You just KNEW the second that David Cameron had the temerity to talk of the “moral collapse” that afflicts our society BBC knives would be getting sharpened. So when Iain Duncan Smith appears on the main prime time slot on Today this morning, the interviewers key objective was to see if he could get IDS to deny Cameron’s assertion. In the BBC world view of moral relativism one must never be judgmental (unless, of course, Rupert Murdoch, Conservatives, Sarah Palin, Christianity is involved) and so it is determined to make Cameron appear extreme because he points out the obvious – namely that after decades of toxic liberal corruption more than a few people care about the difference between right and wrong.


It looks like the tyrannical regime is split, divided, at war with itself and surely it is only a matter of time until it falls? Libya? Nope – the Coalition if one judges this on the shockingly biased BBC coverage of the pretend “split” between UK armed forces and the Government. The BBC is determined to portray the Cameron leadership as confused and conflicted and if all else looks pear-shaped for Ghadaffi, well – he can always tune into the BBC world service and look on the bright side of life.


OK, the attack line is clear. When it comes to Foreign Policy, Conservative leader David Cameron is “a klutz”. The BBC delighting here in a non-event comment where he accidentally suggested that Iran – the nexus of evil – had a nuclear weapon. Whether he actually said what is being suggested by Labour, and promoted by the BBC, is beside the point because the BBC then uses the same item to allow further criticisms of Cameron’s previous “gaffes.” I assume the BBC  miss the golden days when Margaret Beckett and David Miliband bestrode the globe, never making any errors and effortlessly advancing our interests. Furthermore, we know the BBC looks on the bright side of Iran and the Mullahs attempts to gain nukes but I have to say I am glad that Cameron is less rosy-eyed about Iran!


A Biased BBC reader brought this totally neutral balanced piece of political reporting by Paul Reynolds to my attention; For some reason, I can’t seem to recall Paul being quite so sarcastic during the Labour years, I wonder why?

The British Prime Minister David Cameron has invented a new diplomacy – go to one country and criticise another.


Anyone catch the BBC 10 O Clock News just now? They ran coverage of the Cameron speech at the Conservative conference. Then, they cut to a small vox pop in Bolton and would you believe it but the people they found couldn’t quite bring themselves to support the Conservatives. Peter Mandelson will be pleased! Good old Auntie.