Start the week Thread 17 February 2020

It seems an opportune time to put up the link to the Governments’ Formal Consultation on the future of the BBC Again so here it is :

People who object to being forced to pay for its’ Far Left anti British propaganda can tell Number 10 what they think before the end date on 31 March 2020.

Midweek Thread 5 February 2020

The Government has announced the formal consultation on decriminalising not having a TV licence . In view of that I would ask that those with an interest in ending the BBC in its’ current form consider submitting their views to the government .
It is the most practical first step to achieving our aim

The link to the consultation is here –

Start the Week Thread 3 February 2020

There are reports that the Government is to launch a consultation on decriminalising ‘no TV licence’ – perhaps this week . The Biased Far Left BBC will argue that it will lead to loss of revenue and ability to produce ‘quality ‘ programmes . It would be good if this site could make a contribution to the consultation as a small step to make the BBC British again or end it . Contributions welcome .

Weekend Thread 25 January 2020

The BBC has a policy line that it is doing ok because it is attacked by left and right . So the challenge is – list those policies of the Right to which the BBC is biased or supports . And I write that as a challenge to readers and users of this site . Who are the right wing BBC journalists ? And explain why they are ‘right wing ‘ Where is the anti left wing bias ? Oh yes – show all ‘workings ‘ in your answers….

Start the Week Thread 20 January 2020

THE New Conservative MP for Solihull -Julian Knight- is campaigning to become the new chair of the Parliamentary Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) select committee- replacing a BBC remainer fan called Damien Collins . Mr Knight wants a Commons inquiry into the future of the BBC because of its’ bias ; as well as being ‘out of touch ‘ with those who pay for it . It’s worth watching for signs of the real change this site is looking for .