At a time of potential economic meltdown, you might think the BBC had other issues to devote itself to but gay marriage is so important to the BBC that it is rarely far from the headlines. Today sees the Church of England warn that Government proposals for gay marriage would dilute an institution “vastly” important to a healthy society.

Responding to a consultation on the issue in England and Wales, the Church said the legislation was “shallow”.

Well, the BBC was not going to take that one lying down, so to speak. I caught some COE cleric being given the Spanish Inquisition on BBC TV News this morning by Bill Turnbull. Bill’s ever so clever question was to demand to know where it says in the Bible that gay weddings should not be performed in Church.  The answer, as he well knew, is that does not make any reference to gay weddings since in Christian terms the concept is oxymoronic. To the BBC it is matter of faith that the State shall compel the Church to accept things which go directly against its teachings. This totalitarianism is dressed up in the clothes of equality and advanced vigorously at every opportunity by the State broadcaster.  This is all part of the danger BBC bias represents, it actually undermines vast chunks of the stuff that hold our society together.


Further to Robin’s post, The Sunday Programme, presented by pouting Suzanna Reid, further puts the boot into the Roman Catholic Church by asking the question “Is the Catholic Church obsessed by sex”? Surely it would be more accurate to ask if the BBC is obsessed by sex? It strikes me that the BBC is up in arms about any Institutions which promote Christian values and which, gasp, might even take the view that homosexuality is not the ideal life-style. Now I am not a Roman Catholic, and I am well aware of the imperfections of that Church and the tragic failures that surround serial child abuse, but the BBC is using this to advance its own insidious agenda which is about removing Faith and substituting it’s own secular anything goes agenda. The BBC would like to see the Pope arrested for “crimes against humanity” as one of the studio guests demanded, and I am certain that during the Papal visit the BBC will cheer-lead for the lunatic anti-Church fringe.

Bishop incident “was not mugging”

Bishop incident “was not mugging” says the BBC. OK. What was it, then? The Beeb, not normally so solicitous of Christian men of the cloth, ain’t telling.

The Guardian is.

The Rt Rev Tom Butler, 66, one of the Church of England’s most senior bishops and a pillar of Thought for the Day on the BBC Today programme, says he has no idea. Others say he was seen sitting in the back of a Mercedes chucking children’s toys out of the window and announcing: “I’m the Bishop of Southwark. It’s what I do.”

I like that slogan.