The headline says it all…. “How Time Lord Doctor Who took on Mrs Thatcher.”

Doctor Who actor Sylvester McCoy has claimed that scriptwriters of the cult TV show wrote material in the 1980s which was designed to undermine Margaret Thatcher’s government.

Who would have thought THAT then? I mean BBC scriptwriters are all such a balanced lot. 


It’s a laugh, isn’t it. The BBC were salivating this morning about the fact that retailers who sell violent video games and 18-rated DVDs to children cannot be prosecuted because of a legal blunder 25 years ago. Yes – made under the evil Thatcher junta! At no point does the BBC query why after more than a decade of Socialist nirvana nothing has been by Labour done to fix it. Nor, for that matter, did it pursue the point why a BRITISH law made by a BRITISH government carries no force in BRITAIN because of the EU!


Read this gem by Jeremy Vine on ’80’s pop music called, yip, “Stand down Margaret.” Given that Lady Thatcher is still detained in hospital, I find the whole Student Grant tone of his drivel irritating. Now Vine seems to share some of my own musical taste, and in particular on Elvis Costello. But the difference is that I realise that whilst Elvis can write a great lyric he has the political maturity of a slug. On a vine. But then again when Costello calls Thatcher “a war criminal”, you just know BBC hearts beat a little faster.


I caught a trailer on Today this morning for the Jonathan Dimbleby hosted “Any Questions” programme on Radio 4 tonight and I noted that in it he made a reference to the Thatcher legacy including “golliwog”. Grins all round. But since it was Dimbleby who used this word – in public – I was wondering should he not be suspended forthwith? Or, and this is just a guess, is this what we can expect from the BBC in future – the direct association of the name Thatcher and racist language? If so, it rather confirms the blatant political agenda behind the alleged “outing” of Carol Thatcher’s private comments by unfunny comedienne Jo Brand.

As a further indication of BBC obsession on groupthink, there was a debate on Today between Thought for the Day contributor Anne Atkins (Church of England, mild) and Ben Summerskill (Gay and loud) on the use of language. Anne kept telling us how wonderful the BBC has been whilst the Stonewall Chief Executive got properly stuck into all who refuse to use only pc approved language. The BBC would be scared of a proper debate on langauge lest their innate fascism on the topic be exposed.


I see that that the BBC have managed to take an alleged private comment from Carol Thatcher and use it as one more assault on the Thatcher brand. As you may know, Carol Thatcher is supposed to have used the word “golliwog” in reference to some Tennis player. However the point is that IF she did say this she did so off-air in the green room and so it is a private matter that the BBC have ruthlessly turned into a public affair. I’ve been in BBC green Roomsrmore than a few times and I could raise eye-brows about some comments made in my presence if I so chose. But why would I break confidence in this way? Even if I was diametrically opposed to another person’s point of view, what they say off-air has to be private. Clearly Carol Thatcher should be much more circumspect in what she says, but for me the greater crime here lies in the BBC’s blatant breach of confidence. Ultimately, the BBC hate anything that has the Thatcher imprimatur, a fact Carol should have been more aware. Your thoughts?


I am sorry to read of the death of Sir Alan Walters – the man who was Mrs Thatcher’s great economic guru and whose vision helped Mrs Thatcher restore our prosperity as a nation to the horror of the BBC. Iain Dale has the story here, as has All Seeing Eye. The BBC does not seem to know about this at time of posting (All those £££ billions and yet this miss this?) but I think it will be interesting to see how they cover it tomorrow morning. Any bets on how the BBC will treat Sir Alan’s memory?


I note it is reported that the BBC broke impartiality rulesin a Huw Edwards-fronted documentary about Welsh politics that attacked Margaret Thatcher. The broadcaster’s own governing body today found it guilty of being unfair and inaccurate in the programme. The ruling came about after an incensed viewer complained about the unbalanced and misleading programme on Welsh self-government. Edwards, who fronts the Ten O’Clock News, was accused of ‘openly canvassing support’ for the Welsh Assembly and was also found to have broken rules. So, no surprise there then. Has he been sacked yet? Has the producer of the programme been sacked? Is this more pathetic lip-service to the concept of impartiality? The BBC has been running a decades long campaign against Lady Thatcher and this is but one of the more recent examples of its bias.


Did you pick up on the BBC headline today declaring “Thatcher State Funeral Undecided“? Do you think you think that it’s out of ignorance or simple, plain, fifth columnist rudeness that the BBC fails to recognise that ‘Thatcher’ is, in fact, Lady Thatcher? The BBC’s hatred of Lady Thatcher will continue long after she has passed from this world.