A questionable time was had by all

Many have seen the powerful indictment of the establishment by the lady in red on Question Time and noted how Fiona Bruce moved on to another question without responding. Still she let her speak for some time about the disgusting attack by the ‘Asian’ gang on Tommy Robinson’s rally with police connivance. I guess we should be grateful that the BBC doesn’t edit comments like hers out of QT. But I won’t say that too loud.

There was a bunch of notable comments against government deception and failure here – concluding with a passionate denunciation of Cameron by the guy in the blue jacket.

There was a weird reaction from Fiona Bruce to this pertinent question:

Can the European elections today be seen as the referendum on Brexit?

She sighs in response before turning to a panel member. Perhaps the sigh shows her weariness with a question she’s heard a lot lately. Perhaps it also shows her feelings about the likelihood of The Brexit Party demolishing the government and the opposition.

As usual it was a Remoaner or Brexit-in-name-only panel on the impartial and most-trusted broadcaster, but many in the audience supported a genuine Brexit. I imagine that was a small concession to balance during the elections.

Mid Week Open Thread 22 May 2019

Having looked at the average turn out for EU elections the UK average is about 35% against an EU average of 42%. All indications are that the turn out will be far higher for the UK this time . But notice something – no public leader debates on the TV – and possible breaches of election law by the BBC in their coverage .

We wont find out the results of the EU Elections until Sunday the 26th May . The bigger the vote for The Brexit Party – the bigger the distraction exercise by the BBC …

Oh Yes – and if you vote – please use a pen .

“Let’s not overstate it,” says Jo Coburn…

…when a guest gets enthusiastic about the rallies for the Brexit Party.

That’s at 0:40 minutes in on this clip on Politics Live, uploaded to YouTube by the eminent True Brit.

That made me curious about the lone voice of sanity on the panel. He is Tom Harwood, award-winning journalist and commentator, who writes for Guido Fawkes.

Then I checked his opposition out:

*Sam Gyimah, Conservative MP and a Remainer.

*Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP. Here’s a tweet from her:

Today is #EuropeDay. A day when we celebrate our continent in all its richness and diversity And when we celebrate the European Union which is, at its heart, a project of peace and unity …

(That made me feel quite ill.)

*Grace Blakeley, journalist and economist. Here’s a tweet from her:

A Green New Deal isn’t enough – we need a Global Green New Deal And that means we need new international institutions built on genuine solidarity, not the imperialist faux-internationalism of the ‘liberal rules-based order’…

(Somebody pass me a bucket.)

Tom Harwood continues enthusiastically, and when he says, “I’m staggered, really, as someone who isn’t naturally predisposed to the cheerleading for Nigel Farage…” he’s interrupted by one among the female opposition, with, “You’re predisposed to it now.”

It’s so typical of the left to make snide comments when they don’t have a valid response to a valid point – which is most of the time.

At this stage the Peterborough rally is being shown.

When Tom Harwood encourages everyone to look at Margaret Thatcher’s rallies in 1953, at 1:40 in, there is a gasp of astonishment, followed by, “Oh my God,” and then Jo Coburn asks Glace Blakely whether she will be looking at clips of Margaret Thatcher. The question is no doubt flippant and the answer is naturally in the negative.

Grace Blakely then makes it clear that she believes there will be a rise in popularity of the Brexit Party, but only because of its “populism,” in the absence of policies.

Then Molly Scott asks Tom Harwood what the Brexit Party can offer, “other than being angry,” demonstrating, for the nth time, the left’s inability to debate in a civil fashion.

Tom responds politely, but of course his support of the Brexit Party is dismissed by Grace who believes it is “far right,” Molly by pouring vitriol on its Italian equivalent, a smiling Sam Gyimah with his assertion that any other politician could arise and also “muster huge audiences” and by Jo, who feels obliged to add her opinion by pointing out that Jeremy Corbyn “also did that.” (Not sure what kind of support Corbyn could currently rally.)

Meanwhile, someone named ‘Vera’ has been trying to interject, with Jo asking her to hold on. Finally Vera appears on a screen from an outside feed to proclaim that the ‘people’s vote’ rally attracted over a million supporters (which Tom then disputes) and goes on to fiddle with other stats to try to diminish Brexit.

I’m not sure who Vera is or why her opinion should matter, but by my count that makes it 5 blinkered Remainers to 1 Brexiteer, since Jo Coburn, representative of that most-trusted and impartial broadcaster, must surely have nightmares at the prospect of the EU being undermined by Brexit.

The clip only lasts 6:22 minutes. Yet it’s bursting with enough anti-Brexit bias to make any reasonable person turn away in disgust before the end. So here’s a question, esteemed colleagues: what on earth can be done to oblige the BBC to represent all shades of opinion on all subjects in a fair and responsible manner?

Start the Week Open Thread 6 May 2019

We could witness The Sell Out this week or a General Election date or can kicking again  . But even after the Local Elections there has been no change in bias from the Far Left  Remainer Failing BBC.

The life of a prospective MEP has been threatened . The police are involved . Let’s hope the Main Stream Media supports anyone using the legal democratic process to carry forward their view as opposed to the mob..

The Deep State of Mire the PM has created for herself – and us

Post created by Up2snuff

Had Theresa May had the nerve, the honesty, the decency to accept her Withdrawal Agreement was no good and had gone for a No Deal Brexit on 29 March, she would possibly by now be a hero instead of a villain. In addition, her Chancellor Philip Hammond would have probably been in a position to introduce some groundbreaking tax reforms at the Party Conference in September that not only would please the country but also cut the fiscal legs from under Labour. More perhaps on that another time.

If Prime Ministers are advised to do two things then they would be ‘Do not make promises that are not kept.’ and ‘Do not create Calendar dates that will remind the Opposition, the Media and the Voter of your failures.’.

Theresa May has fallen into both traps.

While a break from Parliament business may provide her with a pause to think, she might be wise to remember and re-read her leadership speech outside Downing Street after she had won the Party leadership. The manifest unfairness and divisiveness of pandering to a small minority of Remain voters, many in both Houses of Parliament or retired from there, will be remembered every time Europe and the EU and Brexit are mentioned. Then there is the phrase “Leave means leave.”

The media and the voter will have reminders when Parliament returns on 23 April, again on 2 May in Local Authority elections and on 22/23 May in Europe when the EU Parliament Elections take place, irrespective of whether the UK has to vote. After a brief pause, the media and the voter will have another reminder from the Conservative Party Conference and then again as the 31st October revised deadline for the UK’s departure from the EU, barring or perhaps because of the result of a ‘Peoples Vote’ Referendum.

I do not think the Prime Minister can possibly survive in post much beyond 31st October 2019. In an Age of Equality it would be proper to think of her as a ‘Dead Man Walking’ or a ‘Zombie PM’. Lame Duck seems wholly inadequate.

Should something remarkable happen if Theresa May hangs on and wins a Confidence Vote in December 2019 then the big Calendar reminders will still come around without fail, along with all the small ones, prompted by any news events from the EU, again next year and after that all while she remains as leader.