Weekend Thread 14 March 2020

How will the BBC continue to report the ongoing pandemic ? Play the blame game ? Concentrate of failures ? Tell us with glee how other countries are better than us ? Take your pick …meanwhile the consultation on the funding of the BBC has about 2 weeks to go – here is the link to the Government site .


And these are the questions in the suggested ‘structured ‘ reply
( which you will find if you go through the consultation );

Why do you consider that the TV licence evasion should no longer be criminal offence?

If you have a view, what alternative enforcement scheme models do you consider to be most appropriate? Why?

What steps could the Government take to mitigate any impacts that may result from decriminalisation of TV licence evasion?

Lots of people just want the BBC gone – but this is , perhaps , a first step …

Weekend Thread 7 March 2020

The new Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has said that the BBC needs ‘diversity of Thinking ‘ – the softest of criticism of the Far Left monster that is the Biased BBC .

How will it react ? Will it suddenly turn ‘ pro Britain ‘ ?or continue to pour out crude propaganda supporting its selected favourite groups and ideas whilst ignoring issues of great concern to those who are forced to pay for it – such as the mass rape of children or the majority’s belief in Brexit ?