Making Israel Toast

Melanie Phillips presents two inspiring pieces today. William Shawcross’s JPost article, and a statement made last year by Spanish politician and journalist Pilar Rahola.

The international press does major damage when reporting on the question of the Israeli-Palestinian issue. On this topic they don’t inform, they propagandize. When reporting about Israel the majority of journalists forget the reporter code of ethics. And so, any Israeli act of self-defense becomes a massacre, and any confrontation, genocide. So many stupid things have been written about Israel, that there aren’t any accusations left to level against her. At the same time, this press never discusses Syrian and Iranian interference in propagating violence against Israel; the indoctrination of children and the corruption of the Palestinians. And when reporting about victims, every Palestinian casualty is reported as tragedy and every Israeli victim is camouflaged, hidden or reported about with disdain.

A comment under Mr. Shawcross’s article in the JPost links to an online article from the US that adds an even more sinister dimension to Israel’s predicament. The US government’s abandonment of Israel and the implications thereof.

I intended to insert a video of a discussion between Jonathan Sacerdoti and Dr. Ghada Fahmi that was aired on Al-Jazeera, but my link wouldn’t upload:
Do see what you can do with it. Or go through this and click on the link “speaking” in the 3rd paragraph.

Dr. Fahmi holds an important position in the Islamic Studies department at Exeter University, the university where Ilan Pappe is Professor of (revisionist) History. I’m told that the Arabic and Islamic Studies department is generously funded by Saudi Arabia.

This wasn’t on the BBC, but Dr. Fahmi does appear on the BBC, and is regarded as a credible spokesperson. I wonder how many people she speaks for, and if her attitude to the flotilla fiasco actually represents BBC thinking, or that of the British intelligentsia. Her theory is that the media unfairly favours Israel. The reason? Because they have the audacity to air, occasionally, Israeli spokespersons. In Dr. Fahmi’s view, this alone constitutes egregious media bias towards Israel.


I was wondering given the BBC’s embrace of the word “Activist” to describe Hamas enablers, should we not produce a new thesaurus to help us translate the propaganda and bias spewed out by the BBC? Late night BBC news proclaiming that Israel was “unmoved” by sight of Irish Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Corrigan being escorted off the “Rachel Corrie”. Why would this question be asked in the first place UNLESS the person asking it had a bias? Were those who carried out  7/7 “activists” also? Loathsome BBC.


More one way reporting of the Hate Flotilla by the BBC. I listened to Sarah Colborne from the Palestinian Solidarity Movement being interviewed on Today @ 7.50am. She spewed forth a series of allegations about the IDF boarding the Mavi Marmara, denied any knowledge of those on board that vessel seeking martyrdom (even though the families of  at least two of the dead have confirmed this), stated that the Israelis opened up without provocation, and claimed all on board were peace-loving humanitarians. Now, this is all standard fare from Palestinian propagandists, but why did the BBC not try to provide balance by interviewing perhaps one of those Israeli soldiers who came under such vicious attack from the Islamic thugs on board the vessel?


Anyone catch the BBC in full anti-Israel mode this morning on “Today”? I though Humphyrs was particularly hysterical during his 810am rant with the Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor – at one point denying that knives were weapons. (“You can get them in you kitchen drawer”) Evan Davies did all he could @ 8.47am to confirmt that the blockade  of Gaza was illegal, that the boarding of the ships was illegal and that the use of force against the iron-bar wielding knife stabbing Jihadist-enablers was not “proportional.”

The BBC has entirely failed in its duty to examine the other side of this story. It has wilfully sanitised the role of the IHH in this episode of Jihad-enabling, it has canonised the “activists” on the ships, and of course it has demonised Israel. The BBC refuses to provide any balance when it comes to covering Israel and as such is nothing more than a propaganda arm for Palestinians. Shame on all BBC journalists involved, they lie in the gutter,,,,

Aiding and Abetting Part 2

It seems the revised ‘Free Gaza’ Flotilla E.T.A. is Saturday (tomorrow.)

I hear that someone from BBC radio 4 is on board one of the vessels, but the BBC has been strangely silent on this.

Amongst the online chatter about the situation in Gaza – the abundance of produce, Olympic-size swimming pools, the availability of luxury goods, and the ultimate gourmet experience advertised by Roots Club – the argument goes that all this does not prove that there isn’t real hardship and poverty there too.

There are many other places on earth where extremes exist side by side; where corruption keeps the poor in poverty and the rich in luxury.
They probably have to make do without a flotilla, and presumably without humanitarian aid from countries they’ve sworn to annihilate.

Hamas smuggles various goodies through the tunnels, but nevertheless Israel supplies Gaza with necessities such as fuel, medicine and food despite Hamas’s continued refusal to moderate its hard line stance. Numerous inventories of the goods regularly delivered to Gaza by Israel do little to disabuse Israel’s critics from their persistent allegations of humanitarian crises and deprivation, illogically attributed to Israel. Hamas having been absolved of all responsibility.

The flotilla is less concerned with Human Rights than with carrying out a provocative publicity stunt to stoke up a propaganda coup against Israel. They are such humanitarians that they turned down a request from the parents of Gilad Shalit to plead his case with Hamas.

Tomorrow, if Israel rises to the bait and confronts them, the BBC will probably have the story they are waiting for.

I am not the only one who has noticed the BBC’s bashfulness. Someone from the opposite camp has noticed too, and thinks it would make just the story the BBC likes, so he’s written a letter.
“Hi. As a BBC online viewer, I’d like to alert you…….”

Some Unmentionable Matters

Yesterday ‘Elder of Ziyon’ reported ‘Hamas’ interior minister’s sick daughter airlifted by Israel to Jordan.’ We have to go to Islamic Jihad’s organ ‘Palestine Today’ to read a transcendental Google Translation of the tale because Fathi Hammad was feeling a bit shy. He feared the story wouldn’t go down very well at home.

“Sources in Gaza yesterday that the situation of girls has improved. In addition, it imposed stringent controls in the sector did not put any details about the case in the media.

Maariv quoted the Fatah men in Gaza, said Hamas leaders would be in big embarrassment in the wake of the event, because the talk is going for Israel permission to help a man great enthusiasm.”

The BBC version of this story also needs a translation. Their version seems to say:

Israel’s blockade of Gaza puts residents’ health at risk. Israel only allowed this child to leave after special pleading from Jordan’s King Abdullah ll.

Elder of Ziyon fills in the gaps that an unbiased BBC would have provided:

“- Israel regularly allows Gazans to be treated at Israeli hospitals.

– In 2009, Israel allowed over 10,000 Gazans to come to Israel for medical purposes.

– Another 10,000 Gazans exited the Strip for other reasons.

– An Israeli medical clinic that was built specifically for Gazans injured in Operation Cast Lead was closed down when Hamas refused to allow any residents to get treated there.

– Hamas has methodically taken over all the medical associations in Gaza since seizing power, replacing doctors if their political views weren’t deemed to be pro-Hamas enough.

– Hamas has used Gaza hospitals and ambulances to transport and protect its own militants

It seems that the BBC has a narrative about Gaza and it will only mention the facts that it deems relevant to pushing that narrative. It just so happens that this narrative has nothing bad to say about Hamas and everything bad to say about Israel.”

Commenter Zvi has carried out a systematic study of BBC bias against Israel, and he hopes the BBC will read his comment, and change. But he doubts it.

H/T Biodegradable: Open Thread.

Red Nose =Red face

The BBC raises stacks of dosh with their Comic Relief campaign. In the last six years it has donated £1,687,918 to War on Want.
War on Want was behind the invasion of the Barbican’s Waitrose by a gaggle of anti-Israel protesters. WoW seems to have turned into a highly politicised anti-Zionist organisation, not a charity. If you donated to Comic Relief you might have inadvertently funded some of those Free Palestine tee-shirts. See RichardMillet’s blog.