Some interesting observations here from a B-BBC reader….

“Anyone hear John Pienaar on the BBC this morning getting over excited and giving us his version of events?Cameron says he had no inappropriate conversations with News Corp. people. Pienaar essentially claims Cameron is lying. Pienaar states that Cameron has spoken about BSkyB with the Murdochs based solely on the way Cameron phrased his answer.

To me it was quite clear…he had not spoken of the BSkyB deal.

Pienaar then went on to allege News International is acting like a rogue state having serious repercussions for our culture and society.

Nicky Campbell this morning was just as bad.suggesting that Cameron has done a deal with Murdoch to cut the BBC budget. (The horror of it!) His reporter came on to say there was no proof of this (letting it hang of course that well, it might be true) but that the thing was that it reminds people of the value of public service broadcasting. Nothing like being able to slander your rivals and promote yourself!

I also believe it was Dame Nicky who asked one of the 7/7 families ‘how long had your phone been hacked for?’. So their phone was definitely hacked? Really? Any proof? As far as I am aware there is absolutely no proof or evidence that shows any 7/7 or 9/11 families had their phones hacked. Their phone numbers and addresses were in the private investigator’s files, but then they would be as the newspaper needs to get in touch with them in the normal course of reporting events….mere possession of the numbers means nothing.

This is the BBC at its worst feeding into the conspiracies and half truths that are designed to attack the Murdochs, the BBC’s commercial and ideological rivals. Far from being a professional news broadcasting organisation with high standards of behaviour and ethics it has become a platform for any wild accusation to be shouted out to the world by anyone with a grudge against News international and lending the authority and credibility of the BBC to those people and their prejudiced rantings.”

Even The President Is Trapped In Nasty Uncle Rupert’s Grasp

Here’s one for you:

Report: Obama top recipient of News Corp. donations

Political donations by News Corp., its employees and their families were evenly split between Democrats and Republicans, with President Obama the all-time leading recipient, according to a report from the Sunlight Foundation.
The transparency watchdog noted Tuesday that Democrats received 51 percent of contributions while Republicans received 49 percent, despite the firm’s highly publicized links to the GOP, such as a $1 million donation to the Republican Governors Association in August.

I say nobody should vote to re-elect the President until He returns all the money from this criminal organization.


BBC jihad against Murdoch continues in full voice this morning. “Sunday Morning” with sultry pouting Suzanne Reid posits “Is Rupert Murdoch’s empire responsible for corrupting Britain?. That followed Andrew Marr’s love in with Yvette Cooper as Murdoch was further demonised, along with the Police. And if you still haven’t got enough, Panorama has a one hour special coming tomorrow night on the fall of Murdoch. (Were Murdoch dead they would now be insisting his corpse was dug up and hung from the tree in the ecologically sound Blue Peter garden.) To answer the first question, if Britain has become corrupted it is because of the massive sustained broadcasting power of the BBC and decades of propagating a world where all morality is relative, where there is no right or wrong, where Christian values are to be mocked and and where leftist values of anything goes prevails uber alles.


It really IS unbelievable. I refer to the 24/7 hate shown by the BBC towards Murdoch. For those with a strong stomach why not give this a listen? Obviously John Humphyrs would like to see James Murdoch follow Rebekah Brooks and Les Hinton. Further, it is also evident the BBC would like to see Murdoch disinvest of his entire UK print operation. I then turned on BBC1 and who was being interviewed on the topic but John “Mr Ethics” Prescott. Naturally he was in full cry for more NI blood. On Radio, on TV and in-print, the BBC/Guardian media complex will not be satisfied with anything less than the destruction of TI and I sense Murdoch realises the gravity of the situation hence the exodus of senior executives. It’s curious how disinterested the BBC is in allegations that OTHER newspapers have engaged in identical practices, almost as if the narrative is set in stone and not open to examination. People talk about the “fear” politicians and others have of Murdoch. I suggest that is as NOTHING compared to the fear they have of the State Broadcaster.

BBC Busted For Narrative BS – From ‘Media Myth Alert’

W. Joseph Campbell, proprietor of the Media Myth Alert blog has busted the BBC for the same kind of Narrative-supporting BS we often call them on. It’s worth featuring here.

BBC calls Hearst vow apocryphal, quotes it anyway

Apocryphal but still quotable.

That’s how Britain’s venerable broadcaster, the BBC, treated the mythical anecdote about media titan William Randolph Hearst and his purported vow to “furnish the war” with Spain in the late 19th century.

In an article posted online yesterday, the BBC described Hearst as the “definitive [news] baron” and declared:

“He’s credited with the invention of tabloid journalism in the 1890s when his New York Journal began a bitter circulation war with Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World. He also had a reputation as a warmonger.

“‘You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war,’ goes an apocryphal instruction he was supposed to have sent in a telegram to an illustrator in Havana.”

That’s right, the line is apocryphal. What, then, is the point in using it? As a none-too-clever, back-handed way of buttressing the dubious notion that Hearst and his newspapers were capable of fomenting a war?

That’s sloppy journalism from a leading international news organization.

As they say, read the whole thing.

Someone at BBC News Online instructed Peter Jackson and Tom de Castella to whip up a piece that would give everyone the idea that nasty Uncle Rupert might be responsible for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And they used an apocryphal quote to help create that context of a press baron “known” to have instigated war, knowing full well that’s what they were doing.

“Apocryphal but still quotable” = “Fake, but accurate

The Beeboids are that arrogant. Journalistic standards? Yawn, it’s for the ankle-biters. If it’s for a just cause, anything goes. They have their agenda, and they know they can get away with it.


Had to laugh. Just went to the BBC Today site to try and link in a few items only to discover that it has not been updated owing to strike action by the comrades in the NUJ. Bliss. Of course that didn’t stop the Two Minute hate (now updated to 24/7) against Murdoch’s evil empire. There was, in passing, a swift mention of the Guardian apology with respect to Brown’s allegations against The Sun  before quickly moving on to the usual anti NewsCorp mantra. Peter King has become their new hero as he joins with the Loon Dems in seeking to attack their real target – Fox News. They had someone on from the FT who was reasonably balanced although even she kept repeating Fox News is “right-wing”. It isn’t. It tries to provide balance but I suppose because it does not fawn at the court of Obama it can never be valued by leftist media like the BBC. Wonder which BBC “names” are manning the barricades this morning?


The choice of words used by the BBC in the heading is instructive; “Murdoch defends hacking handling”. Click through to the story and read about the audacity of Murdoch as he defends how his company has handled the charges leveled against it. None of this has any meaning to the BBC however since it has long since determined the guilt of all involved. Guity until proven innocent if one works for NewsCorp, as opposed to innocent until proven guilty if one is, for example, a Gitmo inmate. The bigger theme for the BBC is how this is “developing” in the USA with all those heavyweight politicians weighing in (Assorted Democrat loons + Peter “I heart Gerry Adams” King) to get a full investigation on Murdoch’s empire aka Smash Fox.

Murdoch v The Media Elite Lynch Mob = Dan Rather’s Revenge?

In the old Soviet Union one tool Kremlinologists used to forecast shifts in the political climate was to peruse the inside pages of Pravda and spot the apparently insignificant article that they could identify as a marker for any forthcoming reconfiguration.

The articles were placed as signposts for mid level Communist Party members to prepare for changes in direction in their party “work” which, for the CPSU, as with any other totalitarian party, was almost exclusively agitprop –agitation and propaganda.

The BBC in very many ways can be seen as an agitprop arm of the British liberal/left cultural elite, a group which usually manages to direct the UK’s political and social agenda even though much of it (EU membership, unrestricted immigration, political correctness etc etc)is deeply unpopular with the majority of the population.

Moreover, with the globalisation of information media ,the lack of any patriotic affinity in the mindset of this elite allows it to integrate seamlessly with its equivalents in the USA and elsewhere

So the appearance of this article by Tom Geoghegan on the BBC website “Rupert Murdoch:Could his US empire be affected?” should be ringing alarm bells for conservatives on both sides of the Atlantic. For this is not really about the rather shady ethics of a few phone hacking tabloid journalists. Indeed, while the story only appeared to involve celebrities and politicians it never really gained traction. Moreover, because the hacking took place several years ago under a Blair/Brown Labour government that at the time was very cosy with Rupert Murdoch and his tabloids meant that it remained low key with Milliband, Balls and co. Besides News of the World staff had been jailed and the editor at the time had resigned so heads had rolled.

But what has given it legs in New York and London is the revelation that the paper’s staff had hacked into a murder victim’s mobile phone. This has, quite rightly, created immense public anger – and given the liberal/left media elite, so often out of tune with popular opinion, a golden opportunity to spearhead a lynch mob.

It’s not about Murdoch and his papers – after all the dead tree press as a vehicle for news is a dinosaur on its way to extinction. The real target is Murdoch the TV baron with Fox News in the USA and Sky News in Britain. Note how Geoghan slips “right wing” into the mix. It’s a standard adjective that is permanently attached to any comment about Fox News in the UK and, it must be admitted, a brilliant example of the effectiveness of well organised agitprop. The fact that every other US network/cable news platform is imbued as deeply as the BBC in the liberal/left metro mindset is always studiously ignored.

It is no accident that the long buried phone hacking story was disinterred by the New York Times last autumn and quickly picked up in Britain by the Guardian and the BBC just as Murdoch’s bid for the whole of Sky. the BBC’s only meaningful TV competitor was about to go under public scrutiny. All three have a keen interest in undermining Murdoch and emasculating Fox because they know that Murdoch is the only player in the game who threatens the dominant position of the liberal/left cultural elite in the UK and the USA.

A perceptive piece in The Commentator reads the runes with chilling accuracy. This is not about journalistic ethics. It’s a fight to protect the authority of the great and the good against the upstarts of the new media – and, at the moment, the right wing establishment is doing what it does best….running for cover.

It’s the revenge of Dan Rather.

Priorities and Agendas

It seems like a good moment to update David’s excellent post below about the ongoing voicemail hacking change my password? Meh, why bother? nonsense in the news at the moment.

Compare and contrast what the BBC sees as a priority – indeed the Top News Story:

…and what the Great British Public are reading about (under threat of imprisonment for non-payment)

The BBC want to use this story to discredit both Rupert Murdoch and the Prime Minister even though it is only alleged at this stage (and not yet proven) that in 2002, five years into a 13 year period of Labour government, journalists working for a Labour-supporting newspaper edited by a someone who was a close friend of the then Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair, and who was also feted by the then Labour Chancellor and later Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown, illegally accessed the voicemail of the missing Milly Dowler. Everything still remains allegation and speculation.

Now the BBC (and specifically Peston) want to derail Rupert Murdoch’s consolidation of what he already owns and Nick Robinson has the knives out for Andy Coulson.

The problem for our State broadcaster, as shown by the screenshot, is that the public are preferring to read BBC stories about female biology in New Zealand and how to escape from jail in a suitcase. Even the Most Read entry at 7 is a rebuttal by Cameron.

You might think that people are concerned about the crime but don’t buy into the convoluted attempts to smear Murdoch and Cameron, eh?