Bias can be so subtle.

Consider this; Just before 7am, on Today, the BBC found time to interview Dan Hannan on his call for a referendum on our continued membership of the EU. Naturally he was not given an easy ride and there was a distinctive glacial tone in the not so fragant Sarah Montague’s questioning. Meanwhile, God-denier and BBC fave Stephen Hawkings gets TWO slots to advance his contention that the Almighty does not exist – at 7.12am and 8.31am.

So, Hannan is allowed air-time but in the graveyard slot whereas Hawkings gets prime time!


Aaqil Ahmed: Church of England is
Did you see that the BBC’s head of religion has accused the Church of England of “living in the past” and said that the corporation should not give Christianity preferential treatment? Well, he IS a Muslim and he is acting to form in that regards. What a scandal that Christianity is so abused by the BBC head of religion and what an even bigger disgrace that we are asked to fund this.

Will No One Rid Me Of This Meddlesome Priest ?

The BBC take a break from the ongoing euthanasia campaign to point out in the Radio Four news headlines the dangers of ‘a meddlesome pontiff interfering in British law‘.

It’s not often that I hear a BBC newsreader emphasising the Britishness of anything. Could it be that at last we’re entering the new Elizabethan age ?


Writing here, Mary Ellen Synon documents another BBC smear..

“The EU’s new foreign secretary, Baroness Ashton, was at the European Parliament today, being questioned by MEPs. Since she will also be a new vice-president of the Commission as well as ‘High Representative for Foreign Affairs,’ (no, I still can’t believe it either) she had to submit to questioning like all the other members of the new Commission.

The BBC on-line news service reported on her appearance at the parliament. They had absolutely nothing bad to say about this unelected New Labour Nobody.

But the BBC couldn’t resist the chance to use the story to fire off a drive-by smear at Rocco Buttiglione, a Roman Catholic professor of political science, a former professor of philosophy and a former Christian Democrat Minister for EU Affairs in the Italian government.”

Ireland, Ireland

The BBC gave the Irish sex abuse cases top billing

They even made a Vatican-driven reorganisation of the Irish Catholic Church the main item on Radio Four news a fortnight later.

Yesterday the resignation of a bishop made the PM news, with interviews and a correspondent report. Three online news items.

You’d almost think Ireland hadn’t been an independent nation for the past 90-odd years.

Yet coverage of the Irish budget, which made such a contrast to Alistair Darling’s earlier statement, was almost non-existent.

Most odd.

Admittedly Darling’s budget was the same day. But the Irish budget was important in that it was an attempt to shore up an economy which was over-borrowed, with collapsing tax revenues, a massive deficit, banks that survived by the skin of the taxpayer’s teeth and questions over the government’s credit-worthiness.

Not too far away from what we see in the UK, in fact. Obvious parallels begging to be drawn, yet Robert Peston, Stephanie Flanders and the BBC News editors heroically denied themselves.

Can’t imagine why the two topics should get such differing treatment. Can you?

Anthony Julius On Desert Island Discs

Did anyone catch the recent “Desert Island Discs” featuring Anthony Julius who was Lady Diana`s lawyer?

He had said that he was Jewish and loved English Literature enough to have wanted for some time to teach it.
At the end she presumed to offer him a copy of the Torah – and he protested saying that he wanted the full King James Version of the Bible so he would still have access to the beauties of the New Testament.

The BBC is full of this anti-Christian presumption. I assume that Kirsty and team did not already know that the Torah IS the Old Testament – but are they not commiting (by their lights!) the cardinal sins of stereotyping and patronising a Jewish person to presume that he might automatically take the Torah? Julius deserves credit for being so forbearing of the caricaturing!

Add this to the “Good Rebellion, Sir” stance that they take as a matter of course with this question at the end. A David Walliams and the like are somewhat lionised as and when they refuse the offer of the Bible by the admiring Kirsty and her ilk…seems to be desired even to show how much against “The Man” they all are!

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A devotion to education

Over at Old Holborn Paul Weston has a blog about the BBC and their GCSE “religious studies” materials. Recommended reading:

Although the BBC has a reputation for bias, dishonesty and the promotion of cretinous infantile ideologies designed to destroy civilised society, they appear to have surpassed themselves…


I’m not a Roman Catholic but I am sure that any RC who is currently listening to the Nicky Campbell “Big Question” on BBC1 will be outraged at the deliberate manner in which the Church is being demonised following the revelations of abuse carried out by priests in Ireland. The child abuse in the Irish Republic is, of course, utterly appalling but let’s be clear about it – the BBC is jumping on this one in it’s ..shall we call it a crusade? … to marginalise all forms of the Christian faith. I look forward to Nicky Campbell running an item on Islam’s paedophile origins and it’s continued abuse of boys and girls. That should be a must watch programme.


Wonder what your thoughts are on the decision by the BBC to appoint a Muslim as head of it’s religious programming? The post – considered one of the most influential religious roles in the country – has gone to Aaqil Ahmed. What with having a Sikh producing its most popular and longrunning religious programme, Songs of Praise, the BBC seems determined to marginalise Christians.

Don’t Mention the War

Feedback R4 was all about anti-Christian Comedy. What it was really about though, was: why is the BBC too scared to make jokes about Islam? But they were too scared to say that, so they cloaked it in a foil of other religions, saying “You’re always dissing Christianity, why don’t you ever do that with Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Atheism, Ismism, oh and Islam. They said it very quickly while no-one was listening.

‘I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it.’ Like that.

Anyway, the chap from the Beeb said “I deny everything” and “edgy comedy” and “Iconoclast”.

Oh well. Feedback is always a bit like that.



Just watching a pro gay fest on Nicky Campbell’s “Big Question” programme on BB1. This was a great opportunity to bash any Bible believing Christian whilst embracing the notion that gays uber alles. The panel and audience were loaded with those who believe the answer is YES to the question “Is homosexuality a cause for celebration”? Listen, I have no problem with anyone exercising their free choice to live as they wish, but as a poor Christian surely to God I have a right to hold my opinions without the BBC relentlessly ridiculing me and those that have similar views? Tell you what – maybe Nicky Campbell should have a follow on programme with an invited audience of Muslims and see how he gets on? Mocking those of us who actually believe The Bible gets cheap laughs on the BBC, an organisation that prefers to worship David Attenborough.