong and who is to blame.

Corbyn presents himself as a new politician with a new approach to politics, an ethical politician.  But he’s not.  In fact he’s worse than the old lot precisely because he presents himself as ethical and sincere but is in fact just as dishonest and ‘political’ as they are.  Look at how he lied about his beliefs about the EU.  A long term critic of the EU he suddenly became a soft supporter or someone who wouldn’t commit either way in order to try and win both Leave and Remain votes by confusing them about Labour’s stance.  Then there’s ‘terrorism’…a long term supporter of this approach to politics he suddenly discarded decades of cheerleading for the murderers when it was politically expedient to do so, not only abandoning lifelong principles for short term political gain but prepared to tell huge lies about the causes of terrorism and misleading the public on the government’s response. He s a man who blatantly lied on TV in an interview with Peston as he lied about his stance on shoot-to-kill claiming he had only said he opposed it in the 1980’s…that was a lie…he had stated quite clearly he opposed it in the present day even in the aftermath of the Paris attacks.  Now he launches a highly political attack on the government in what is an indecently short time as the emergency services are still searching for bodies and the facts about the causes of the fire are very obviously still unknown..and yet he and his Labour colleagues are filling the airwaves with accusations and conclusions that are solely intended to portray this as the government’s fault…never mind that Labour ignored the issues themselves….from the Grenfell Action Group 2015

It was incumbent on the Labour opposition to raise this issue with the Council and at least try to create some kind of stir. To our horror she responded:

“The Labour Group would need strong evidence to request a further investigation of the TMO, particularly given the stream of favourable monitoring reports that have gone to the Council on the TMO’s performance since Memoli (see latest attached). I am afraid largely anecdotal dissatisfaction on the Hornet would not be sufficient evidence.”

We were appalled by this dismissive response, not least because it misrepresented and minimised what we believe Cllr Blakeman and her colleagues already know to be widespread and deep dissatisfaction and distrust of the TMO among their constituents.

Ultimately one has to wonder why the Labour opposition would fear to challenge the utterly discredited and despised TMO. Even the dogs in the street know that the TMO is rotten to the core.

The BBC doesn’t come off so well either as it passes grand and very premature judgement upon all it surveys….as with Labour without knowing any of the facts.  Almost immediately as news of the fire broke the BBC was trying to invent a narrative and cast blame, often having to be smacked down by guests who had to remind them that the facts were completely unknown and judgements could not be passed.  The BBC gave Labour massive airtime whilst the government got almost nothing….was that the government’s fault or the BBC shutting them out?….I didn’t hear a word from May and the government on Wednesday at all….all we got was Harriet Harman moving from BBC studio to BBC studio spreading  her lies and inflammatory comments as she went.

I heard Chris Warburton trying to whip up some anger amongst residents suggesting they were ignored because of their race and class. I thought this may be a slip in the heat of the moment but no, it’s a line the BBC seem to be taking…..

London fire: ‘The working class aren’t being listened to’

Again, as said many times, the BBC suddenly supports an issue that it normally scorns and dismisses when it suits its own narrative…in this case the poor and disadvantaged being ignored and put upon by the rich, powerful and elite.

Odd how the same BBC is happy to malign this same class of people as uneducated racists when they vote for Brexit….for years and years the BBC was more than happy them to ignore and dismiss their worries about immigration and the EU and to blame them for an almost mythical rise on ‘hate crime’ turning Britain into a ‘nastier and more racist place’….apparently.

Suddenly now though the BBC wants to hear their voices, to listen to their concerns and to fight on their behalf against the serried ranks of corporate, elitist and government vested interests that oppress and impoverish them.

Oh…maybe you didn’t know…the fire was a revenge attack by white supremacist Islamophobes on Muslims…blowback, a racist backlash against innocent Muslims…Reporter just nods and says ‘OK’…..

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Midweek Open Thread


As Jeremy Bowen tells us of the charismatic, legendary, young revolutionary freedom fighter that was Arafat who took on the ominous might of the Israeli oppressors, becoming the father of the Palestinian nation that genuine peacemakers would miss upon his death [a death possibly, probably, due to Israeli poisoning]…quickly brushing over Munich and all that, we can thank our lucky stars to have such a trustworthy, accurate and impartial news broadcaster that fights the tidal wave of right-wing [and it is ony right-wing] fake news that engulfs us with its own brand of truth and real honest news.  Thank God.  However if you should spot any isolated occasions where the BBC lets slip its high standards please be good enough to identify them here…..all yours….

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The antidote to nationalistic poison…you can’t win ’em all

Battle of Medway: The English defeat that’s largely forgotten

Still relevant to our modern times.

“The problem is that our naval history inevitably focuses on the wars we won and the great heroes who fought in them,” said historian Dr David Davies.

“By any criterion, it’s one of the worst British defeats of all time.

“Personally, I’d say it’s important to know about it in this country as an antidote to triumphalism – the idea that English, and then British, history has been a largely unbroken succession of victories.

“Nothing brings home that message more clearly than an attack which brought enemy ships right into the heart of the country’s main naval base, and which saw the fleet flagship towed away as a trophy.”


That’s pretty much the Left’s approach to Britain and British history…everything that Britain did is bad and if not, never mind, they’ll write it up as bad anyway.  The BBC is a fellow traveller on this journey of historical revisionism and relativity.  We can’t have any pride in Britain, no celebrating ‘Britishness’ [might offend, alienate or marginalise ‘the other’], no Union flags, no national identity or loyalty….poisonous concepts that need an antidote.

Of course Britain hasn’t contributed anything to the world, if you discount sport, science, engineering, exploration, knowledge of the world, Art, literature, culture, language, Monty Python, and of course the BBC…who could forget them eh?

As for triumphalism?  What’s not to like…we thrashed the tyrant Napoleon and freed Europe from his ‘union’ [oh…that’s what they don’t like], the Kaiser’s grand plan for the EU stopped in its jackboots [oh sorry BBC] and Hitler’s blitzkrieg to unify Europe blasted [again…sorry BBC].   Not to mention the Japs nuked, the Boers and Zulus crushed, eventually and oh yes…slavery abolished in the enlightened West….and the biggest empire the world has ever seen, mostly harmless, benevolent and enriching [arguably]…and all accidental sort of. And of course we brought down the Soviet empire and its Berlin Wall…and kicked the Argies in the Junta so that they’re a democracy now.

Rule Britannia!  Make her great again!

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