As ever, you can rely on the BBC ….to ensure you don’t get the full picture.

 BBC reports this:

‘Gaza receives first car shipment from Israel since 2007′ and uses it as anexcuse to bash Israel….Gazans unemployed, can’t afford cars …’With so muchpoverty and unemployment, few people can afford a new car, says the BBC’s JonDonnison in Gaza.’

Are you welling up yet? Remember, sympathy for Hamastan is essential.  

 But they don’t report this:

The ‘democratically elected’ Hamas threatens to kill kidnapped Gilad Schalit ifdeals not done:

“Hamas posted a video of kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit on Youtube onMonday, suggesting he would be killed if a deal was not soon reached. In the animated video, two masked men are shown standing on either side ofGilad Schalit in a dark room, with one of them holding an AK-47 assualt rifle. 

At the end of the 24-second video, gun shots are heard as the movie goes blackand the words “Is the mission completed?” are seen written in Arabic.”


B-BBC readers may recall a small furore over my tweet a few months ago that the Hate Flotilla should be stopped in it’s tracks and “no messing this time”. Gosh but the BBC were so VERY keen to hear what I meant by that with my political opponents claiming that this was “incendiary” and indeed verging on “bigoted” and “hate speech”. I rather got the impression that the dear old BBC seemed to relish this dross, almost as if blackening my name was a good day out for them, perish the thought.

Anyhoooo…I’m waiting for the BBC to move on the news that the head of Amnesty’s Finnish branch, Frank Johansson, has told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday that he stands by his statement that Israel is a “scum state.”

“Scum State”? Oh dear – sounds a bit…incendiary to me, maybe even a tad bigoted and possibly “hate speech”. Can’t wait for those eager beavers at the BBCto get an Amnesty spokesman tomorrow morning on to ask him to condemn Johansson. 

“Scum State” – the words of a senior Amnesty spokesman. Why is the BBC holding back???? 


Have a read of this report from the BBC. It concerns the latest efforts from the Mad Mullahs to upgrade their killing potential and perhaps it is just me but the BBC seems almost giddy with excitement at the potential. I also like the pay-off line “The US said it saw no “proliferation risk” from the plant, though Israel condemned the move.”  Damn Jews, right? The modern BBC would have admired the build up of arms by Hitler.


And so the week draws to an end on Today and what better way to conclude things by providing Lord Patten with a soapbox from which he can advance his endless attacks on Israel – this time without any pesky dissenting voices…via technical breakdown, natch.

His Lordship has been off to Gaza again to see his pals there and naturally is back to ensure Israel gets the blame for the self inflicted problems of Hamastan. At one point Patten, to his monumental shame, chooses to equivocate between the credentials of Hamas and Israel. If pushed, I reckon Patten believes Israel to be a terrorist state. He also side steps the issue that Hamas seeks the utter destruction of Israel whilst claiming that Fatah are the good guys when in fact they continues to deny the reality of the existence of Israel.I find Patten absolutely repellent and yet the BBC cannot get enough of him. I wonder why?


The BBC must love it when one of their liberal Jewish journalists takes the opportunity to plunge the knife into Israel. Tim Frank plays the role perfectly here.. Franks is clear; Israelis are dysfunctional, shameful, forcing a ‘blackness’ over the ‘occupied territories’. Palestinians get all the sympathy, Israelis all the blame. Fair and balanced?


Interesting catch here by another eagle-eyed B-BBC reader…It related to this story.

Scroll over to the Jon Donnison “analysis” box…  

“The BBC’s Jon Donnison, in the West Bank town ofRamallah, says it is not yet clear exactly what happened. 

But it is not uncommon for the Israeli navy to open fireon fishing boats it feels are too far out at sea, he adds.”

Our reader ask “What is the relevance of the second line?”
Simple – Jews= bad.
Wonder could Helen Thomas get a gig at the BBC, I believe she is now looking for a job?


I was reading the BBC’s coverage of the Quartet’s condemnation of Israel for daring to build in Jerusalem and came across this sentence...”That move undermined efforts to restart indirect Israeli-Palestinian talks” But did it? Wasn’t the firing of rockers from Gaza into Israel another reason to conclude that “peace talks” are being undermined from THAT side? The BBC is always in such a rush to damn Israel, 24/7, isn’t it? I wonder why the BBC hates the Jews so much?


A Biased BBC reader contacts me with the following astute observation…   

“….the last line in a report on an IDF soldier who posteddetails of a military operation on Facebook reads: “Reports on whether the targets of the raids aremilitants or civilians are often contradictory.”  The article thereby seeks to imply that the IDF targetscivilians for which there is simply no evidence.

 The BBC consistently plays this game, implying that the IDF go after Palestinian civilians in much the same way as it likes to suggest that the US military in Afghanistan targets “wedding parties”.


Did you catch Jeremy Al Bowen on Today this morning discussing the killing of senior Hamas terrorist
Mahmoud al-Mabhouh by unknown people in a Dubai hotel?  Jeremy was quick off the mark to label this as Mossad killing but at no point did he, or indeed anyone else on the BBC, discuss the precise role this piece of Hamas filth played in the killing of innocent Israelis, nor for that matter did they enquire as to what he was doing in Dubai. Israel was in the frame and that is all that matters. Hamas are the victims here, nothing to see..move along.